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3F is developing bio-based, high-strength reinforcing fibers for use in fiber reinforced plastics and composites.

Allasso Industries Inc.

Allasso Industries produces fibers and non-wovens for specialty markets. Their 'nano channel fiber' technology has applications in biomedical and pharmaceutical products.

American Fiber & Finishing Inc.

American Fiber & Finishing manufactures light to medium weight woven industrial fabrics and fiber based products for filtration, medical, pharmaceutical and other applications.

Apollo Chemical

Apollo Chemical produces chemicals such as antimicrobials and enzyme scours for the textile industry.

Bear Fiber Inc.

Bear Fiber in an industrial hemp company, focused on bast fiber textiles.

Berry Global Inc.

Berry Global manufactures and sells engineered materials, non-woven specialty materials, and consumer packaging. Berry's Health, Hygiene, and Specialties unit manufactures materials for bandages and gauze, hospital gowns and patient drapes.

Carolina Narrow Fabric Co.

Carolina Narrow Fabric manufactures custom-designed, specialty textiles for biomedical and other applications.

Consos Inc.

Consos manufactures textile finishing agents and other specialty chemicals for the textile industry.

DSM Dyneema LLC

DSM Dyneema, a subsidiary of Royal DSM NV, manufactures a proprietary medical-grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber used in medical applications, such as orthopedic implants.

DSM Dyneema LLC (Greenville)

DSM Dyneema, a subsidiary of Royal DSM NV, manufactures a proprietary medical-grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber used in medical applications, such as orthopedic implants.

Dupont Sorona

Dupont's facility in Kinston conducts the polymerization step to produce DuPont Sorona, a corn-derived polymer that is used in clothing, carpeting, upholstery, plastics and other items.

Elevate Textiles Inc.

Elevate Textiles operates a collection of companies that develop and manufacture performance and next-generation textile products.

Elmarco Inc.

Elmarco makes industrial scale nanofiber production equipment.

Evonik Corp.

Evonik Stockhausen in Greensboro produces superabsorbents and ingredients for the cosmetics industries. Superabsorbents are used in diapers, feminine hygiene and incontinence products.

Fibertex Personal Care Corp.

Fibertex manufactures nonwoven fabrics for baby diapers, sanitary napkins and adult incontinence care products.

ITW Texwipe

ITW Texwipe makes contamination control supplies and cleaning products including lint free clean room wipers, cleanroom swabs, cleanroom stationery, sterile products, and adhesive mats.

Kudzu Textiles Inc.

Kudzu Textiles is an ISO certified manufacturer of textile products for the medical, safety and apparel industries.

NSF-Engineering Research Center for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials & Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures (CAMSS)

The CAMSS at NC A&T is an interdisciplinary program that conducts basic research on structural and electronic materials, sensors and smart structures.

Precision Fabrics Group Inc.

Precision Fabrics manufactures woven and nonwoven products for the medical industry. These include bedding products, surgical gowns, table covers, wound dressings and masks.

PurThread Technologies Inc.

PurThread Technologies develops innovative antimicrobial fibers and yarns.

Renaissance Fiber LLC

Renaissance Fiber produces fiber from hemp for use in industrial and manufacturing applications. The company's primary focus is the generation of textile-quality fiber for yarn production.

Richmond Dental Co.

Richmond Dental, a division of Barnhardt Manufacturing Co., manufactures single-use dental products and dispensers, including cotton rolls, cotton balls, cotton pellets, face masks and sponges.

Sanctuary Systems LLC

Sanctuary Systems develops and markets fiber technology and nonwoven materials. Applications for its fabric technologies include health and medical, filtration and thermal insulation.

Spuntech Industries Inc.

Spuntech is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of spunlace (hydroentangled) non-woven fabrics.

U.S. Cotton LLC

U.S. Cotton produces cotton-based products for medical use. The Gastonia site is the company headquarters.