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Company Title Company Description City
Kapstone Medical Logo Kapstone Medical LLC

Kapstone is a single-source service provider to medical device companies lacking the appropriate human capital to commercialize new products. Kapstone also supports inventors who need assistance assessing, designing and monetizing their inventions.

3D Systems Inc.

3D Systems offers additive manufacturing services and software for the healthcare and medical device industries.

Ability Orthopedics LLC

Ability Orthopedics sells prosthetic devices.

Ability Orthopedics LLC (Boone)

Ability Orthopedics sells prosthetic devices.

Ability Orthopedics LLC (Shelby)

Ability Orthopedics sells prosthetic devices.

Ablexan Corp.

Ablexan manufactures medical devices and accessories.

AccuMED Technologies Inc.

AccuMED provides engineering and contract manufacturing services for large medical product companies, with a specialty in textile-based Class I/II products that have contact with the body.

Active Healthcare Inc.

Active Healthcare provides healthcare solutions for persons with diabetes and asthma. Products include nebulizers, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.

Adaptec Medical Devices LLC

Adaptec Medical Devices develops and markets a device to automate urine output measurement in critical care and operating room settings to aid in early detection of kidney injury.

Additive Medical Technologies LLC

Additive Medical is a medical device design and development company that utilizes additive manufacturing technologies to rapidly design, develop and validate fit-for-purpose technology concepts.

Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Corporation

Advanced Hydrogen Technologies develops hydrogen-based technologies and materials that can be used in the manufacturing, medical, defense, automotive and aerospace industries.

Aeroflow Healthcare Inc.

Aeroflow Healthcare provides home medical equipment and supplies to patients, including breast pumps, CPAP machines, incontinence and catheter supplies, respiratory equipment, and home safety aids.

Align Technology Inc.

Align Technology makes Invisalign braces and 3D digital scanning products and services for orthodontic and restorative dentistry.

AllGene LLC

AllGene is developing SimplyAir, a portable and less expensive detector to monitor patients' carbon dioxide levels.

Wake Forest
Alliance Precision Plastics Corp.

Alliance Precision Plastics performs custom injection molding, mold design, mold building and contract assembly for a variety of industries including medical and healthcare.

Allied Automation Inc.

Allied Automation designs and produces custom automation solutions for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Allied Automation can provide custom machinery for prototype, small batch, full batch and commercialization stages.

Allwell Medical Corp.

Allwell Medical manufactures interventional cardiology accessories including inflation devices, coronary control injection sets, balloons and catheters.

Alphagary Corp.

Alphagary develops and manufactures PVC and TPE compounds and a variety of specialty blends. They design materials for various applications such as datacom cables, medical devices and soft-touch grips.

Altadonics Corp.

Altadonics makes dentures using a denture molding technique that captures, saves and stores a mold of the denture, allowing for rapid denture replacement.

Altaravision Inc.

Altaravision developed and sells a portable, high-definition endoscopic imaging software system called NDOhd, used to diagnose dysphagia in a clinical setting.

Altopa Inc.

Altopa has developed a countertop delivery device for mixing and dispensing botanical oils to create customized botanical oil blends for on-demand, single-use consumption.

Ambra Le Roy LLC

Ambra Le Roy sells and distributes elastic bandages and braces manufactured in Mexico from its facilities in Charlotte.

American Fiber & Finishing Inc.

American Fiber & Finishing manufactures light to medium weight woven industrial fabrics and fiber based products for filtration, medical, pharmaceutical and other applications.

AMTAI Medical Equipment Inc.

AMTAI Medical Equipment designs and sells operating room tables and lights.

Analytics 4 Life

Analytics 4 Life is developing a new form of medical imaging for coronary artery disease. The company's non-invasive cardiac imaging technology uses advanced algorithms to measure cardiac function, myocardial ischemia and coronary artery disease.

Anutra Medical Inc.

Anutra Medical develops and manufactures local anesthetic buffering and delivery systems, and also provides training services.

Applied Technologies Inc.

Applied Technologies provides medical device design, development and manufacturing support, design and fabrication of automated assembly, test, and measurement equipment.

Arcus Medical LLC

Arcus Medical designs, develops and manufactures medical devices for incontinence.

Artec Imaging LLC

Artec Imaging manufactures the EquusCT horse scan table.

Arylift Inc.

Arylift designs and manufactures patient care handling products. Arylift's main product is the AryCare Patient Support System that allows home caregivers to turn, transfer and lift disabled patients.

Assist Equipment Development Inc.

Assist Equipment Development is developing a low-cost, wearable socket/suspension monitoring system that tracks the relative displacement between the amputees’ residual limb and their socket or pistoning through the use of magnetic sensors.

Astartein LLC

Astartein is developing an electronic facemask that encourages inhaled dosing compliance of nebulized respiratory drugs for children suffering from asthma and CF.

Chapel Hill

Asteelflash is an electronic manufacturing services manufacturer. Asteelflash manufactures medical devices such as cardiac defibrillators, oxygen pumps for respiratory assistance, sleep apnea devices and scanners.

