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Absonutrix LLC

Absonutrix manufactures and sells health and nutritional supplements.

Active Concepts LLC

Active Concepts produces extracts and specialty raw ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industries.

Adaptive Health

Adaptive Health manufactures and sells health supplements.

Advanced Nutrigenomics LLC

Advanced Nutrigenomics develops custom nutrition products and provides scientific consulting services including nutrition research, assay development and commercial development of nutrition products and nutrigenomic platforms.

Akesian Health Sciences Inc.

Akesian Health Sciences developed the Dr. Soother's family of skin care products.

Altopa Inc.

Altopa has developed a countertop delivery device for mixing and dispensing botanical oils to create customized botanical oil blends for on-demand, single-use consumption.

Arbor Organic Technologies LLC

Arbor Organic Technologies provides cosmetic-grade organic ingredients for the personal care and cosmetic industries. Products include extracts, juice powders and organic oils.

Aura Life Inc.

Aura Life produces natural hygiene products utilizing coconut oil formulations.

Avadim Health Inc.

Avadim develops and markets topical, low-pH formulations with applications in clinical patient care and consumer health.

BioArmor LLC

BioArmor distributes non-toxic, alcohol-free hand sanitizers, topical antiseptics and disinfectants, and hospital-grade cleaners and room disinfectants for hospitals, burn centers, long-term care facilities, schools, government and military facilities.

BioNetwork Natural Products Laboratory and Test Kitchen

The BioNetwork Natural Products Lab, part of the NC Community College system, offers QA testing services for herbal material, supplements, craft beverages and biodiesel, as well as lab equipment rental for life science businesses and researchers.

Blue Ridge Botanical Supply of Boone LLC

Blue Ridge Botanical Supply of Boone provides fresh plant material to homeopathic and herbal manufacturers worldwide.

Blue Ridge Hemp Co.

Blue Ridge Hemp provides cannabinoid-infused topical products.

Blue Ridge Naturally

Blue Ridge Naturally is a certification program for natural products, raw material products, aggregators and manufacturers. They work with area companies to market and promote the natural products of Western North Carolina and Southern Appalachia.

Botanical Supply Inc

Botanical Supply Inc. is the U.S. agent for Herbamed AG, a Swiss manufacturer of homeopathic and phytotherapeutic tinctures and extracts. Botanical Supply imports and delivers Herbamed products to U.S. customers.

Brave Soldier LLC

Brave Soldier develops and manufactures natural personal care products, including shaving cream, sunscreen and antiseptic healing ointment.

Burt's Bees Inc.

Burt's Bees develops and manufactures natural personal care products, including skin care products, hair care products, soaps, lotions and natural baby products.

Cara Mae Naturals LLC

Cara Mae Nautrals manufactures and distributes Potter's Skin Butter.

Carolina Xtraction Technologies Corp.

Carolina Xtraction Technologies offers botanical extraction from US-grown tobacco for the beverage, vitamin supplement and e-cigarette industries.

Wake Forest

Carpe develops and manufactures an antiperspirant hand lotion.


cbdMD manufactures and sells cannabidiol (CBD) products, including tinctures, capsules, vape oils, bath bombs, topicals and pet products.


ChemoGLO has developed technology to detect and remove hazardous drug contamination in hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories. The ChemoGLO Wipe Kit detects contamination and HDClean removes contamination.

Chapel Hill
Compagnie Parento Inc.

Compagnie Parento creates and manufactures fragrances for producers of perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, toiletries, household and personal care products, candles, pharmaceuticals, detergents, waxes and polishes.

Cordyceps Reishi Extracts LLC

Cordyceps Reishi Extracts sells mushroom extracts for their medicinal properties.


Deb Group develops and manufactures skin care products.

Dmanna LLC

Dmanna produces and sells pre-measured D-mannose supplements for the prevention of chronic UTI symptoms.

Domtar Personal Care

Domtar Personal Care (DPC), a division of Domtar Corp., designs and manufactures baby and adult incontinence products. DPC is headquartered in Raleigh and has manufacturing facilities in Greenville, NC.

Domtar Personal Care (Greenville)

Domtar Personal Care (DPC), a division of Domtar Corp., designs and manufactures baby and adult incontinence products. DPC is headquartered in Raleigh and has manufacturing facilities in Greenville, NC.

dReiniger LLC

dReiniger researches, develops and sells infection-prevention products for textiles and hard surfaces.

Ecolab Inc.

Ecolab provides cleaning, sanitizing, food safety and infection prevention products and services.

Encapsio LLC

Encapsio is developing a system of manufacturing microscopic silicone spheres for encapsulating and controlling the release of active ingredients in product formulations. Its first product is a retinol-encapsulated microsphere for use in cosmetics.

Evonik Corp.

Evonik Stockhausen in Greensboro produces superabsorbents and ingredients for the cosmetics industries. Superabsorbents are used in diapers, feminine hygiene and incontinence products.

FillTech USA LLC

FillTech USA offers private label development and manufacturing of personal care products, including lip balms, sunscreens and hand sanitizers. Services include formulation, filling, sourcing of raw materials and packaging.

Founder's Hemp

Founder's Hemp provides hemp tinctures and beauty products.

Global Medical Technologies Inc.

Global Medical Technologies provides sales services for medical, anti-aging and wellness products in Asia, Europe and America.

Golden Needle Acupuncture, Herbal and Medical Supply Inc.

