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Company Title Company Description City
MAKO Genomics

MAKO Genomics, a division of MAKO Medical, provides nucleic acid isolation, sample preparation, qPCR, next generation sequencing (NGS), and bioinformatics services for academic and clinical researchers.

AccuGenomics Inc.

AccuGenomics develops gene expression tests to diagnose and monitor cancer treatment. Its technologies include Standardized Nucleic Acid Quantification (SNAQ) for quantitative PCR and Standardized RNA Sequencing (STARSEQ) for NGS platform analysis.

AgBiome Inc.

AgBiome uses its proprietary Genesis platform to collect, isolate and analyze microbes for use in the discovery and development of biologicals and traits for protecting crops.

Research Triangle Park
Almac Diagnostics LLC

Almac offers services for biomarker discovery, assay development/validation/testing and companion diagnostic co-development. Testing platforms include NGS, Microarray, qPCR and IHC. Regulatory and bioinformatics services are also available.

ArrayXpress Inc.

ArrayXpress applies bioinformatics to optimize bioprocesses, increase diagnostic efficiency and provide contract research services, focusing on next generation genomics.

Atrium Health Division of Therapeutic Research and Development

The Division of Therapeutic Research and Development at Atrium Health conducts clinical studies, patient-focused translational research and outcomes research.

Attagene Inc.

Attagene has developed a pathway profiling technology to evaluate the impact of pharmaceuticals and environmental chemicals on over 100 transcription factors and 48 nuclear receptors.

Baebies Inc.

Baebies develops and delivers products and services based on digital microfluidics and other technology to advance newborn screening and pediatric testing worldwide.

BASF Agricultural Solutions

BASF's Agricultural Solutions division conducts seeds, traits and plant biotechnology research with a focus on yield and quality traits in major crops. Its RTP campus also houses a bee care center.

Bayer Environmental Science

Bayer Environmental Science, a unit of Bayer CropScience, develops and markets pest-, weed- and disease-control products for non-crop situations. This facility supports development, testing and training for its consumer and professional products.

BD Technologies and Innovation

BD Technologies and Innovation develops technologies for parenteral drug delivery, advanced diagnostics, smart medical devices, genomic research and supports external innovation. The RTP site is BD's corporate technology R&D and innovation center.

Research Triangle Park
BioGenomics LLC

BioGenomics provides pharmacogenomic testing to inform prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

bioMONTR Labs

bioMONTR provides a broad range of CLIA-certified high-complexity laboratory testing, including assay/IVD protocol development, validation design, performance evaluation testing, drug trials and collaborative studies and regulatory/quality control.

Research Triangle Park
BioSkryb Corp.

BioSkryB's SkrybAmp technology is a new DNA sequencing technology powered by Primary Template Directed Amplification (PTA).

BioTrackers Inc.

BioTrackers develops bacterial, or microbial, source tracking technology.

Cancer Genetics Inc.

Cancer Genetics offers diagnostic products and services that enable precision medicine in the field of oncology. This site performs clinical pharmacogenomic testing and provides biorepository services under federally-designated clinical lab standards.

Cell Microsystems Inc.

Cell Microsystems develops, manufactures and commercializes products and tools for the isolation, recovery and analysis of single cells.

Research Triangle Park
Celldom Inc.

Celldom is developing next generation, high throughput single cell analysis technology with applications in research, drug discovery and drug development. Its technology enables the investigation of diversity in large cell populations.

Celplor LLC

Celplor provides molecular biology services, including stable cell line generation, Southern blot analysis, Western blot analysis, cDNA cloning and mouse tail genotyping.

Charlotte Research Institute

The Charlotte Research Institute provides limited laboratory and office space to partner firms that are engaged in collaboration with its researchers.

Cotton Incorporated

Cotton Incorporated's Agricultural & Environmental Research Division improves cotton cultivation through genetic and biotechnology tools, enhancing yield, quality and resistance of cotton varieties.

Covance Inc. (Durham)

Covance, the drug development business of LabCorp, provides a wide range of early-stage and late-stage product development services primarily to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

David H. Murdock Research Institute

The David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) provides collaborators with genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, light microscopy, NMR, clinical chemistry, cellular biology and immunology services. DHMRI focuses on human health, nutrition and agriculture.

Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (GCB)

The Center for Genomic & Computational Biology(GCB) is an interdisciplinary center where faculty across Duke’s campus collaborate to study complex problems in genomic and computational biology, train researchers and develop genomic technologies.

Duke Center for Human Disease Modeling

The Center for Human Disease Modeling develops and implements biological assays to understand genetic variation discovered in patients.

Element Genomics Inc.

Element Genomics is developing a high-throughput platform for understanding gene regulatory elements in order to identify new drug targets for common diseases.

EpiCypher Inc.

EpiCypher develops and manufactures novel products and tools for epigenetics and chromatin biology, focused on enabling drug discovery research and development.

Research Triangle Park
Eton Bioscience Inc.

Eton Biosciences specializes in DNA sequencing and offers other services such as gene and peptide synthesis, mutagenesis and mammalian cell expression.

Research Triangle Park
Foundation Medicine Inc.

Foundation Medicine develops and provides clinical assays that provide a comprehensive genomic profile to identify molecular alterations in a patient's cancer and match them with targeted therapies and clinical trials.

Gateway Research Park - North Campus

Gateway Research Park is a joint venture created by NC A&T State University and the University of North Carolina Greensboro to catalyze university research, innovation and economic development.

Browns Summit
GEM Tox Labs

GEM Tox Labs conducts research focused on cancer biotechnology, food safety and toxicology, with a special emphasis on cancer biomarker discovery and validation.

General Biosystems Inc.

General Biosystems provides gene synthesis, molecular biology, and protein expression and purification services.

Genetron Health Technologies Inc.

Genetron Health Technologies provides mutation detection assays using its liquid biopsy platform, as well as various genetic assays to support both clinical and basic research. Genetron also offers custom assay development.

Research Triangle Park

Genewiz provides custom DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, genomics, next-generation sequencing and molecular biology in a GLP/cGMP regulatory environment.

Research Triangle Park
Genoverde Biosciences Inc.

Genoverde Biosciences is developing a cell wall gene platform technology used to increase biomass production in non-food crops.

Gusto Global LLC

Gusto Global develops and provides a discovery platform that integrates advanced computational and microbiological tools to discover and develop Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs), and designs and develops next-generation microbiome therapeutics.

Research Triangle Park
Icagen Inc.

Icagen partners with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to generate high-quality, advanced leads, with expertise in kinases, GPCR’s, ion channels and transporters.

IngateyGen LLC

IngateyGen develops and produces hypoallergenic peanuts and fortified and enriched peanuts and yams through genomic and proteomic technologies.

Elizabeth City
Inivata Inc.

Inivata develops a noninvasive liquid biopsy diagnostic using the precision of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis for improving cancer detection and assessing individual response to treatment.

Research Triangle Park
Innatrix Inc.

Innatrix is developing technology for the production of high-affinity, high specificity protein ligands to protein targets of interest. The company's applied focus is the agricultural sector.

Research Triangle Park
Integrated Laboratory Systems Inc.

ILS provides GLP toxicology, histopathology, molecular biology and research and development services to government and commercial clients in agro-chemical, biopharmaceutical and environmental industries.

Juno Metabolomics LLC

Juno Metabolomics is developing next-generation metabolomics for precision medicine.

Chapel Hill
LabCorp - Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology

LabCorp's Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology provides laboratory testing services. The company’s expertise is focused in diagnostic genetics, oncology and pathology.

Research Triangle Park
Laboratory Corporation of America

LabCorp provides clinical and anatomical laboratory services, including clinical trials testing services, and offers a broad range of genomic and esoteric tests. The Burlington location is LabCorp's global headquarters and Center for Esoteric Testing.

Locus Biosciences Inc.

Locus Biosciences is developing CRISPR-engineered bacteriophage (“crPhage”) products that kill target bacteria by irreversibly destroying their DNA while leaving the many species of beneficial bacteria in the body unharmed.

Max Genomics LLC

Max Genomics provides informatics solutions and computational tools to manipulate genomic, proteomic, and clinomic data in health care.

Chapel Hill
MDxHealth Inc.

MDxHealth develops epigenetic technologies to personalize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

NanoMedica LLC

NanoMedica provides ultrasensitive detection reagents and nanotechnology-based drug discovery services and tools to biopharmaceutical companies as well as DNA and RNA sequencing services.

NCSU Technology Incubator

The NCSU Technology Incubator at Centennial Campus offers a program and facilities specifically designed for tech start-ups with high-impact potential.

