Company Title Company Description City
Ability Orthopedics LLC (Boone)

Ability Orthopedics sells prosthetic devices.

Blue Ridge Botanical Supply of Boone LLC

Blue Ridge Botanical Supply of Boone provides fresh plant material to homeopathic and herbal manufacturers worldwide.

Botanics Trading LLC

Botanics Trading supplies organic botanicals for use in the manufacturing of herbal medicines and dietary supplements.

Blowing Rock
Ivory Tower Science

Ivory Tower Science conducts research and educates students in fermentation sciences at its fermentation pilot plant.

MediSpect Medical Research LLC

MediSpect Medical Research provides clinical research for the pharmaceutical and medical fields and conducts medical research for a variety of diseases and conditions.


MOLTOX manufactures reagents, assay kits and other products for genetic toxicology research and testing, as well as products for industrial microbiology and quality control.

Pneuma Respiratory Inc.

Pneuma Respiratory has developed an integrated digital soft mist inhaler that uses digital droplet ejector technology to deliver therapies, including biologics, through the lungs.