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Company Title Company Description City
Qualicaps Inc.

Qualicaps manufactures empty two-piece capsules (gelatin and hypromellose) and encapsulation equipment under cGMP regulations for use by pharmaceutical, OTC and dietary-supplement manufacturers.

Quality Chemical Laboratories

Quality Chemical Laboratories offers contract formulation development, manufacturing and analytical and microbiological testing, including raw-material and finished-product testing, stability testing, method development, validation and custom synthesis.

Quanticision Diagnostics Inc.

Quanticision Diagnostics measures tissues biomarkers for solid tumor diagnosis and supplies multi-unit plates for high throughput immunoblot analysis.

Research Triangle Park
QuarTek Corp.

QuarTek develops nanotechnology processes with applications in antimicrobials, advanced textiles, nanosensors, diagnostics and biofuels. The company also provides accelerator services for startup nanotechnology companies.

QuatroBio LLC

QuatroBio provides oversight and strategic direction to several closely held drug development companies.

Qura Therapeutics LLC

Qura Therapeutics is discovering therapeutics for curing HIV/AIDS. Qura is a joint venture between GSK and UNC Chapel Hill, and provides financial, material and development support for the therapies that emerge from research at the UNC HIV Cure Center.

Chapel Hill
Q² Solutions

Q² Solutions offers clinical trials lab services to biopharma, device and diagnostics customers. Services include central laboratories, bioanalytical, ADME, genomics, biomarkers and companion diagnostics to support drug discovery and precision medicine.

R&S Chemicals Inc.

R&S Chemicals offers research, development and manufacturing services for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Services include custom synthesis in organic synthesis, process chemistry, medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and chemical research.

Radiant Neurosciences LLC

Radiant Neurosciences develops medicines to treat neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

Recipharm Laboratories Inc.

Recipharm in RTP provides contract inhalation, injectable and semi-solid product development. Services include formulation development, analytical and stability testing, scale-up and tech transfer, and cGMP manufacturing for clinical trial material.

Redbud Labs

Redbud Labs develops and manufactures microfluidic mixing chips that use micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology called Redbud Posts.

Research Triangle Park
RedHill Biopharma Inc.

RedHill Biopharma develops and commercializes orally-administered, small-molecule drugs for the treatment of gastrointestinal and inflammatory diseases, including cancer. Its Raleigh site is the company's U.S. commercial headquarters.

Regenerative Cell Solutions LLC

Regenerative Cell Solutions develops tissue and organ regeneration applications for veterinary medicine, diagnostics and pharmaceutical research and development.

Relion Manufacturing Inc.

Relion Manufacturing provides contract manufacturing and packaging services for the pharmaceutical, medical device and personal care industries.

Renovion Inc.

Renovion is developing therapies for chronic inflammatory airways diseases including lung transplant, cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis.

Rescindo Therapeutics Inc.

Rescindo Therapeutics discovers novel therapeutic targets and drugs for human genetic disorders based on humanized zebrafish in vivo modeling.

Research Triangle Park Laboratories Inc.

RTP Laboratories provides contract analytical laboratory services for the environmental, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, dietary supplements and manufacturing industries.

Resilio Therapeutics LLC

Resilio Therapeutics is developing treatments for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease.

Research Triangle Park
Resinnate Therapeutics LLC

Resinnate Therapeutics develops immunotherapies for combination with standard of care for treatment of difficult or chronic infection in patients with lung disease such as Cystic Fibrosis and other inflammatory or fibrotic disease

Retroject Inc.

Retroject is developing a device to deliver glaucoma drugs to targeted sites in the eye.

Chapel Hill
Reveris Therapeutics LLC

Reveris Therapeutics develops novel therapeutics for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).

Chapel Hill
Revivo Therapeutics Inc.

Revivo Therapeutics is a clinical stage company developing therapies for cognitive dysfunction, anxiety and neuroprotection.

RF Wastewater

RF Wastewater focuses on biological wastewater treatment, using lignocellulosic materials as biofilm media for activated sludge system retrofits and upgrades.

RFPi Inc.

RFPi is developing, manufacturing and marketing multi-spectral physiologic visualization (MSPV) technology that combines hardware and software to visualize and quantify blood flow in vessels, and perfusion in organs and tissues during surgery.

Rheology Testing Services

Rheology Testing Services provides rheological analyses on solutions, suspensions, gels, creams, lotions, ointments and oils to support R&D and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other industries.

