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Company Title Company Description City
Advanced Biogas Systems LLC

Advanced Biogas Systems manufactures landfill gas treatment systems.

Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy is a planning, technical and engineering services firm that provides market-based energy solutions.

AGgrow Tech LLC

AGgrow Tech grows and markets giant miscanthus as a high-yielding biomass crop.

Bioenergy Research Initiative

The Bioenergy Research Initiative, a NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services program, funds research and development of dedicated agricultural and forestry-based feedstocks for bioenergy production.

Biofuels Research Institute Inc.

Biofuels Research Institute (BRI) is a nonprofit organization that supports the growth of the biofuels industry through macro-market analysis combined with laboratory scale technology assessment and development.

BioGas Corp.

Orbit Energy's technology turns food waste into biogas for electricity production.

Biosystems Engineering PLLC

BioSystems Engineering provides process engineering and consulting services in the areas of regenerative food-energy-water systems and biodiesel operations.

Blue Mango Innovation LLC

Blue Mango Innovation provides innovation and business development consulting services, focusing on the chemicals, materials and energy industry sectors.

Blue Ridge Biofuels LLC

Blue Ridge Biofuels is a manufacturer and distributor of biodiesel from recycled cooking oil. The company provides bulk and retail sales of biodiesel and biodiesel-petroleum blends for on road, off road, and home heating applications.

Carolina Biodiesel LLC

Carolina Biodiesel makes and distributes biodiesel made from waste and recycled vegetable oil. The company also offers sustainable energy consulting.

Catawba County Regional EcoComplex and Resource Recovery Facility

Catawba County's Regional EcoComplex & Resource Recovery Facility is a group of public and private partners working together to use waste byproducts from one partner as a source of energy or raw material in another.

Chemtex International Inc.

Chemtex is an international technology and engineering company that specializes in delivering technology oriented projects for the petrochemical, polymers, fibers, energy and environmental industries.

Cherry Energy

Cherry Energy sells gasoline, diesel fuel and lubricants, biodiesel and solar energy, and provides home delivery of heating oil, propane and kerosene.

Craven County Wood Energy LP

Craven County Wood Energy Limited Partnership owns and operates a biomass fueled power generating facility near New Bern, NC, utilizing a conventional combustion boiler and steam turbine process.

New Bern
Datu Research LLC

Datu Research offers research consulting, supporting projects in food and agriculture, economic development and climate resilience.

Duke Energy Corp.

Duke Energy is an electric utility in central North Carolina that provides site selection services for economic development. Duke is also active in energy efficiency, renewables, site preparation and electric infrastructure design.

Duke Energy Progress

Progress Energy generates and supplies electricity and natural gas to businesses and industries in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

Enerdyne Power Systems Inc.

Enerdyne Power Systems develops and operates landfill gas systems.

Enviva Pellets Ahoskie

Enviva produces wood pellets for biomass.

Enviva Pellets Northampton LLC

Enviva produces wood pellets for biomass.


GOPS Group is a business consulting firm specializing in the emerging biomass industry. GOPS Group is partnering with Proterra Energy to develop AlgaMax as an alternative fuel source.

Greenfield Global

Greenfield Global produces and manufactures pharmaceutical and analytical grade ethanol.

Greenway Transit Services LLC

Greenway Transit provides green transportation through bus, van and shuttle service using biodiesel-powered vehicles.

Innovations Commercialization LLC

Innovations Commercialization provides technology commercialization strategy development primarily focused on medical devices, alternative energy, and sensors/detection technologies.

Chapel Hill
Integro Earth Fuels Inc.

Integro Earth Fuels is a manufacturer of torrefied biomass for use as a renewable energy source.

Key Energy LLC

Key Energy recycles used cooking oil to be sold to biodiesel companies.

Fuquay Varina
Mayland Earth to Sky Park

EnergyXchange is a North Carolina Environmental Education Center that demonstrates the use of landfill gas for heat, solar electric photovoltaics, solar thermal heat generation, and woodwaste-to-energy in craft studios and greenhouses.

North Carolina Biodiesel Association

The North Carolina Biodiesel Association (NCBA) is dedicated to increasing the demand for and capacity to produce local biodiesel fuels and to serve as a resource for the development of a sustainable biodiesel industry in North Carolina.

North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC) - NCSU

N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center promotes a sustainable energy economy by educating, demonstrating and providing support for clean energy technologies, practices and policies.

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

North Carolina's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is responsible for the regulation of agronomy, animal health, weights and measures, gas and oil inspection, and agricultural products in the state.

North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association

NCSEA is a non-profit membership organization. Their goals are to educate the general public, advocating for policy that will help lead to a sustainable energy future, and removing the barriers to economic development.

Optima BioEnergy

Optima BioEnergy develops swine waste-to-energy projects.

Permafuels Inc.

Permafuels Inc. is developing a system of biodiesel production using supercritical alcohols that will make the process cost-competitive with base catalysis even for high-quality fuel stocks. They also provide consulting services.

PetroBeam Inc.

PetroBeam is the leading developer of electron beam processing techniques to upgrade heavy oil and bitumen.

PSNC Energy

PSNC is a natural gas provider to residential, business, and community locations.

Quantum Dynamic Sciences Inc.

Quantum Dynamic Sciences develops equipment that removes and recovers toxins during the production of biofuels and algae, as well as equipment to increase the speed at which algae grows.

Scribner Associates Inc.

Scribner Associates designs, develops, tests and manufactures instrumentation and software for fuel cell, battery, corrosion, and other electrochemical research, electrodialysis, microelectrode array analysis and sensor development.

Southern Pines
Southeast Fuels Inc.

Southeast Fuels sells bituminous coals and natural gas for industrial, commercial and utility use.

Storms Hog Power LLC

Storms Hog Power is a swine waste-to-energy facility.

Susteon Inc.

Susteon is developing low-carbon breakthrough technologies that can impact climate change.

The Forest Foundation Inc.

The Forest Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides environmental education and "green" business development. It operates the GOAL Site, a waste to fuel to transportation business incubator in an East Durham.

ThermoChem Recovery International Inc.

TRI develops and sells steam reforming gasification systems for integrated biorefinery facilities. TRI's Advanced Development Center and pilot scale facility is in Durham.

Verdanté BioEnergy

Verdanté BioEnergy provides biomass procurement and storage services.