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i2i offers C-level executive management and technology/product commercialization consulting in biotechnology, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Wake Forest
Verta Life Sciences LLC

Verta Life Sciences provides consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies in areas such as product development, quality and regulatory compliance, manufacturing, marketing and supply chain management.

919 Marketing Company

919 Marketing provides strategic planning, branding, public relations, social media and digital marketing services.

Holly Springs
Acument Consulting LLC

Acument Consulting offers business strategy assessment and marketing and commercial strategy services for early-stage innovation companies.

Adivo Associates LLC

Adivo Associates provides consulting on market research, business development and strategic growth to biopharmaceutical companies.

Agile Pharma Solutions Inc.

Agile Pharma Solutions provides on-demand marketing solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech brand teams.

Almica Inc.

Almica provides pharmaceutical consulting.

AlphaMed Consulting Inc.

AlphaMed Consulting provides strategic support for academic cancer centers and cancer drug development programs for global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

American Hemp LLC

American Hemp is a supplier and industry consultant for the hemp crop and other biomaterials.

Ampfuul LLC

Ampfuul provides sales and marketing consulting and business development services to biotechnology and life sciences companies.

Anagard LLC

Anagard provides business development services, such as strategy consulting, technology commercialization, market research and analysis to small and medium size technology companies.

Apted, Baer & Clark Inc.

Apted, Baer & Clark is a consulting firm that offers marketing and business development expertise to small biotech companies.

Chapel Hill
ARK Consulting

ARK Consulting provides strategic marketing services to pharma and biotech companies, including asset and market evaluations, forecasting, business planning, and competitive war gaming.

Ascenda Medical Marketing LLC

Ascenda Medical Marketing provides medical marketing and project management services to established and emerging medical technology companies.


ATOM Inc. provides oncology product and technology marketing and business development services, with a focus on identifying and addressing barriers to patient access.

Attivo Marketing Design LLC

Attivo Marketing Design offers social media marketing services, print marketing, logo design and branding, marketing and tradeshow consultation and custom website design and maintenance.

Ballentine LifeScience Partners LLC

Ballentine LifeScience Partners provides consulting services, focusing on the commercial development of new products within the life sciences.

Barrett S. McGrath and Associates LLC

Barrett S. McGrath & Associates provides strategic advisory services to biopharmaceutical companies at various stages of development. The firm’s focus is new product planning, strategic commercial development and alliance management.

Beacon Consulting Group

Beacon Consulting Group provides strategic commercial consulting services to biopharmaceutical companies.

BioAsset Advisors LLC

BioAsset Advisors provides business development and partnering services, opportunity assessments and product positioning services to biopharma companies.

Chapel Hill
BioPharma Consultants

BioPharma Consultants provides out-sourced commercial staff and marketing consulting services for biotech and pharma companies.

Chapel Hill
Blue Mango Innovation LLC

Blue Mango Innovation provides innovation and business development consulting services, focusing on the chemicals, materials and energy industry sectors.

Bluedoor LLC

Bluedoor provides market research, business strategy, brand and marketing strategy and business development consulting services for digital health companies.

Chapel Hill
BP Studios

BP Studios is a full-service digital marketing and web development agency. BP produces and manages online marketing, interactive media, social media and eCommerce.

Research Triangle Park
Brand Institute Inc.

Brand Institute provides brand strategy/architecture, naming, research, regulatory and design services.

BrandMarketing Services Ltd.

BrandMarketing Services provide business, marketing and communications consulting services.

Burrows Life Science Associates LLC

Burrows Life Science Associates provides new product commercialization planning and in-licensing consulting services for the life science sector.

CareMerica Inc.

CareMerica provides specialized medical marketing/strategic assessment services and business development and management consulting services.

Catalyst International LLC

Catalyst International provides market research, brand management and communications, product management, business development and account management within the biotechnology, animal health, nutraceutical, agriculture and dairy industries.

Christina Motley & Associates

Christina Motley & Associates provides marketing, communications and public relations strategy and implementation for start-up and venture-capital based firms.

Chapel Hill
Cliste Life Sciences Group LLC

Cliste Life Sciences Group provides executive level strategic analysis, marketing and sales planning, and commercial implementation advice to Board of Directors and CEOs of start-up, emerging and growth stage life science companies.

Chapel Hill
Cogita Science LLC

Cogita Science provides sales and service support for instruments related to the formulation, preparation, handling, multiple analyses and cleaning of samples.

Colburn & Associates

Colburn & Associates provides marketing research business intelligence and commercial consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical device industries.

Wake Forest
Column Eight LLC

Column Eight supports startups with marketing, R&D, and commercialization resources.

Research Triangle Park
Cornerstone Business Advisors

Cornerstone Advisory Partners provides executive and business coaching, peer advisory boards and private equity funding.

Corvitex Corp.

Corvitex provides marketing and research services, specializing in market entry programs, market research, regulatory support, and sales and marketing programs for medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies.


CREO provides management consulting services to companies in life sciences, healthcare, and technology services.