Chapel Hill

Rho provides clinical development and contract research services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Chapel Hill
Ribometrix Inc.

Ribometrix is a platform therapeutics company discovering small-molecule drugs that target functional RNA structures to create new avenues to treat human disease.

RiboWiz Scientific Inc.

RiboWiz Scientific uses a proprietary platform to offer customized software services and cloud-based subscription licensing to accurately predict and maximize protein production for life science companies.

Rilento Pharma LLC

Rilento Pharma is an early stage drug delivery company developing non-addictive oral surgery pain management technologies that are synchronized with the biologic process of wound healing.

Roivant Sciences Inc.

Roivant Sciences acquires drug candidates or partners with the biopharma industry to complete the clinical development of shelved product candidates. Therapeutic areas include neurology, dermatology, hepatology, oncology, endocrinology and rare disease.

RTI Health Solutions

RTI Health Solutions is a nonprofit organization that provides biopharmaceutical and medical device companies with clinical research services and research and consulting in health economics, outcomes research, market access, epidemiology and drug safety.

Research Triangle Park
RTI International

RTI, an independent, nonprofit institute, offers scientific and technical expertise in social and laboratory sciences, engineering and international development to government and commercial clients worldwide.

Research Triangle Park
RTI Surgical Inc.

RTI Surgical develops and provides surgical implants, including biologic, metal and synthetic implants.

RTP Genomics LLC

RTP Genomics uses next-generation DNA sequencing and proprietary algorithms to count mutations in leukemic cells.

Chapel Hill
Sagent Pharmaceuticals

Sagent Pharmaceuticals develops, manufactures, packages and markets pharmaceutical products with an emphasis on injectables. Its Raleigh site produces sterile injectables and lyophilized formulations of biosimilars.

Salzburg Therapeutics Inc.

Salzburg Therapeutics is developing systems that deliver activated forms of anticancer drugs, nucleic acid drugs and nanoparticles directly to cancer cells.

Sandoz Inc., a Novartis Division

Sandoz, a Novartis division, develops generic and biosimilar medicines. Its facility in Wilson manufactures oral-dosage generic pharmaceuticals.

Sanesco International Inc.

Sanesco develops clinical tools for healthcare providers, such as neuroendocrine analytical testing, nutritional support formulas and patient-centered clinical review. The NeuroLab division conducts research and development of in vitro diagnostic tools.

Sapere Bio Inc.

Sapere Bio develops biomarkers of aging for clinical use to help physicians predict risk of chemotherapy-induced toxicities and surgery-associated adverse events in various patient groups.

Research Triangle Park
Satsuma Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Satsuma Pharmaceuticals is developing best-in-class intranasal drug products to address the significant unmet medical needs of acute migraine sufferers.

Research Triangle Park
Scientific Analytical Institute Inc.

Scientific Analytical Institute conducts environmental, indoor air quality, forensic and materials testing.

SciKon Innovation Inc.

SciKon creates life science products that replicate the performance of human organ systems using benchtop microfluidic devices. Products simulate pharmacokinetics to evaluate human responses to toxicants and drugs (exposure, metabolism, bioactivation).

Research Triangle Park
Sciteck Inc.

Sciteck provides forensic drug testing services and diagnostic products. Sciteck develops, manufactures and sells products for biotechnology, urinalysis, clinical chemistry, toxicology, pharmaceuticals, treatment and safety applications.

ScitoVation LLC

ScitoVation supports and advances research on the effects of chemical compounds on human health. ScitoVation works with clients to develop safer pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals and consumer products.

Seachaid Pharmaceuticals LLC

Seachaid is a clinical-stage company that discovers and develops human therapeutics.

SeaTox Research Inc.

SeaTox Research develops bioassays for the detection of marine toxins and conducts pharmaceutical development through bioprospecting.

Select ImmunoGenomics Inc.

Select ImmunoGenomics provides data analysis, predictive modeling and reporting in support of genomic studies, biomarker development and biomarker validation services.

Selenity Therapeutics Inc.

Selenity Therapeutics develops selective therapies for endocrine and neurologic disorders.

SenGenix Inc.

SenGenix develops point-of-care blood diagnostic tests using bioengineered fluorescently-responsive sensors. Testing is done with a finger stick, and results are available immediately.

