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Aquagenx LLC

Aquagenx provides microbiological water quality testing products that detect potential health risks. The Compartment Bag Test (CBT) is a simple, portable test for E. coli that is ideal for on-site testing in low resource and disaster/emergency areas.

Chapel Hill
Bio-Adhesive Alliance Inc.

Bio-Adhesive Alliance develops and manufactures a bio-adhesive technology produced from conversion of pig manure that can be utilized as a substitute to petroleum-asphalt adhesive.

Bio-Dry LLC

Bio-Dry LLC sells waterless concrete and asphalt cleaners that use cleaning agents and micro-organisms. Bio-Dry® is a bioremediation product.

BioDyne Water Reclamation Inc.

BioDyne engineers and markets water reclamation systems.

Bioenergy Farms LLC

BioEnergy Farms plans, implements and manages research projects involving agricultural, horticultural, forestry and aquaculture operations at sites in North and South Carolina. BioEnergy Farms' primary site is ReVenture Park in Charlotte.

Biotech Restorations LLC

Biotech Restorations formulates bioremediation products for the cleanup of petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbons including gasoline and diesel, organochloride pesticides, PCBs and volatile organic chemicals in soil, sediment and groundwater.

CEI Labs Inc.

CEI Labs provides industrial hygiene laboratory services such as asbestos testing, microbiology analysis and fungal analysis.

CLAIRE Technologies LLC

Claire Technologies develops and provides fluid disinfection media for many types of applications including wastewater, well water, condensation pools, food industry water , CNC cutting, cooling towers, hot tubs, pools and ballast water.

Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory

The Coweeta Research Work Unit at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory studies how forests affect the streams that flow through them.

Element One Inc.

Element One provides analytical testing services, specializing in inorganic testing and metals analyses.

ENCO Laboratories Inc.

ENCO Laboratories is an environmental testing lab that provides analytical services to industrial, consulting and government customers throughout the Southeast.


EnergyXchange is a North Carolina Environmental Education Center that demonstrates the use of landfill gas for heat, solar electric photovoltaics, solar thermal heat generation, and woodwaste-to-energy in craft studios and greenhouses.

Environment 1 Inc.

Environment 1 provides laboratory analyses of drinking water, wastewater and groundwater.

Environmental Chemists Inc.

Environmental Chemists provides water quality and wastewater testing services.

Environmental Genome Initiative

Environmental Genome Initiative is an open-source database of the manufacturing of chemicals used in industry. These data are used by companies for sustainability improvement.

Environmental Solution Inc.

Environmental Solution distributes eco-friendly and bio-based cleaning products for general cleaning and bioremediation.

Wake Forest

ERM provides environmental, health, sustainability, safety and risk consulting services in many industry sectors, including the pharmaceutical, chemical and manufacturing industries.

First Analytical Laboratories Inc.

First Analytical Laboratories provides inorganic analytical services to engineering and environmental testing firms as well as manufacturers, researchers and other laboratories needing assistance with trace metals analysis.

GeoScience & Technology, P.A.

GeoScience and Technology provides consulting in environmental and engineering solutions, including underground storage tanks, solid and hazardous waste and wastewater disposal and air quality permitting.

Global Bioprotect LLC

Global Bioprotect sells household cleaners, odor control products and a poultry house treatment. Its products use a probiotic bacteria to control odor and remove contaminants.

High Point
Highlands Biological Station - WCU

The Highlands Biological Station is a UNC inter-institutional center for field biology education and research. It includes research and teaching labs, meeting space, a natural history museum and a native plant Botanical Garden.

Hydro Service and Supplies Inc.

Hydro Service and Supplies provides design, manufacturing and installation of high-purity water systems for manufacturing processes and laboratory use.

HyperLight LLC

HyperLight develops portable germicidal disinfection devices.

InnovaTech Inc.

Innovatech is a filtration company developing a filter to economically harvest algae for bio-fuel production. They also develop mechanical filtration methods for air and water purification.

Integrated BioChem LLC

Integrated BioChem specializes in converting the biomass from industrial and agricultural waste streams into specialty chemicals, animal feed, and other value-added products.

K & W Laboratories Inc.

K & W performs analysis of drinking water and wastewater for chemical and bacterial contaminants.

Meritech Inc.

Meritech conducts bioassay, toxicity, metals, organics and wet chemistry analyses on water, wastewater, sludge and soil.

NALA Systems Inc.