Research Triangle Park
Crossroads B2B Consulting LLC

Crossroads B2B Consultings provides public relations, marketing and content for industries including clinical research, healthcare, IT, biotech/pharma, agtech, software and big data.

Cutting Edge Information

Cutting Edge Information provides consulting and research services to life science companies on a wide range of management issues with a focus on helping clients build stronger relationships with physicians, patients, payers and other stakeholders.

Research Triangle Park
Decision Driver Analytics Inc.

Decision Driver provides analytical consulting from pre-discovery to retrospective actual use studies for pharma, medical device, biotech and CRO companies. Services include economic and predictive modeling, market research and statistical analysis.

Dragonfly Life Science Consulting LLC

Dragonfly Life Science Consulting provides project and leadership services for genomics and medical device companies, including business process and strategic development, general management/operations, sales and marketing, and project management.

East West Enterprise LLC

East West Enterprise provides advance coating, engineered adhesive, thermoset (rubber) and thermoplastic materials to various industries including biotech companies. The company also provides connections to Southeast Asian markets and consulting.

Eastern Carolina Food Ventures Incubator Kitchen

Eastern Carolina Food Ventures Incubator Kitchen is a regional, shared-use commercial incubator kitchen designed to help develop food entrepreneurs, create new food businesses, and grow existing food businesses in eastern North Carolina.

Ed Chait Life Sciences Consulting

Ed Chait Life Sciences Consulting provides marketing, technology and business development services to life science companies.

Chapel Hill

EntreDot is a non-profit organization that assists entrepreneurs in starting and operating a business through its entrepreneurship program, including mentoring them through all stages of business maturity.

Epic Brand Group

Epic Brand Group provides marketing and branding solutions for biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

F.O.C.U.S. Resources

F.O.C.U.S. Resources works with start-up, early stage and established businesses to start, fund and grow the business. Services include financial compliance, reporting and audit readiness associated with SBIR, STTR and other funding agreements.

Forma Life Science Marketing

Forma Life Science Marketing provides strategic marketing services to pharma and biotech companies, particularly service organizations. Services include market research, brand development, advertising, trade shows, direct mail and web site design.

Forward Motion Associates LLC

Forward Motion Associates provides assistance with sales contacts, personal networking and cold calling, including market development, grant writing services, internal auditor training, IT system consulting and troubleshooting.

Global Alliances Inc.

Global Alliances assists companies in forming international partnerships, with a particular focus on France, Germany and Japan. Industries of interest include pharmaceuticals, healthcare, engineering and manufacturing.

Lake Toxaway
Global Bridge Pharmaceutical Inc.

GB Pharmaceuticals provides pharmaceuticals, health products, services and technologies to developing nations.

Global Market Access Solutions LLC

Global Market Access Solutions provides strategic and operational market access and reimbursement services and analytics for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with specialist knowledge of reimbursement health systems.


The GNG Group provides analytics-based sales and marketing consulting services to the pharmaceutical and health care industries.

Grande Peak Technologies

Grande Peak Technologies provides healthcare market consulting services for mergers and acquisitions, and market growth and product launches.


Greenfield provides site selection and economic development consulting services, including business development, market and cluster analysis research, direct marketing and trade show assistance, for companies looking to start up or expand in the US.

Health Centric Marketing Services

Health Centric provides market research and business development services to health care organizations.

Iconium Elemental Branding

Iconium offers brand strategy consulting, product launch consulting and product naming services in the healthcare, life science, medical device and technology industries.

Independent Leaf Tobacco Company

Independent Leaf is a tobacco dealer that buys all types of tobacco from growers and sells it to domestic and international customers.

Industry Standard Research

Industry Standard Research offers both off-the-shelf research reports and custom research to the pharma and pharma services markets.

Innovations Commercialization LLC

Innovations Commercialization provides technology commercialization strategy development primarily focused on medical devices, alternative energy, and sensors/detection technologies.

Chapel Hill
Innovative Public Relations Inc

Innovative Public Relations is a publicity and branding consultancy that helps clients get their products and services in front of target audiences.

Inoculate LLC

Inoculate LLC provides business development, sales and marketing, and product launch support services to healthcare and bio-medical companies. BenchmaRx’s goal is to improve clinical outcomes, the patient experience and cost management in healthcare.

Instigator Inc.

Instigator provides consultation in clinical and technical services, including pharmaceutical product development, launch and marketing, investment and divestment strategies. Instigator's expertise is in supply chain, sales, branding and marketing.

Integrated Health Solutions Inc.

Integrated Health Solutions provides consulting services to medical practices, pharma and device manufacturers, and diagnostic providers. Services include marketing strategies, contract negotiation, product testing and design, and sales force training.

Integrated Media Strategies

Integrated Media Strategies provides strategic and integrated digital marketing communications services and consulting. This includes development and integration of video cGMP SOPs from existing approved text-based SOPs for better risk management.

Kartha Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Kartha Pharmaceuticals provides consulting services focused on North, Central and South American pharmaceutical markets. Services include portfolio selection and development, business development, sales, negotiations, sourcing and project management.