Sentiens LLC

Sentiens develops nutraceutical products targeting addictive behavior.

Sentinel Biomedical Inc.

Sentinel Biomedical develops and offers molecular diagnostics for the detection and monitoring of canine cancers. Sentinel also offers CRO services in the areas of molecular biology and genomics.

SePRO Research & Technology Campus

SePRO acquires, develops, manufactures and markets products for aquatics and horticulture. SePRO's research and technology campus in Whitakers is the primary research and development site for the company.

Seqirus, a CSL Company

Seqirus manufactures influenza vaccines using both egg-based and cell-based technologies.

Holly Springs
Serum Source International Inc.

Serum Source International supplies animal serum for life science cell culture research, contract research laboratory use, bioprocessing and product development.

Shattuck Labs Inc.

Shattuck Labs is a preclinical-stage immunotherapy company focused on utilizing its proprietary ARC (Agonist Redirected Checkpoint) technology to develop novel treatments for use in cancer, inflammation and orphan disease.

Research Triangle Park
Shefabone Inc.

Shefabone is developing a resorbable bioactive bone graft material for use in dental and maxillofacial bone defects.

Shoaf Scientific Consultants Inc.

Shoaf Scientific Consultants provides research and development services in plant redox bioenergetics, antimicrobial surface technologies and molecular photochemical studies in singlet oxygen and superoxide-free radical anion as applied to aging.

Shure Foods Inc.

Shure Foods produces cold-structured crab by treating the uncooked crab meat with a protein binding agent.

SiNON Therapeutics

SiNON is developing technology to treat neurological diseases by increasing the ability of drugs to cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).

Research Triangle Park

SipcamAdvan develops and manufactures herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and biocides.

Smart Perfusion LLC

Smart Perfusion is developing an organ perfusion device that extends the time an organ is viable ex vivo and that provides metrics to enable transplant professionals to assess organ viability.

SmartFlow Technologies Inc.

SmartFlow Technologies provides TFF filtration, separation and purification for the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical processing, biofuels, animal healthcare, dairy processing, enzyme manufacturing, food processing and wastewater industries.

SmartGene Inc.

SmartGene provides web-based software solutions for the management, analysis and interpretation of genetic sequences to identify and characterize bacteria, fungi and viruses. Customers include diagnostic labs, medical centers and sterile manufacturers.

Smithers Viscient LLC

Smithers Viscient provides environmental testing and toxicology services for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, agriculture, chemical and personal-care industries. The company's lab in Snow Camp conducts avian and wildlife toxicology testing.

Snow Camp
SNP Therapeutics LLC

SNP Therapeutics analyzes patients' genomes to identify genetic variants that cause disease, and designs and evaluates personalized medical food preparations to treat metabolic disorders.

SoBran BioScience

SoBran Bioscience conducts preclinical small and large animal contract research for academic, corporate and government clients. SoBran is GLP-compliant, AAALAC-accredited, OLAW-assured and ISO 9001:2008-certified.

Browns Summit
Soil Health Institute

The Soil Health Institute conducts soil health research to develop soil health management practices and systems. SHI partners with stakeholders to advance soil health through policy guidance, education and other initiatives.

Solutex NA LLC

Solutex makes highly-refined omega-3 APIs for the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets. The Winston-Salem location is a sales and development office for the company.

SonaCare Medical

SonaCare Medical develops minimally-invasive ultrasound technologies that ablate targeted soft tissue for the treatment of cancer.

SonoVascular Inc.

SonoVascular is developing a thrombolysis device for the treatment of blood clots related to deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and peripheral arterial occlusions.

Chapel Hill
SonoVol Inc.

SonoVol is developing preclinical imaging technology that can be applied to the animal models that researchers use to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of new drugs before they enter clinical trials.

Southcot Inc.

Southcot prepares biological agents for the detection of tissue hypoxia at the cell level in normal and malignant tissues.

Research Triangle Park
Southeastern Laboratories Inc.

Southeastern Laboratories provides research and laboratory support to water and wastewater-treatment companies. SEL's analytical services include microbiological and chemical testing.

Southern Research - Clean Technology Development

Southern Research NC provides independent third party evaluation of innovative clean technologies via ISO 14034, and research and analysis regarding sustainability impacts of clean technology.

SoyMeds Inc.

