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ADAMA Agricultural Solutions manufactures and distributes crop protection products, including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and harvest aids.

Ag TechInventures LLC

AgTI identies and forms spin-offs around agricultural technologies from university labs​ and small scientific-focused companies. AgTI provides business and technology expertise to position the technologies for acquisition by leading Ag companies.

Research Triangle Park

AGDATA provides data and analytical services to agricultural crop protection and animal health manufacturers, including outsourced database management, marketing program administration, data collection and data analysis services.

AgEye Technologies

AgEye Technologies develops software and sensor solutions that use artificial intelligence to improve the quality, predictability and profitability of indoor farms through autonomous systems.

AGgrow Tech LLC

AGgrow Tech grows and markets giant miscanthus as a high-yielding biomass crop.

AgRenaissance Software LLC

AgRenaissance produces handheld software solutions for the agricultural community to aid record keeping and herbicide decisions in the field.

Agri-Technologies Inc.

Agri-Technologies provides production planning, in-season monitoring, contract research, and third-party certification on several different crops.

AgTech Accelerator Corp.

AgTech Accelerator provides venture funding to early-stage agricultural technology companies.

AgWorx Inc.

AgWorx sells precision agriculture technologies to enhance crop yield and reduce farm input costs. AgWorx also supports customers through the adoption process and provides installation services, repair services and education services.

Alexandria Center for AgTech - Research Triangle Park

The Alexandria Center for AgTech is a multi-tenant campus that serves the regional AgTech ecosystem.

American Hemp LLC

American Hemp is a supplier and industry consultant for the hemp crop and other biomaterials.

AOS Agricultural Communications

AOS Agricultural Communications is an agricultural-focused primary market research firm. They assist agricultural companies with recruitment, phone calls and data collection for promotional and market research programs.

Arclin Inc.

Arclin provides bonding and surfacing solutions for commercial and residential building, agricultural and natural resources applications.

Bear Fiber Inc.

Bear Fiber in an industrial hemp company, focused on bast fiber textiles.

Bio Regen Innovations Cooperative

Bio-Regen Innovations Coop is a North Carolina-based cooperative enterprise of farmers, industry experts and seed breeders seeking to propagate seed stock.

Bioenergy Farms LLC

BioEnergy Farms plans, implements and manages research projects involving agricultural, horticultural, forestry and aquaculture operations at sites in North and South Carolina. BioEnergy Farms' primary site is ReVenture Park in Charlotte.

Bioenergy Research Initiative

The Bioenergy Research Initiative, a NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services program, funds research and development of dedicated agricultural and forestry-based feedstocks for bioenergy production.


Bloomify sells orchids, venus flytraps, sundews and other ornamental plants that were propogated using plant tissue culture to create maintenance free plant terrariums.

Border Belt Tobacco Research Station

The Border Belt Tobacco Research Station's research program focuses on genetic studies of corn, soybeans, tobacco, and peanuts.

Botanical Consulting International LLC

Botanical Consulting International provides consulting services for the sourcing, formulation, education and sustainability efforts of global botanical resources.

Botanics Trading LLC

Botanics Trading supplies organic botanicals for use in the manufacturing of herbal medicines and dietary supplements.

Blowing Rock
Carolina Precision Consulting Inc.

Carolina Precision is a crop consulting company providing crop scouting, soil sampling, georeferenced farm mapping, peanut maturity testing, nutrient and pest management planning.

Rocky Mount
Carolina Xtraction Technologies Corp.

Carolina Xtraction Technologies offers botanical extraction from US-grown tobacco for the beverage, vitamin supplement and e-cigarette industries.

Wake Forest
Carringers Inc.

Carringers is a research management organization that performs field studies related to crop protection.

Caswell Research Farm

Caswell Research Farm is used for large plot research of field crops with both conventional and organic culture methods, as well as continual swine and dairy herd studies.


cbdMD manufactures and sells cannabidiol (CBD) products, including tinctures, capsules, vape oils, bath bombs, topicals and pet products.

