Company Title Company Description City
Arcato Laboratories Inc.

Arcato Laboratories develops specialty oral healthcare products. Its first product is a sustained-release medicated wax that treats oral discomfort caused by orthodontic appliances.

Artizan Biosciences Inc.

Artizan is developing a platform for identifying and targeting pathogenic intestinal bacteria, with a focus on inflammatory bowel disease and potential applications in autoimmune diseases, obesity, skin, lung and central nervous system diseases.

Aweve LLC

Aweve designs and manufactures cosmeceuticals that utilize nanoparticles for the delivery of retinol, ascorbic acid and kojic acid to address wrinkles, lines, age spots and elasticity in skin.

Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Baxter's facility in Marion produces intravenous and peritoneal dialysis solutions, as well as empty containers and component parts for other Baxter facilities.

Bio Products Laboratory USA Inc.

Bio Products Laboratory (BPL) manufactures and distributes plasma-derived products, including intravenous immunoglobulin preparations, coagulation factors and albumin solution. U.S. Commercial Operations for BPL is based in Durham.

Bioventus LLC

Bioventus develops and markets orthobiologic solutions for musculoskeletal healing and regeneration. These include products for bone healing, bone graft and knee osteoarthritis.

Brighton Development LLC

Brighton Development develops sterilizing technologies and antimicrobial medical plastics.

Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems

Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems develops and manufactures chemical and biological agent detection systems, as well as explosive detection systems.

Greenlight Biosciences Inc.

Greenlight Biosciences has developed a cell-free bioprocessing method for the low-cost production of RNA for use in research in vaccine development, vector control, pandemic preparation, crop management and crop pesticides.

Research Triangle Park
Gusto Global LLC

Gusto Global discovers and develops microbiome therapeutics for next-generation immune-modulation.

Research Triangle Park
Immunolight LLC

Immunolight develops immune modulating photopheresis technology to treat cancer tumors.

Mucodel Pharma LLC

Mucodel Pharma develops technologies for enhancing drug delivery via mucosal routes of administration. Its first candidate is a buccal gel for emergency treatment of opioid overdose.

Rilento Pharma LLC

Rilento Pharma is developing a pain management technology for use in oral surgery. Its formulation enables the sustained release of a local anesthetic and a quicker reduction in bleeding.

Shefabone Inc.

Shefabone is developing a resorbable bioactive bone graft material for use in dental and maxillofacial bone defects.

TheraBionic Inc.

TheraBionic is developing treatment approaches for cancer based on the use of tumor-specific modulation frequencies, with an initial focus in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Thrudermic LLC

Thrudermic develops a transdermal nanotechnology for the formulation and delivery of dosable bio-cannabis products.


VERINETICS develops products to prevent counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and other products, including both printed authentication and microparticle taggants.

Research Triangle Park
Wilmington Pharmaceuticals LLC

Wilmington Pharmaceuticals develops fast-dissolving dosage forms for established medicines.