SoyMeds uses soybeans as a host to develop protein-based targets that can be used to diagnose and treat disease. SoyMeds' lead candidates include thyroglobulin and autoimmune (MS and MG) antigens.

Spin-Darc LLC

Spin-Darc is developing a rapid digital microbiology testing device usable at point-of-care or in low-resource settings. Applications include infectious disease diagnostics, food testing and water testing.

Spirovation Inc.

Spirovation is a specialty CRO with a focus on the development of breakthrough drugs in respiratory medicine.

Chapel Hill
SpringWorks Therapeutics LLC

SpringWorks Therapeutics develops standalone and combination therapies with a focus on rare diseases and oncology, including plexiform neurofibroma, desmoid tumors, RAS/RAF mutant solid tumors and CNS disorders. Its initial portfolio is from Pfizer.

Sprout Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Sprout Pharmaceuticals has developed and markets a compound to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women who have not gone through menopause.

Spyryx Biosciences Inc.

Spyryx is developing disease-modifying therapies for obstructive lung disease based on the natural fluid control mechanism in the lung. The company's initial focus is on cystic fibrosis.

Stallergenes Greer

Stallergenes Greer develops and distributes animal and human allergy immunotherapy products and services.

Standard Process Inc.

Standard Process develops supplements for veterinary and human use. The Standard Process Center of Excellence focuses on innovation in nutritional therapy.

Statera Environmental Inc.

Statera develops innovative environmental monitoring products and provides environmental technology consulting services.

Sterigenics (EO)

Sterigenics' EO facility provides ethylene oxide sterilization for medical and pharmaceutical products.

Sterigenics (Gamma)

Sterigenics' Gamma facility provides gamma radiation sterilization for medical and pharmaceutical products.

Sterigenics (Haw River)

Sterigenics provides gamma radiation sterilization for medical and pharmaceutical products.

Haw River
StrideBio Inc.

StrideBio develops engineered viral vectors for gene therapy for the treatment of rare diseases. StrideBio's technology engine utilizes structure-inspired design to engineer AAV vectors which can escape pre-existing neutralizing antibodies (NAbs).

Structure Medical Inc.

Structure Medical is a contract manufacturer of orthopedic medical devices, including implantable orthopedic fracture fixation and spinal instrumentation products.


Stryker provides medical technology products with a focus in orthopaedics, neurotechnology and surgical devices. The Durham site developed and manufactures a surgical sealant device for use during cranial procedures.

Sun Dance Genetics LLC

Sun Dance Genetics has developed an improved and sustainable corn germplasm by transferring genes from a wild relative (gamagrass) into corn. They also developed high sugar gamagrass for efficient bioenergy conversion.

Surgilūm LLC

Surgilūm designs, manufactures and markets medical instruments for use in cataract and refractive surgery.

Symberix Inc.

Symberix is developing microbiome-targeted, small-molecule drugs to treat serious lower gastrointestinal (GI) diseases as well as mitigate the lower GI side effects associated with various cancer, pain and immunosuppressive therapies.

Symmetry Biosciences Inc.

Symmetry Biosciences provides contract research, specialized chemistry services and bioanalytic services to the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, agrochemical and fine chemical industries.

Symmune Therapeutics LLC

Symmune Therapeutics is a virtual biotechnology company developing SYM-001, an immunomodulatory composition for the prevention of virally-induced pulmonary exacerbations of COPD.

Synapse Biosciences LLC

Synapse Biosciences develops biomarker preparations and customized assays for the diagnostic determination of medication compliance. Synapse also provides diagnostic testing services and reporting for medication compliance in clinical trials.

Synchrony Labs LLC

Synchrony Labs is an AAALAC-accredited large-animal, preclinical contract research organization. It provides preclinical testing services, specializing in models for safety, toxicology and efficacy studies.

Syneos Health

Syneos Health provides clinical research and commercialization services across a variety of therapeutic areas.

Syneos Health (Wilmington)

Syneos Health provides clinical research and commercialization services across a variety of therapeutic areas.

Synergistic Biosensors LLC

Synergistic Biosensors is developing orthopedic technology to monitor any slippage that might occur following prosthetic implant surgery, such as hip replacement. The micro-technology allows surgeons to monitor patients’ recovery in a non-invasive way.

Syngenta Crop Protection LLC

Syngenta works to increase plant yield by developing products for disease, insect and weed control and drought tolerance. The Greensboro site is the largest site in North America and performs crop protection product development.