Center for Integrated Pest Management

The National Science Foundation Center for Integrated Pest Management (CIPM) develops technology, implements programs and provides training and public awareness for IPM at the state, regional, national and international levels.

Central Crops Research Station

Central Crops Research Station hosts a wide range of plant breeding programs. Research is conducted on corn, cotton, soybeans, tobacco, small grains, sweet potatoes, strawberries, watermelons, squash, etc.

Chemtek Inc.

Chemtek manufactures and sells cleaners, solvents, lubricants, insecticides and chemical specialties. The company's turf products include herbicides and pesticides.

Cherry Farms Seed Company Inc.

Cherry Farms works with growers to produce soybean and wheat seeds for national/regional brands, produces and maintains early generation seedstocks, and performs regulated field crop production activities.

Cherry Research Farm

Cherry Research Farm is a NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services research station, conducting agricultural research on lifestock, field and horticultural crops. The research station also includes a biodiesel processing unit.

Coastal AgroBusiness Inc.

Coastal AgroBusiness develops a line of crop protection products, and distributes agricultural chemicals, seed, fertilizer, equipment, parts and technology, and provides related consulting services.

Corteva Agriscience - Laurinburg Production Plant

Dupont Pioneer has a seed production plant in Maxton/Laurinburg that specializes in bagging large volumes of soybean seed.

Criticality LLC

Criticality partners with farmers to produce hemp plants, which is used for cannabidiol hemp oil extraction.

Crop Protection Association of North Carolina Inc.

CPANC's purpose is to communicate the value and safe use of crop protection chemicals to the agricultural community and consumers of our food and fiber.

Datu Research LLC

Datu Research offers research consulting, supporting projects in food and agriculture, economic development and climate resilience.

Duke University - Biological Sciences Greenhouse

Duke University’s Biological Sciences Greenhouse is a Bio-level Safety 1-P glasshouse facility. It supports the plant genetic research of Duke faculty and offers plant care service and greenhouse space for rent to private companies.

East Coast Genetics LLC

East Coast Genetics provides farmers with CBD strains.

ElectriGrow LLC

ElectriGrow develops, manufactures and sells patented nitrate generators that use electricity, air and water to produce nitrate in water for agriculture. ElectriGrow also has patented copper and other mico-nutrient ion generators for on-site production.

Wake Forest
EvoAktiv Corp.

EvoAktiv provides products that promote beneficial microbial activity, increasing profitability and promoting green technology solutions for agricultural and industrial activities.

Newton Grove

FarmShots, a Syngenta company, analyzes satellite imagery of farms to provide insights to farmers.

FieldX Inc.

FieldX Inc. develops collaborative software tools for the agricultural industry, focusing on the collection, management and sharing of field information.

Raleigh Inc. develops systems to continuously monitor and manage soil in order to reduce fertilizer usage.

Foundation for Agromedicine and Toxicology

The Foundation for Agromedicine and Toxicology supports research, education and outreach in these two sciences through a scholarship program.

Fowler Crop Consulting Inc.

Fowler Crop Consulting is an independent agricultural consulting company that provides custom services including crop scouting, soil sampling and nutrient management.

Roanoke Rapids
Global Agricultural Development Corp.

Global Agricultural Development Corp. provides outsourced product development and study management to help bring agricultural products to market.

Global Laboratory Services Inc.

Global Laboratory Services tests pesticide residue and tobacco constituents in seed, leaf and finished products; harmful and potentially harmful constituents in finished products and mainstream smoke; and e-cigarette components and vapor.

Grafted Growers LLC

Grafted Growers produces grafted vegetable transplants under closed-type growing systems for commercial and hobby vegetable growers.

GroundTruth Ag Inc.

GroundTruth Ag is developing a platform for real-time soil composition testing and compaction evaluation.

Growers LLC

Growers provides digital tools that leverage farms' soil, planting and harvest data to improve farm management.

Haw River Mushrooms LLC

Haw River Mushrooms grows edible and medicinal mushrooms, and is developing a crop system to harness mushroom by-products for soil enrichment.