Avanti Medical Technologies LLC

Avanti Medical Technologies sells innovative medical products such as medical waste management systems and medical imaging systems.

Benco Dental Co.

Benco Dental sells dental supplies and equipment.

Berry Global Inc.

Berry Global manufactures and sells engineered materials, non-woven specialty materials, and consumer packaging. Berry's Health, Hygiene, and Specialties unit manufactures materials for bandages and gauze, hospital gowns and patient drapes.

Bio-Tech Prosthetics & Orthotics Inc. (Durham)

Bio-Tech Prosthetics and Orthotics designs, fabricates and fits prosthetic and orthotic devices.

Bio-Tech Prosthetics & Orthotics Inc. (Henderson)

Bio-Tech Prosthetics and Orthotics designs, fabricates and fits prosthetic and orthotic devices.

Biobotus LLC

Biobotus develops digital home health products. Products include a bluetooth-enabled pulse oximeter, dual mode thermometer and blood pressure monitor.

Biographics Inc.

Biographics develops, manufactures and markets microwire recording arrays for use in neurophysiology testing.

BioMedFlex LLC

BioMedFlex develops and manufactures biocompatible thin film coatings. The coatings are used in a variety of medical device applications including stents, joint replacements and instrumentation.

Blue Ox Medical Technologies LLC

Blue Ox Medical Technologies sells medical equipment to the private practice and hospital markets. Blue Ox specializes in diagnostic imaging devices, software, and technical consumable products.

Blue Ridge X-Ray Co.

Blue Ridge X-Ray is a national independent distributor of imaging systems, accessories, and MAVIG products for hospitals, physicians, chiropractors and veterinarians.

Blue Ridge X-Ray Co. (High Point)

Blue Ridge X-Ray is a national independent distributor of imaging systems for hospitals, physicians, chiropractors and veterinarians.

High Point
Blue Wave Labs

Blue Wave Labs provides consulting services in embedded and real-time technologies, for data communications, medical devices, sensors, aviation and military projects.

Blur Product Development

Blur Product Development offers product design, engineering, prototyping and software design for medical device, consumer and industrial markets.

BOV Solutions Inc., A Starco Group Company

BOV Solutions manufactures bag-on-valve aerosol, servicing the personal care, baby, sun care, OTC, beverage, air care, pet care and food channels.

Brain Vision LLC

Brain Vision sells neurophysiological testing and research tools, including EEG/ERP software and hardware, fMRI compatible equipment, stimulation devices and accessories.

Bright Plastics Inc.

Bright Plastics makes plastic injection molded parts and products for medical and pharmaceutical companies.

BSN Medical Inc., an Essity Company

BSN Medical, Essity's Health and Medical Solutions business unit, develops, manufactures and sells products within orthopedics, compression therapy and wound care.

BTI Targetry LLC

BTI Targetry develops and produces cyclotron targets that make radioisotopes used for diagnosis and therapy in nuclear medicine.

C Change Surgical LLC

C Change developed, patented, manufactures & markets computerized electronic fluid control systems used in cardiac, transplant, urology and other complex surgeries.

Carolina Amputee Care Inc.

Carolina Amputee Care provides prosthetic devices and related services.

Carolina Dental Ceramics Inc.

Carolina Dental Ceramics makes crowns, bridges, dentures, and other dental prosthetics.

Carolina Eye Prosthetics Inc.

Carolina Eye Prosthetics manufactures custom prosthetic eyes.

Carolina Medical Electronics Inc.

Carolina Medical Electronics Inc. manufactures and services electromagnetic flow meter devices, which are used for extravascular measurement of blood flow in surgically exposed but non-cannulated arteries and veins.

East Bend
Carolina Narrow Fabric Co.

Carolina Narrow Fabric manufactures custom-designed, specialty textiles for biomedical and other applications.

Carolina Spine Solutions LLC

Carolina Spine Solutions sells medical devices to orthopaedic and neuro spine surgeons in the Carolinas.

Carolon Co.

Carolon manufactures vascular medical compression hosiery and hot and cold compression products for the treatment and prevention of venous and lymphatic diseases.

Rural Hall
Carroll Dental Laboratory Inc.

Carroll Dental Laboratory makes crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures.

CBC Americas Corp.

CBC Americas Corp. provides import, export, trade and distribution of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and imaging technology.

Cercore LLC

Cercore develops and sells surgical instruments.

Clariant Corp.

Clariant manufactures and markets specialty polymers, including for drug delivery, diagnostics, invasive devices and pharmaceutical packaging. The Charlotte location is Clariant's U.S. headquarters.

Class Three LLC

Class Three provides regulatory consulting services to early phase medical device startups.

Code Refinery LLC

Code Refinery provides custom software development, verification, and validation services for medical device manufacturers.

Collier's Medical

Collier's Medical sells and services medical equipment such as sterilizers, washers, surgical tables, surgical lights, exam lights, and other equipment used in hospitals and laboratories.

ColoWrap LLC

ColoWrap develops a non-invasive compression device which helps prevent looping of the colon during colonoscopies.

Column Eight LLC

Column Eight provides R&D and marketing support services for startup and growth-stage medical device companies.

