Medical imaging

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Company Title Company Description City
Altaravision Inc.

Altaravision developed and sells a portable, high-definition endoscopic imaging software system called NDOhd, used to diagnose dysphagia in a clinical setting.

Analytics 4 Life

Analytics 4 Life is developing a new form of medical imaging for coronary artery disease. The company's non-invasive cardiac imaging technology uses advanced algorithms to measure cardiac function, myocardial ischemia and coronary artery disease.

Artec Imaging LLC

Artec Imaging manufactures the EquusCT horse scan table.

Avanti Medical Technologies LLC

Avanti Medical Technologies sells innovative medical products such as medical waste management systems and medical imaging systems.

Blue Ox Medical Technologies LLC

Blue Ox Medical Technologies sells medical equipment to the private practice and hospital markets. Blue Ox specializes in diagnostic imaging devices, software, and technical consumable products.

Blue Ridge X-Ray Co.

Blue Ridge X-Ray is a national independent distributor of imaging systems, accessories, and MAVIG products for hospitals, physicians, chiropractors and veterinarians.

Blue Ridge X-Ray Co. (High Point)

Blue Ridge X-Ray is a national independent distributor of imaging systems for hospitals, physicians, chiropractors and veterinarians.

High Point
CBC Americas Corp.

CBC Americas Corp. provides import, export, trade and distribution of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and imaging technology.

CBC Americas Corp. (Mebane)

CBC Americas Corp. provides import, export, trade and distribution of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and imaging technology. The Mebane location is a distribution center.

Covarx Corp.

Corvax designs and manufactures custom ultrasonic transducers, with a recent focus on breast imaging transducers.

Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona develops, manufactures and markets dental products, including CAD/CAM restoration systems, imaging systems and dental equipment.

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA

Fujifilm Medical Systems provides web-based imaging management systems.

Global Medical Imaging

Global Medical Imaging sells and supports diagnostic imaging equipment.

Healthline Information Systems

Healthline Information Systems provides technology based solutions for the acquisition, management and integration of clinical data and images into hospital enterprise clinical information systems.

Heart Imaging Technologies LLC

Heart Imaging Technologies (HeartIT) provides web-based medical image management services and computing systems to health care systems, hospitals and clinics as well as drug and device companies sponsoring multi-center clinical trials.

IMAGE Information Systems North America LP

IMAGE Information Systems develops systems for storing, viewing and distributing medical imaging studies and reports for radiology and teleradiology.

Imaging Associates Inc.

Imaging Associates is a supplier of ultrasound systems, imaging archiving software, printers, monitors, print media and ultrasound gels and disinfectants. Imaging also has an ultrasound service department.

InnerOptic Technology Inc.

InnerOptic has an exclusive license to commercialize UNC's patents in minimally invasive surgery, medical visualization and image-guided surgery.

InnoVision Imaging Laboratory Inc.

InnoVision Imaging Laboratory is developing 3D tomographic scanner technology for patient diagnostic imaging.

Medicor Imaging Inc.

Medicor Imaging provides the medical imaging community with products and professional services that will help facilitate the rapid transition into the digital era.

Medis Medical Imaging Systems Inc.

Medis Medical Imaging Systems provides quantification software solutions for a range of modalities (MRI, MSCT, X-ray angiography and intravascular ultrasound) and for the medical specialties of cardiology, radiology and neurology.

Myocardial Solutions Inc.

Myocardial Solutions provides software focused on healthcare and specializes in applications for the analysis of cardiac magnetic resonance images.

Network Imaging Systems Inc.

Network Imaging Systems is an independent sales and service company specializing in CT and MRI systems.

Neuisys LLC

Neuisys develops products and services that help private physicians install office diagnostic imaging products.

Optoniks Corp.

Optoniks develops precision measurment systems that employ a combination of algorithms and structured light. The company's primary markets are semiconductor manufacturers, medical device and life science technologies and film/paint coating industries.

Indian Trail
Perspectum Diagnostics Inc.

Perspectum Diagnostics develops non-invasive medical imaging software tools. Perspectum's LiverMultiScan provides accurate and quantitative liver testing.

Wake Forest
Scinovia Corp.

Scinovia has developed a non-contact imaging device to visualize actual blood flow speeds during surgery.

Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc.

Siemens Medical Solutions makes medical gear and patient-monitoring systems. Siemens' Cary location is home to the company's training center and their UPTIME Service Center which provides customer service support to imaging and biomedical equipment.

Sigma-K Corp.

Sigma-K conducts materials science R&D and manufactures and sells medical imaging phantoms for PET, SPECT, and MRI imaging systems.

Society of Biomolecular Imaging and Informatics

The Society of Biomolecular Imaging and Informatics is an international community that promotes technological advancement, discovery and education to quantitatively interrogate biological models to provide high context information at the cellular level.

Research Triangle Park
Spective LLC

The Spective Group is a consultative sales team offering imaging systems, services, and solutions for life science research and development.

Surround Medical Systems Inc.

Surround Medical Systems is a medical device company that develops a X-ray imaging systems. Surround Medical Systems uses nanotechnology to create 3D imaging systems with no motion and lower radiation dose.

TrackX Technology Inc.

TrackX Technology produces software and hardware used for generating and manipulating images taken by medical devices.

Chapel Hill
Translational Imaging Innovations Inc.

Translational Imaging Innovations develops software platforms that integrate imaging science workflows to shorten the timeline of ocular innovations.

Triangle Xray Company

Triangle Xray provides imaging products for medical and veterinary imaging as well as radiographic systems.

Ultralinq Healthcare Solutions Inc.

Ultralinq Healthcare Solutions develops and provides cloud-based healthcare software for the viewing, reporting, distributing, data sharing, and archiving of medical imaging and relevant data.

Visual MED Inc.

Visual-MED provides imaging software for health care.

XinRay Systems Inc

XinRay Systems develops and manufactures multibeam x-ray sources and systems for a broad range of applications including diagnostic medical imaging, homeland security and industrial inspection.

Xintek Inc.

Xintek develops and manufactures nanomaterial-based field emission technologies and products for a broad range of applications including diagnostic medical imaging, homeland security, and information display.