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Company Title Company Description City
BPL Plasma Inc. (Wilmington)

BPL Plasma collects blood plasma to create therapies. BPL Plasma's Wilmington site is a plasma collection center.

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

Bradley Arant is a law firm providing a wide variety of legal business services in various industries, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and health care.

Brain Vision LLC

Brain Vision sells neurophysiological testing and research tools, including EEG/ERP software and hardware, fMRI compatible equipment, stimulation devices and accessories.

Brainerd LLC

Brainerd manufactures and sells chemicals and provides specialty blending for research facilities, industrial plants and agricultural operations. Brainerd's packaging, bulk storage and distribution center in Dunn, NC, serves the East Coast.

Brajer Consulting LLC

Brajer Consulting advises teams and their investors on establishing new standards of care and innovating new business models in health care.

Brand Fuel Inc.

Brand Fuel is a promotional agency that helps clients increase sales and raise brand awareness. They coordinate the selection, design, decoration, and production of logo merchandise.

Brand Institute Inc.

Brand Institute provides brand strategy/architecture, naming, research, regulatory and design services.

BrandMarketing Services Ltd.

BrandMarketing Services provide business, marketing and communications consulting services.


Brandsymbol provides branding services for healthcare, B2B and B2C industries. Expertise includes brand naming, strategy and architecture; trademark and legal screening; and visual brand identity.

Brave Soldier LLC

Brave Soldier develops and manufactures natural personal care products, including shaving cream, sunscreen and antiseptic healing ointment.

Breakthrough BioAssets LLC

Breakthrough BioAssets accelerates the sourcing, formulation, validation and commercialization of market-driven innovation concepts, projects and early stage life science and biotechnology companies.

Research Triangle Park
Brenntag (Charlotte)

Brenntag Southeast is a distributor of industrial lubricant and specialty chemicals.

Brenntag (Greensboro)

Brenntag Southeast is a distributor of industrial lubricant and specialty chemicals.

Brenntag MidSouth

Brenntag Mid South distributes specialty and commodity chemicals.

Brian David Bower LLC

Brian David Bower LLC provides scientific consulting for commercial, academic and non-profit biotechnology and scientific entities.

Brian Marron Drug Discovery Consulting LLC

Brian Marron Drug Discovery Consulting provides services such as drug design for optimization of potency and drug properties, project management, CRO evaluation and management, patent evaluation and due diligence.

Bright Plastics Inc.

Bright Plastics makes plastic injection molded parts and products for medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Brightleaf Consulting Group

Brightleaf Consulting Group offers custom market research, financial modeling, decision support, and business planning. They also offer valuation, forensic accounting, and accounting services.

Brij Image & Information Inc.

Brij provides enterprise software implementation, integration, consulting and training services.

Brinks Gilson & Lione

Brinks Gilson & Lione specializes in intellectual property law.

Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP

Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP is a business law firm with practice areas that include legislation, mergers and acquisitions, banking, corporate finance, real estate, employment and labor law and complex business litigation.

Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP (Raleigh)

Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP is a business law firm with practice areas that include legislation, mergers and acquisitions, banking, corporate finance, real estate, employment and labor law and complex business litigation.

Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP (Wilmington)

Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP is a business law firm that advises clients in intellectual property, international trade, legislative policy, corporate finance and other complex transactional and litigation matters.

BSN Medical Inc., an Essity Company

BSN Medical, Essity's Health and Medical Solutions business unit, develops, manufactures and sells products within orthopedics, compression therapy and wound care.

BTI Targetry LLC

BTI Targetry develops and produces cyclotron targets that make radioisotopes used for diagnosis and therapy in nuclear medicine.

Buehler Motor Inc.

Buehler Motor specializes in the development and production of custom motion systems for the healthcare device and pharmaceutical drug delivery markets, including DC and BLDC motors, pumps, encoders and injection molded plastic parts.

Building & Earth Sciences Inc.

Building and Earth Sciences Inc. is an engineering firm that provides geotechnical engineering, construction management and materials testing services.

Bull City Biostats LLC

Bull City Biostats provides statistical support for scientific and medical applications.

Bull City Select Investments

Bull City Select Investments invests in early stage pharmaceutical companies, with a focus on opportunities that develop novel pharmaceutical products from IP obtained from universities or out-licensed from other companies.

Research Triangle Park
Bull City Talent Group LLC

Bull City Talent Group is a full-service staffing firm with a focus on serving companies in the life science and IT industries.

Burlington Chemical Inc.

Burlington Chemical Company is an ISO 9001 certified chemical company that provides a line of branded products, in addition to contract manufacturing, blending, and packaging services.

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Burroughs Wellcome Fund is an independent private foundation dedicated to advancing the medical sciences by supporting research and other scientific and educational activities.

Research Triangle Park
Burrows Life Science Associates LLC

Burrows Life Science Associates provides new product commercialization planning and in-licensing consulting services for the life science sector.

Burt's Bees Inc.

Burt's Bees develops and manufactures natural personal care products, including skin care products, hair care products, soaps, lotions and natural baby products.