Combat Medical Systems LLC

Combat Medical Systems develops and sells products that simplify tactical medical care to reduce combat mortality. Products include frontline first aid kits and massive hemorrhage, airway, respiration, circulation and head and hypothermia supplies.

Comfortland Medical

Comfortland manufactures medical equipment, specializing in the production of orthopedic bracing and soft goods.

Compumedics USA

Compumedics provides patient monitoring and diagnostic systems that include cardiac diagnostics, fatigue monitoring, in-depth anesthesia monitoring and sleep disorders therapy. The Charlotte office is the US headquarters and a sales office.

Cordince LLC

Cordince offers software consulting for traditional medical devices and software as a medical device (SaMD).

Holly Springs
Core Technology Molding Corp.

Core Technology Molding provides plastic injection molding, engineering, decoration, and assembly for the biological, pharmaceutical and medical device markets. Core Technology has a certified Class 10,000 (ISO 7) and Class 1,000 (ISO 6) Clean Room.

Cortical Metrics Inc.

Cortical Metrics develops non-invasive, biologically based technologies for quantitatively measuring brain health.

Corvitex Corp.

Corvitex provides marketing and research services, specializing in market entry programs, market research, regulatory support, and sales and marketing programs for medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies.

Covarx Corp.

Corvax designs and manufactures custom ultrasonic transducers, with a recent focus on breast imaging transducers.

CS Medical LLC

CS Medical LLC develops, manufactures and markets medical devices and related chemical products that are designed to provide cleaning and high-level disinfection of ultrasound TEE probes.

Custom Assemblies Inc.

Custom Assemblies Inc. provides contract assembly, packaging and sterilization services to medical manufacturing companies.

Pine Level
Custom Medical Specialties Inc.

Custom Medical Specialties sells medical products such as drain bags, sterile trays, cat scan & MRI sets, collection containers, plastic surgery & vein tubing.

Pine Level
D R Burton Healthcare LLC

D R Burton manufactures surgical and respiratory products.

Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona develops, manufactures and markets dental products, including CAD/CAM restoration systems, imaging systems and dental equipment.

Dove Medical Supply LLC

Dove Medical Supply distributes medical, surgical, clinical laboratory and research laboratory products. These products include disposables, diagnostic testing products, equipment and automated analyzers.

Drake Precision Dental Laboratory Inc.

Drake Precision Dental Laboratory is a full service lab that produces crowns, bridges, partial dentures and more.

DSM Dyneema LLC

DSM Dyneema, a subsidiary of Royal DSM NV, manufactures a proprietary medical-grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber used in medical applications, such as orthopedic implants.

DSM Dyneema LLC (Greenville)

DSM Dyneema, a subsidiary of Royal DSM NV, manufactures a proprietary medical-grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber used in medical applications, such as orthopedic implants.

EAG Laboratories Inc.

EAG Laboratories offers contract research and testing for science and technology companies. Its Raleigh location provides semiconductor and microelectronic services to the medical device, semiconductor and aerospace and defense industries.

Eagle Home Medical Corp.

Eagle Home Medical sells home oxygen and home medical equipment and supplies such as beds, wheelchairs and CPAP machines.

Roanoke Rapids
East Coast Oxygen and Hydro Testing Inc.

East Coast Oxygen & Hydro Testing provides medical oxygen supplies and services.

Eastwood Pharmaceutical Consulting LLC

EPC provides consulting and product development services for pharmaceuticals, devices, diagnostics and other health technologies. The company's priority is to maximize efficiency of the development process by eliminating unnecessary expense or work.

Eco TEK Industries LLC

Eco TEK Industries manufactures prosthetics using industrial hemp fiber and other natural materials.

EG Industries

EG Industries provides plastic injection tooling, molding and finishing services to the medical device, drug delivery, and pharmaceutical packaging industries.

Elastic Therapy Inc.

Elastic Therapy designs and manufactures private label medical compression hosiery. ETI's products are worn to aid in the treatment and prevention of venous disorders of the legs.

Elite Innovations LLC

Elite Innovations provides product development and manufacturing services for medical products, plastics, textiles and Internet of Things products.

EmpowerRT LLC

EmpowerRT provides affordable radiation therapy software and hardware to resource-limited cancer clinics in low to middle-income countries.

Chapel Hill
Essential Pharmaceuticals LLC

Essential Pharmaceuticals sells organ preservation solutions.


ETSI provides training solutions exclusively for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. Services include curriculum development and trainer development.

Chapel Hill
Family Medical Supply Inc.

Family Medical Supply provides oxygen and home medical equipment including CPAP/BIPAP, ventilators, nebulizers and respiratory medications.

Fathom AI

Fathom AI is developing wearable motion analytics devices for athletic training and rehabilitation applications to improve athlete health through detailed motion analysis in-field and pioneering predictive modeling of injury.

FDA Consulting LLC

FDA Consulting offers quality management systems, regulatory strategies and submissions for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics.

Field Clinical Solutions Inc.

Field Clinical Solutions provides contract field support for clinical trial operations specializing in medical devices, including enrollment support, trial compliance and technical support for investigational devices.