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Company Title Company Description City
AABEX Animal Health LLC

AABEX Animal Health provides sales and marketing services to manufacturers in the animal health industry. Services include day-to-day sales and marketing support and custom sales and marketing strategies.

AOS Agricultural Communications

AOS Agricultural Communications is an agricultural-focused primary market research firm. They assist agricultural companies with recruitment, phone calls and data collection for promotional and market research programs.

Artec Imaging LLC

Artec Imaging manufactures the EquusCT horse scan table.

Asimetrix Inc.

Asimetrix develops software for companies in the animal protein sector. Their solution assists companies in collecting, analyzing and acting on their information to produce more protein.

Blue Ridge Pharmaceutical Distribution Inc.

Blue Ridge Pharmaceutical Distribution sells and distributes pharmaceuticals to the veterinarian community.

Caswell Research Farm

Caswell Research Farm is used for large plot research of field crops with both conventional and organic culture methods, as well as continual swine and dairy herd studies.

Central Crops Research Station

Central Crops Research Station hosts a wide range of plant breeding programs. Research is conducted on corn, cotton, soybeans, tobacco, small grains, sweet potatoes, strawberries, watermelons, squash, etc.

Cherry Research Farm

Cherry Research Farm is a NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services research station, conducting agricultural research on lifestock, field and horticultural crops. The research station also includes a biodiesel processing unit.

Coker Feed Mill Inc.

Coker Feed Mill manufactures equine, poultry, and livestock feeds under the brands Amber Grains and Carolina Pride; resells Tribute Equine Nutrition; and distributes ShowTime dog food for Eastern North Carolina.

De-Chem LLC

DE-Chem sells litter amendments, insecticides and rodent control products to poultry growers.

Oak City
EvoAktiv Corp.

EvoAktiv provides products that promote beneficial microbial activity, increasing profitability and promoting green technology solutions for agricultural and industrial activities.

Newton Grove
High Quality Entomology Services LLC

High Quality Entomology Services offers scientific agricultural biotechnology consulting and research.

Research Triangle Park
Mountain Research Station

Mountain Research Station's research activities include work with field and forage crops, horticultural crops, Christmas trees, burley tobacco, and livestock.

Neogen Corp.

Neogen's Prima Tech subsidiary manufactures veterinary instruments.

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

North Carolina's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is responsible for the regulation of agronomy, animal health, weights and measures, gas and oil inspection, and agricultural products in the state.

Novovita Inc.

Novovita is a bio-based agricultural technology company. The Novovita product line is a system of fibrous, mat-like materials that are bio-based and biodegradable.

Optima BioEnergy

Optima BioEnergy develops swine waste-to-energy projects.


Petrics is a pet healthcare technology company using data science in veterinary medicine and animal nutrition to help pet care professionals and pet owners extend the lives of their pets by recommending individualized wellness and nutrition needs.

Phinite Inc.

Phinite is developing technology to produce phosphorus for fertilizer from manure.

Piedmont Research Station

The Piedmont Research Station conducts research on dairy cattle, poultry, field crops, forage crops, horticulture crops, pastures and soils.

Promika LLC

Promika, a CSE Life Science company, sells flea and tick control products for companion animals.

RxVet BioTech LLC

RxVet BioTech provides electrochemotherapy products for the treatment of cancer in companion animals.

Scullion Strategy Group LLC

The Scullion Strategy Group helps companies commercialize their new products in animal and human health. Services include drug development, new product valuations, market research, go-to-market strategy, regulatory affairs, QA and pharma manufacturing.

Storms Hog Power LLC

Storms Hog Power is a swine waste-to-energy facility.

Terra Blue Inc.

Terra Blue develops a waste treatment system for swine, and offers solutions in agricultural waste management, commercial composting, fertilizer and soilless product development.

Terregena Inc.

Terregena sells non-chemical, organic pesticides and beneficial insects for the agriculture and veterinary markets.

The Livestock Conservancy

The Livestock Conservancy protects endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction through research, education, outreach, marketing and promotion, and genetic rescues.

Tidewater Research Station

The Tidewater Research Station is the location for field crop, horticulture crop, soil, water, livestock and aquaculture research.

Tiverton Advisors LLC

Tiverton Advisors invests in agribusinesses and assets in the United States.

Umstead Research Farm

Umstead Research Farm is the location for several livestock and field crop research projects.

Upper Coastal Plain Research Station

Field crops research is conducted at Upper Coastal Plain Research Station. Research projects include breeding, weed, insect and disease management, OVT and fertility. Crops include cotton, peanuts, corn, soybean, tobacco, sorghum and small grains.

Rocky Mount
Upper Mountain Research Station

The Upper Mountain Research Station is the location for livestock and crop research. Because it is at the highest elevation in the state, the primary research focus is on cold tolerance and forage management.

Laurel Springs
Upper Piedmont Research Station

The Upper Piedmont Research Station is the location for several livestock and field crop research projects.