Business Innovation Growth (BIG)

Business Innovation and Growth Council is a membership-based organization that supports high growth entrepreneurial companies by providing best practices for fast growth, peer to peer learning, and connectivity and resources for successful growth.

Business Speech Improvement

Business Speech Improvement provides coaching in American English pronunciation improvement, presentation skills, and leadership coaching including research-based methods to facilitate more effective idea-generation meetings.

Butler Farms LLC

Butler Farms tests swine waste and swine waste sludge in an effort to develop viable methods of processing manure solids and lagoon sludge.

C Change Surgical LLC

C Change developed, patented, manufactures & markets computerized electronic fluid control systems used in cardiac, transplant, urology and other complex surgeries.

C3 HealthcareRx LLC

C3 HealthcareRx provides health care and pharmacy services that help clients improve health outcomes and generate savings through medication reconciliation and adherence programs, medication education and medication management.

Cabernet Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Cabernet Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical regulatory consulting company.

Chapel Hill
Caktus Group

Caktus Group specializes in the development of Django and Python solutions, including mobile applications that have been used for global and public health purposes.

Calibrate Inc.

Calibrate provides ISO/IEC 17025 accredited pipette calibration and repair services. Calibrate's Quality Assurance, Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources departments are located in Carrboro, NC.

Callix Research Inc.

Callix Research is an intellectual property research and development company specializing in medical technology innovations.

Calvert Research LLC

Calvert is a network of partners who assist companies with drug discovery, IND consulting, NDA submission, business development, preclinical studies, phase I and Phase II studies, capital investment, staffing and management.

Camstar, a Siemens Business

Camstar, a Siemens business, provides enterprise manufacturing execution and quality systems (MES). The Camstar Enterprise Platform helps manufacturers and product innovators enable design for quality and lean manufacturing.

Cancer Diagnostics Inc.

Cancer Diagnostics develops, manufactures and sells anatomical pathology consumables, such as tissue marking dyes, parrafin, stains, microscope slides and surgical blades.


CannonCassidy is a global branding consultancy for the biopharma and medical device sectors. Services include USAN/INN naming, brand naming, linguistics, legal screening, POCA analysis and safety testing for FDA, EMA and Health Canada submissions.

Cape Fear Pharmacy and Compounding Center

Cape Fear Pharmacy and Compounding Center provides prescription filling and compounding services.

Capital Air Filters Inc.

Capital Air Filters distributes air filtration products for clean room, HVAC and industrial process applications.

Capital Associated Industries Inc.

CAI is a non-profit employers' association that provides human resources services and training to their member employers.

Capital Associated Industries Inc. (Greensboro)

CAI is a non-profit employers' association that provides human resources services and training to their member employers.

Capital Associates

Capital Associates is a full-service commercial real estate develoment, leasing and property management company with extensive office and laboratory experience.

Capitala Group

CapitalSouth Partners provides private equity and mezzanine capital to lower middle-market companies.

Cara Mae Naturals LLC

Cara Mae Nautrals manufactures and distributes Potter's Skin Butter.


Caraustar's Rigid Box Plant in Burlington manufactures set-up boxes, vinyl lids and other packaging for products in the healthcare, food and beverage, and other industries.

Cardinal Finance LLC

Cardinal Finance provides accounting and financial management services on a consulting basis to early stage, entrepreneurially-driven companies.

Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy (Greensboro)

Cardinal Health's nuclear pharmacy in Greensboro prepares and delivers unit-dose radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and imaging centers.

Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy (Raleigh)

Cardinal Health's nuclear pharmacy in Raleigh prepares and delivers unit-dose radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and imaging centers.

Cardinal Health Nuclear Pharmacy (Wilmington)

Cardinal Health's nuclear pharmacy in Wilmington prepares and delivers unit-dose radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and imaging centers.

Care Management Technologies Inc.

Care Management Technologies provides behavioral health analytics and decision support tools.

Career Champions

Career Champions offers career management and transition solutions for corporations and individuals. Services include employee engagement, team building, professional development workshops, coaching and customized resumes.

Career Foundations

Career Foundations provides recruitment services for industries including the agricultural science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices and healthcare industries.

Career Path Writing Solutions LLC

Career Path Writing Solutions provides job search and career consulting, institutional workshops on proactive career management and professional writing, as well as services for businesses including branding and web critiques.

CareerPro Inc.

CareerPro is a career services firm that specializes in both individual and corporate outplacement.

Careers In Research Inc.

Careers in Research is a study recruitment organization that links sponsors and CROs with qualified investigational sites. They participate in patient recruitment, budget/contracts, study execution and data collection.

CareMerica Inc.

CareMerica provides specialized medical marketing/strategic assessment services and business development and management consulting services.

CARGOpak Corp.

CARGOpak provides on-site employee training and consulting expertise for safe transport of hazardous materials, including biological and infectious materials. The company assists with regulatory compliance for both domestic and international shipping.

Wake Forest
Carla Gannon Law

Carla Gannon Law provides intellectual property services, including assistance with patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Oak Island
Carlyle Group

Carlyle Group is a private global investment firm that acts as lead equity investor in management-led buyouts, equity private placements and growth capital financings. The Charlotte office focuses on technology and business services.