Herbal Ingenuity

Herbal Ingenuity is a bulk supplier botanicals, spices and teas to various industries. They also offer toll processing for drying, cleaning, cutting, sifting and powdering of botanicals.

Hi Fidelity Genetics Inc.

Hi Fidelity Genetics is a predictive genomics company developing online tools for measuring and predicting plant traits.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp. supplies process mixing and milling equipment to a wide range of manufacturing industries, including pharmaceutical and agricultural companies.

Elizabeth City
Hoffman Nursery Inc.

Hoffman Nursery specializes in producing ornamental and native grasses for wholesale trade. The company also conducts research, field trials, and propagates new grasses.

Hope Hemp Extracts

Hope Hemp Extracts develops and sells hemp extract oil products.

Horner International Co.

Horner International manufactures botanical extracts, CBD derivatives and natural flavor chemicals. Horner International offers toll manufacturing using advanced techniques in extraction, distillation and separation.

Horticultural Crops Research Station (Castle Hayne)

The Horticultural Crops Station in Castle Hayne conducts research in horticulture, plant diseases, and genetics. The station hosts Commodity Field Days for the community, particularly to showcase blueberries, strawberries and grapes.

Castle Hayne
Horticultural Crops Research Station (Clinton)

The Horticultural Crops Station in Clinton conducts research on fruits, vegetables, corn, soybeans and oil seed crops. Greenhouse space is also available.

Houghton Formulation Consultancy LLC

Houghton Formulation Consultancy provides formulation technical advice and product development expertise for clients in the crop protection industry.

IMPACT Agronomics Inc.

IMPACT Agronomics is an agricultural consulting and research firm that provides independent, scientifically based nutrient and pest management recommendations to grower clients and conducts efficacy trials on the 47-acre research farm in Beaufort County.

Independent Leaf Tobacco Company

Independent Leaf is a tobacco dealer that buys all types of tobacco from growers and sells it to domestic and international customers.

Industrial Hemp Manufacturing LLC

Industrial Hemp Manufacturing manufactures hemp and kenaf natural plant fiber products, which are used for oil well drilling loss circulation materials (LCM), spill absorbents and bast fibers for making plastic composites.

Spring Hope
Innovative AgriProducts LLC

Innovative AgriProducts provides seed selection and harvesting expertise to hemp farmers, and processes hemp into usable products. Innovative AgriProducts also offers flower extraction.

J. P. Davenport & Son Farm Supply

J. P. Davenport and Son Farm Supply is a certified seed producer of wheat and soybean.

Livingston International Inc.

Livingston International provides customs brokerage, international freight and trade compliance services for pharmaceutical, agriculture and other industries.

Lower Coastal Plain Tobacco Research Station

The Lower Coastal Plain Tobacco Research Station and Cunningham Research Station conduct research on organic horticultural and field crops along with flue-cured and burley tobacco research.

Meherrin Agricultural and Chemical Company

Meherrin distributes farm supplies, including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals.

Mineral Springs Fertilizer Inc.

Mineral Springs Fertilizer manufactures liquid and dry blend fertilizers, feed and seed, and operates a grist mill.

Mineral Springs
MoonBranch Botanicals

MoonBranch Botanicals is a wholesale supplier of high quality botanical products. They supply only herbalists, herbal product processors, retailers and others in the natural products industry.

Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center - NCSU

Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station conducts laboratory, greenhouse, and field studies in crop research.

Mills River
Mountain Research Station

Mountain Research Station's research activities include work with field and forage crops, horticultural crops, Christmas trees, burley tobacco, and livestock.

Native Botanicals Inc.

Native Botanics grows botanically-based raw materials for the dietary supplement industry.

Banner Elk
North American Plant Protection Organization

The North American Plant Protection Organization provides a forum for public and private sectors in North America to collaborate in the regional protection of agricultural, forest, plant resources and the environment while facilitating safe trade.

North Carolina Crop Improvement Association

The NCCIA is a non-profit educational and service organization recognized as the official agency for seed certification in North Carolina. Certification is a system of records, inspections, and standards.

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

North Carolina's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is responsible for the regulation of agronomy, animal health, weights and measures, gas and oil inspection, and agricultural products in the state.