Golden Needle provides health practitioners and their patients with acupuncture supplies, nutritional supplements, homeopathic products, medical supplies and herbal products.

HatchBeauty Laboratories LLC

Hatch Beauty Laboratories provide strategic planning, concepts, creative services, packaging design, photographic services, product development, formulation and fulfillment for cosmetic, skincare, haircare, fragrance and beauty accessories.


Herbalife Nutrition produces and sells nutrition, weight-management, energy and fitness and personal care products. The Winston-Salem site is Herbalife's Innovation & Manufacturing faciltiy.

Hope Hemp Extracts

Hope Hemp Extracts develops and sells hemp extract oil products.

Innovasource LLC

Innovasource develops and manufactures home care, personal care and oral care products that use hydrogen peroxide.


Intake is developing an at-home urine test that measures dietary intake and nutrition.

JustNeem LLC

JustNeem manufactures and distributes body and skin care products with natural, bioactive compounds from African neem trees. JustNeem’s products are effective for acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and sensitive skin.

King Bio Inc.

King Bio develops and manufactures water-based homeopathic medicines and supplements for human and companion-animal health. King Bio also provides contract manufacturing services.

Lalilab Inc.

Lalilab sources raw materials, including fine chemicals, botanicals and pharmaceutical APIs for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries.

Liberty Bion Inc.

Liberty Bion sells probiotic products and natural supplements that support digestive health.

MoonBranch Botanicals

MoonBranch Botanicals is a wholesale supplier of high quality botanical products. They supply only herbalists, herbal product processors, retailers and others in the natural products industry.

Motif Medical LLC

Motif Medical designs insurance-eligible medical breast pumps and maternity compression garments.

Muscadine Naturals

Muscadine Naturals produces dietary supplements from muscadine grapes. The company wholesales finished products to the food industry and bulk powders to other manufacturers.


Muscadinex produces nutritional supplements from the seeds and skins of muscadines. The company also provides copywriting and Amazon store management consulting.

Musclegen Research Inc.

Musclegen Research develops, manufactures and sells nutraceutical protein powders and performance enhancers.

Willow Spring
MyManeBio LLC

MyManeBio offers microscopic hair analysis to determine hair's porosity, elasticity, width and health, and sells hair products tailored to specific hair types.

Native Botanicals Inc.

Native Botanics grows botanically-based raw materials for the dietary supplement industry.

Banner Elk
Natural Dental Solutions

Natural Dental Solutions develops and distributes a natural product composition to treat toothache and dry socket.


Neosinus HEALTH develops medical devices and products for patients with allergic and chronic sinusitis.

North Carolina Natural Products Association

The North Carolina Natural Products Association is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to conserving, cultivating, and sustainably harvesting and processing North Carolina grown medicinal plants.

NPC Corporation

NPC Corporation manufactures and sells nutritional products made from muscadine grapes, seeds and skins.

OliVentures Inc.

OliVentures sells olive oil polyphenol and omega-3 fatty acid supplements and products to support cardiovascular, breast and joint health.

One Better Ventures LLC

One Better Ventures advises, invests in and incubates mission-driven consumer brands, including health and wellness brands.

Physicians Laboratories

Physicians Laboratories produces and distributes Revival Soy protein products and diet products.

Prism Medical Products LLC

Prism Medical Products sells wound care, ostomy and urology supplies.

Procter & Gamble (Browns Summit)

Procter & Gamble manufactures antiperspirants, deodorants, toothpaste, skin care and denture-care products at this location.

Browns Summit
Puriti Labs by Dove Medical LLC

Puriti sells CBD hemp oils and other CBD products.

Purus Thinking

Purus Thinking markets proprietary anti-microbial products for indoor surfaces.

Raw Health LLC

Raw Health manufactures and markets an aloe-based performance gel that provides pain relief.

Chapel Hill
Revlon Inc.

Revlon makes color cosmetics, hair color, beauty tools, fragrances, skincare, anti-perspirant / deodorants and other beauty care products. Revlon's site in Oxford, NC, is the company's largest manufacturing plant.

Root Bioscience Inc.

Root Bioscience transforms phytocannabinoids into health and wellness products, including isolate powders, hemp oils and plant material.

Salient Labs LLC

Salient Labs formulates and manufactures skin and hair care products on a contract basis.

Solvekta LLC

Solvekta provides CMC consulting for the development, regulatory approval and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical development consulting and tobacco harm reduction consulting.

Sugarleaf Labs LLC

Sugarleaf Labs extracts and processes cannabinoid-rich oils and offers contract development of hemp oil products, including tinctures, topicals, soft gel capsules, evape products and pet products.


Vazzello formulates and manufactures nutraceutical supplements, primarily focused on vascular health.

Virtue Labs

Virtue Labs develops and manufactures keratin-based consumer hair products such as shampoos, conditioners and straighteners. The Winston-Salem site is Virtue Labs' production facility.

Virtue Labs

Virtue Labs develops and manufactures keratin-based consumer hair products such as shampoos, conditioners and straighteners. The Raleigh site is Virtue Labs' headquarters.

Winston-Salem Inc. Inc. is an online retailer of health and wellness products. The company sells vitamins, minerals, herbs, anti-oxidants, organic body care, personal care, sports nutrition and health foods direct to consumers.

Vitak LLC

Vitak Bio sells hand sanitizer, washable face masks and COVID-19 test kits.

High Point