Nutrition Research Institute - UNC-CH

UNC's Nutrition Research Institute uses nutrigenomics and metabolomics tools to investigate individually targeted nutrition to enhance brain development, and to prevent or treat obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Omicsoft Corp.

Omicsoft designs software for biomarker data management, visualization and analysis.

Pastoor Science Communications LLC

Pastoor Science Communications provides services and consultation in the areas of strategic legal support, technical expertise in toxicology and human health risk assessment, and science communication.

Personalized Medicine Partners LLC

Personalized Medicine Partners facilitates the transition of medical products from research to commercialization, in support of personalized medicine product development.

Phytonix Corp.

Phytonix develops and commercializes technologies and production processes that photosynthetically convert CO2, with solar energy and water, into low-cost solar chemicals and fuels such as butanols and octonols.

Black Mountain
Precision BioSciences Inc.

Precision BioSciences utilizes a proprietary genome editing method called ARCUS to treat cancers and genetic diseases, and enable the development of safer, more productive food sources.

Premex Innovation Labs

Premex develops, manufactures and markets nutritional ingredients for animals. This location conducts research on feed additives for animal nutrition.

Q² Solutions

Q² Solutions offers clinical trials lab services to biopharma, device and diagnostics customers. Services include central laboratories, bioanalytical, ADME, genomics, biomarkers and companion diagnostics to support drug discovery and precision medicine.

Renaissance Computing Institute

The Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) develops data and cyber technologies to solve research problems in medicine and genomics and environmental sciences. RENCI partners with researchers, government and industry across North Carolina.

Chapel Hill
Rescindo Therapeutics Inc.

Rescindo Therapeutics discovers novel therapeutic targets and drugs for human genetic disorders based on humanized zebrafish in vivo modeling.

Ribometrix Inc.

Ribometrix is a platform therapeutics company discovering small-molecule drugs that target functional RNA structures to create new avenues to treat human disease.

RiboWiz Scientific Inc.

RiboWiz Scientific uses a proprietary platform to offer customized software services and cloud-based subscription licensing to accurately predict and maximize protein production for life science companies.

RTP Genomics LLC

RTP Genomics uses next-generation DNA sequencing and proprietary algorithms to count mutations in leukemic cells.

Chapel Hill
Sapere Bio Inc.

Sapere Bio develops biomarkers of aging for clinical use to help physicians predict risk of chemotherapy-induced toxicities and surgery-associated adverse events in various patient groups.

Research Triangle Park
SciOme LLC

SciOme develops bioinformatics, chemoinformatics and text mining solutions for efficient data management and analysis, and provides consulting services.

Research Triangle Park
ScitoVation LLC

ScitoVation supports and advances research on the effects of chemical compounds on human health. ScitoVation works with clients to develop safer pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, agricultural chemicals, commodity chemicals and consumer products.

Select ImmunoGenomics Inc.

Select ImmunoGenomics provides data analysis, predictive modeling and reporting in support of genomic studies, biomarker development and biomarker validation services.

SenGenix Inc.

SenGenix develops point-of-care blood diagnostic tests using bioengineered fluorescently-responsive sensors. Testing is done with a finger stick, and results are available immediately.

Sentinel Biomedical Inc.

Sentinel Biomedical develops and offers molecular diagnostics for the detection and monitoring of canine cancers. Sentinel also offers CRO services in the areas of molecular biology and genomics.

Syngenta Crop Protection LLC (RTP)

Syngenta works to increase plant yield by developing products for disease, insect and weed control and drought tolerance. The Innovation Center in Research Triangle Park is the company's seeds center of excellence and includes the Advanced Crop Lab.

Research Triangle Park
Therian Biotransformation Inc.

Therian Biotransformation is developing novel, recombinant bacterial species that can metabolize plastic waste into bio-tolerable or functional products.


TIRF Labs develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of products based on total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF), including add-on TIRF accessories for microscopy and spectroscopy, TIRF biosensors and fluorescence illuminators.

TransViragen Inc.

TransViragen provides in vivo discovery research services, including the generation and analysis of genetically modified rodents and cell lines.

Chapel Hill
Triangle Biotechnology Inc.

Triangle Biotechnology develops sonication reagents that enable efficient acoustic processing of biological samples for next generation sequencing and epigenetic assays.

Chapel Hill