NALA Systems develops processes and materials to produce thin film composites for water purification.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

NIEHS is a branch of the National Institutes of Health. It supports research to understand the effects of the environment on human health.

Research Triangle Park
NC GreenPower

NC GreenPower is an independent, nonprofit organization established to improve North Carolina’s environment by connecting consumers with green energy and carbon offset providers and providing grants for solar installations at K-12 schools.

NOAA Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research

CCFHR conducts research on the effects of coastal habitat change and restoration on living marine resources such as seagrasses, marshes, reefs, and fish.

North Carolina Arboretum

The Arboretum provides education, economic development, research, conservation, and garden demonstration. The Arboretum also houses medicinal plant and endophytic fungi research collections and a botanical reference library.

North Carolina Puerto Rico Microbiology Laboratory

The North Carolina Puerto Rico Microbiology Laboratory offers microbiology testing services for the indoor air quality and wood products industries. Services include fungal and bacterial identification and product decay resistance characterization.

Pace Analytical Services Inc. (Asheville)

PACE Analytical Services' Asheville laboratory provides inorganic and aquatic toxicity testing services, as well as sampling services for groundwater, wastewater and soil.

PAR Laboratories Inc.

PAR Laboratories is an independent, certified, commercial testing laboratory. PAR provides organic and inorganic analyses of water, wastewater, soils and hazardous waste.

PrecisionHawk USA Inc.

PrecisionHawk develops unmanned aircraft for imaging and data collection, with applications for precision agriculture and environmental monitoring.

Prism Laboratories Inc.

Prism Laboratories offers lab services in wastewater, drinking water, soil and groundwater, stormwater, and solid and hazardous waste.

Quantum Dynamic Sciences Inc.

Quantum Dynamic Sciences develops equipment that removes and recovers toxins during the production of biofuels and algae, as well as equipment to increase the speed at which algae grows.


RED Lab provides laboratory and on-site environmental testing services.

Renaissance Computing Institute

The Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) develops data and cyber technologies to solve research problems in medicine and genomics and environmental sciences. RENCI partners with researchers, government and industry across North Carolina.

Chapel Hill
Renewable Nutrients LLC

Renewable Nutrients provides Quick Wash, a proprietary system that allows waste treatment plants and farms to extracts and recover phosphorus found in bio-solids.

Research & Analytical Laboratories Inc.

Research & Analytical Laboratories provides environmental testing and environmental consulting services, including aquatic toxicity/biotoxicity testing.

RSC Bio Solutions LLC

RSC Bio Solutions manufacturers and sells biodegradable lubricants, cleaners, solvents and natural absorbents.

Indian Trail
SciMetrika LLC

SciMetrika provides data management, statistical analysis and epidemiology and toxicology analysis services.

SeaChange Technologies Inc.

SeaChange Technologies is developing a sustainable desalination process that eliminates polluting brine waste effluent to support municipal water production and the oil and gas industry.

SGS North America Inc. - Environment, Health & Safety

SGS's Environmental Services laboratory in Wilmington offers environmental testing of air, water, soil, waste and tissue. SGS specializes in ultratrace technology for testing for dioxins and furans, PCBs and pesticides.

Shield Engineering

Shield Engineering provides environmental, forensic and geotechnical engineering; engineering design, and emergency spill management services.

Solutions-IES Inc.

Solutions-IES provides environmental consulting services to reduce or eliminate environmental risk and liability, prepares environmental permits/ audits, and remediates contaminants.

Statesville Analytical Inc.

Statesville Analytical provides water treatment and wastewater treatment consulting services.

Terra Blue Inc.

Terra Blue develops a waste treatment system for swine, and offers solutions in agricultural waste management, commercial composting, fertilizer and soilless product development.

Tethis Inc.

Tethis creates polymers from bioderived feedstocks for use in the hygiene, personal care, oil and gas, water treatment, building materials and paper industries.

Triangle Environmental Consulting

Triangle Environmental Consulting advises clients about sustainability initiatives and waste stream throughput reduction, and provides expertise in biosecurity, emergency response, pest risk analysis and mitigation and invasive species impacts.

United States Environmental Protection Agency (RTP)

The EPA's facility in RTP is the center for the agency's air pollution research and regulation activities.

Research Triangle Park
Waypoint Analytical Carolinas Inc.

Waypoint Analytical provides agricultural and environmental analytical services such as soil testing, plant analysis, feed and mineral supplement analysis, biosolids and sludge analysis, and water and wastewater analysis.