KCR and Associates LLC

KCR and Associates provides market competitiveness, regulatory, and product commercialization and launch consulting services for medical device, in-vitro diagnostic, and healthcare software industries and hospitals.

Wake Forest
Kineticos Life Sciences LLC

Kineticos is a specialized management consulting firm serving the life science industry. The firm is focused on corporate strategy and development, sales and marketing, operational execution and technology and innovation services.

kt.c lab consulting LLC

kt.c lab consulting provides laboratory automation consulting services.

Life Science Strategies LLC

Life Science Strategies provides domestic and international business and economic development solutions to life science companies.

Research Triangle Park
Malartu Inc.

Malartu develops a platform for managers that aggregates information from disparate sources onto a dashboard.

Management Science Associates Inc.

Management Science Associates Inc. (MSA) develops custom marketplace models incorporating laboratory information to be used alone or integrated with other data sets to help optimize sales and marketing efforts.

High Point
Market Vision LLC

Market Vission provides strategic and marketing consulting services to emerging and mature pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare IT organizations.

Wake Forest
MDS HealthTech LLC

MDS HealthTech provides medical and surgical device consulting, specializing in revenue generation, go-to market and distribution strategies, cost containment and sales management.

MedCelerate Consulting Group LLC

MedCelerate offers business development consulting for start-up and mid-size medical device companies, with a focus on manufacturing and commercial ramp-up activities. MedCelerate can also provide interim senior management leadership.

Chapel Hill
Medgility LLC

Medgility is a consulting company focused on business development, brand development and corporate strategy for emerging biopharmaceutical companies.

Chapel Hill
Medical and Pharmaceutical Alliance Inc.

MAPA provides marketing and business development consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Services include development of competitive strategies for existing products, market evaluations and litigation commercial strategies.

Medical Leverage, A Communications Company

Medical Leverage is a communication company serving the med device and pharma industries, specializing in KOL and peer-to-peer management, digital formatting, medical writing and education, speaker training and premarket launch planning and execution.

Medosaic Medical Marketing

Medosaic Medical Marketing provides a wide range of marketing, consulting and project management services for both startups and larger technology companies.

MedPro Rx Inc.

MedPro Rx Inc. provides specialized pharmacy services to patients with chronic illness who need clotting factor, IVIg and other medications.

MedTech Catalyst LLC

MedTech Catalyst helps to launch new products or revitalize existing ones by providing advisory services.

MedX First LLC

MedX First develops point-of-injury wound care products and medical dressings.

Michael George and Associates LLC

Michael George and Associates provides consulting and assistance with marketing, business development, partnering and compliance issues for pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

MicroMass Communications Inc.

MicroMass Communications is a healthcare marketing communications agency that specializes in digital, relationship marketing and non-personal promotion using evidence-based strategies from health psychology and behavior science.

ModernTox LLC

ModernTox provides marketing, market research and business development expertise for life sciences companies. Specialties include pre-clinical drug development technologies and services.


Morris is a strategic branding and marketing firm that helps technology companies simplify their stories.

NextStep Marketing LLC

NextStep Marketing provides sales and marketing services to life science companies.

NuEra Health Alliance Ltd.

NuEra Health Alliance is a consulting firm specializing in marketing operations for biotechnology companies. Their primary focus is marketing materials life cycle management including agency management, promotion management, copy review and 2253 filing.

NuMedia Health Inc.

nuMedia Health, a subsidiary of nuMedia Productions Inc., provides interactive and online digital healthcare solutions.

Wake Forest
Oncology Partners

Oncology Partners provides business development and marketing consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and advertising industries. Oncology Partners focuses on businesses that develop and market cancer-related therapeutics.

One B Group LLC

One B provides product commercialization consutling services for markets including medical devices, commercial lighting and controls, and defense.

Orchard Point Group Inc.

Orchard Point Group provides project management resources for managing, executing and implementing the marketing efforts of pharmaceutical and healthcare firms.

Paladin and Associates Inc.

Paladin and Associates offers services in strategy and planning, finance consulting, management consulting, marketing consulting, sales consulting, executive coaching, and international consulting.

Research Triangle Park
Paul A. Dreyer & Associates LLC

Paul A. Dreyer provides consulting services for the biopharmaceutical industry in commercial and business development, brand management and strategic planning.

Perissos Inc.

Perissos provides marketing and medical strategy consulting to clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Wake Forest
Personalized Medicine Partners LLC

Personalized Medicine Partners facilitates the transition of medical products from research to commercialization, in support of personalized medicine product development.

Pharma Initiatives Consulting Group LLC

Pharma Initiatives Consulting Group provides advice to clinical development and medical affairs leaders on operational infrastructure needs.

Platte Life Sciences LLC

Platte Life Sciences offers business development and communications consulting services to life sciences companies.

Proficient Learning LLC

Proficient Learning develops and provides sales consulting and training services for pharmaceutical and life science companies.

ProGenerix LLC

ProGenerix develops generic and 505(b)(2) products to be licensed to marketing companies. ProGenerix specializes in extended release solid orals, ophthalmic and nasal suspensions and solutions, injectable suspensions and lyophilized injectables.

Rocky Mount