Carolina Amputee Care Inc.

Carolina Amputee Care provides prosthetic devices and related services.

Carolina Angel Network LLC

Carolina Angel Network provides an angel investing platform and co-investment fund that leverages the UNC alumni network. Portfolio companies must have a UNC afiliation and be headquartered in the United States.

Chapel Hill
Carolina Apothecary Inc.

Carolina Apothecary offers a retail pharmacy, home medical equipment, compounding and IV therapy services.

Carolina Biodiesel LLC

Carolina Biodiesel makes and distributes biodiesel made from waste and recycled vegetable oil. The company also offers sustainable energy consulting.

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Carolina Biological Supply sells science teaching materials and equipment.

Carolina BioOncology Institute

CBI runs a phase I immunotherapy and personalized cancer clinical trial program, and serves as an incubator for BioCytics, its research and application program.

Carolina Cell Therapy

Carolina Stem Cell Institute sells cord blood stem cells for regenerative medicine, with a focus on orthopedics, arthritis and erectile dysfunction.

Carolina Clinical Trials LLC

Carolina Clinical Trials conducts urology trials sponsored by drug companies, biotech start-ups, medical equipment manufacturers and the National Cancer Institute.

Carolina Commerce & Technology Center Inc.

Carolina Commerce and Technology Center is an economic development organization focused on technology business, industry, education, training and business incubation facilities.

Carolina Compounding and Nutritional Pharmacy

Carolina Compounding and Nutritional Pharmacy is a compounding-only pharmacy that provides customized medications for people and pets.

Carolina Dental Ceramics Inc.

Carolina Dental Ceramics makes crowns, bridges, dentures, and other dental prosthetics.

Carolina Executive Search LLC

Carolina Executive Search is an executive placement agency.

Carolina Express Courier Systems

Carolina Express is a logistics company specializing in transporting time-critical material. Services include transportation and chain-of-custody reporting for specimens, cultures and supplies for laboratories throughout the Southeast.

Carolina Eye Prosthetics Inc.

Carolina Eye Prosthetics manufactures custom prosthetic eyes.

Carolina Financial Group LLC

Carolina Financial Group is an investment banking firm that specializes in raising private capital and providing financial advisory services.

Carolina Mechanical Services Inc.

Carolina Mechanical Services provides design, sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, high purity fabrication, and cleanroom and process equipment products to the pharmaceutical, medical, research, cosmetics and food/dairy industries.

Carolina Medical Electronics Inc.

Carolina Medical Electronics Inc. manufactures and services electromagnetic flow meter devices, which are used for extravascular measurement of blood flow in surgically exposed but non-cannulated arteries and veins.

East Bend
Carolina Medical Lab Group Inc.

Carolina Medical Lab is a regional pathology, microbiology, cytology, chemistry, hematology and histology lab serving patients and physicians in North and South Carolina.

Carolina Narrow Fabric Co.

Carolina Narrow Fabric manufactures custom-designed, specialty textiles for biomedical and other applications.

Carolina Piedmont Capital Inc.

Carolina Piedmont Capital provides financial services, growth equity and capital investments to all business types, with a specialty niche in the markets of healthcare, dental, pharma, medical device and biotechnology industries.

Carolina Precision Consulting Inc.

Carolina Precision is a crop consulting company providing crop scouting, soil sampling, georeferenced farm mapping, peanut maturity testing, nutrient and pest management planning.

Rocky Mount
Carolina Research and Consulting Services Inc.

Carolina Research and Consulting Services conducts early phase pharmaceutical, biologicals and medical device development, focusing on oncology, transplant and infectious diseases.

Carolina Research Glass Inc.

Carolina Research Glass makes and repairs scientific glassware.

Carolina Research Group Inc.

Carolina Research group provides services in regulatory affairs, clinical research and general product development.

Carolina Resource Corp.

Carolina Resource Corp. offers CNC milling and turning of precision parts for the medical, recreation, aerospace, automotive and food service industries, and design and build services for tooling, fixtures, steel, stainless steel and aluminum weldments.

Carolina Seed Investors LLC

Carolina Seed Investors provides seed stage capital and financial guidance to university based start up companies. The fund is focused primarily on UNC, NC State and Wake Forest Universities.

Chapel Hill
Carolina Spine Solutions LLC

Carolina Spine Solutions sells medical devices to orthopaedic and neuro spine surgeons in the Carolinas.

Carolina Stem Cell Treatment Center

Carolina Stem Cell Treatment Center is a clinical research site conducting adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy treatments for chronic illnesses.

Carolina Xtraction Technologies Corp.

Carolina Xtraction Technologies offers botanical extraction from US-grown tobacco for the beverage, vitamin supplement and e-cigarette industries.

Wake Forest
Carolinas Biological Safety Association

The Carolinas Biological Safety Association (CaBSA) provides educational and networking opportunities for biological safety professionals in the Carolinas and southern Virginia.

Carolinas Cord Blood Bank

The Carolinas Cord Blood Bank collects a racially and ethnically diverse, publicly available inventory of cord blood units for use in transplantation and basic and clinical research.