North Carolina Natural Products Association

The North Carolina Natural Products Association is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to conserving, cultivating, and sustainably harvesting and processing North Carolina grown medicinal plants.

North Carolina Tobacco Foundation Inc.

The Tobacco Foundation is a public charity that operates exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, and to promote all types of extension and research pertaining to the production, manufacturing, and use of tobacco and tobacco products.

Novovita Inc.

Novovita is a bio-based agricultural technology company. The Novovita product line is a system of fibrous, mat-like materials that are bio-based and biodegradable.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Inc.

Nutrien Ag Solutions is an agricultural retailer of crop inputs and solutions. Products include crop protection products, fertilizer, nutritionals and seed. Services include soil and tissue sampling, field scouting and precision agriculture.

Rocky Mount
Oxford Tobacco Research Station

The Oxford Tobacco Research Station conducts research on tobacco quality and crop production efficiency and identifies crop management systems that conserve and protect water.

Peanut Belt Research Station

The PBRS conducts research on peanuts, cotton, corn, soybeans, small grain, vegetables and other crops potentially important to the region.

Phinite Inc.

Phinite is developing technology to produce phosphorus for fertilizer from manure.

PhyllaTech LLC

PhyllaTech is a plant tissue culture, propagation and breeding company focusing in specialty crops and ornamental plants. The company provides scale-up plant propagation as a service, in addition to contract research and testing.

Piedmont Research Station

The Piedmont Research Station conducts research on dairy cattle, poultry, field crops, forage crops, horticulture crops, pastures and soils.

Pinsker Law Offices PLLC

Pinsker Law Offices provides legal services, business consulting and M&A and licensing expertise to the agriculture industry. Expertise includes biotechnology, seed treatments, biologicals and crop protection chemicals.

PrecisionHawk USA Inc.

PrecisionHawk develops unmanned aircraft for imaging and data collection, with applications for precision agriculture and environmental monitoring.

Protech Advisory Services Inc.

Protech Advisory Services is an agricultural consulting company, providing nutrient management planning, integrated pest management, contract research, geo-referenced mapping services, precision agricultural services and food safety compliance.

Lumber Bridge
Pyxus International Inc.

Pyxus International is a processor and distributor of tobacco, cannabis and hemp.

Pyxus International Inc. (Farmville)

Pyxus International is a processor and distributor of tobacco, cannabis and hemp.

Roanoke Research LLC

Roanoke Research is a consulting firm focused on the development of new agricultural ventures and technologies, advanced and visual analytics, assessment of crop performance and IP valuation.

Rooks Farm Service Inc.

Rooks Farm Service assists farmers in marketing and contracting corn, wheat and soybeans, and provides fertilizers, seeds and chemicals.

Root Bioscience Inc.

Root Bioscience transforms phytocannabinoids into health and wellness products, including isolate powders, hemp oils and plant material.

Rx Maker Inc.

Rx Maker develops crops, soils, and weather algorithms used to drive selection of crops, crop varieties, fertilizer nutrients, soil amendments and biological products.

Sandhills Research Station

Sandhills Research Station (SRS) conducts research in cost and labor efficient ways to produce fruits, vegetables, feed grains, ornamentals and high quality turfgrass.

Jackson Springs
SBM Life Science Corp.

SBM Life Science distributes crop protection solutions for professionals, and home and garden care products for consumers.

Select Source LLC

Select Source distributes branded and generic chemical and specialty products the agricultural, turf & ornamental, pest control, forestry, aquatics, and vegetation management markets.

Shore Biotechnology Consulting LLC

Shore Biotechnology Consulting provides advisory services for crop biotechnology development, particularly the regulatory aspects.

Soil Plus LLC

Soil Plus provides expertise in nutrient management and soil science, specializing in the management of residual biosolid and other organic materials with regards to agriculture production.

Southern Integrated Pest Management Center

The Southern Integrated Pest Management Center coordinates and facilitates resources and information in integrated pest management on a regional basis, including grants management, data acquisition and sharing and infrastructure development.