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North Carolina Central University - Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise Center for Excellence

Biomanufacturing Research Institute & Technology Enterprise (BRITE) is hands-on education and training program at NC Central University that focuses on teaching the process of drug development.

Ajinomoto North America

Ajinomoto North America manufactures pharmaceutical-grade amino acids and custom-blended amino acid mixtures.

Alcami Corporation

Alcami provides contract drug and biologics development and manufacturing services, including formulation development, analytical chemistry, API, solid dose and parenteral drug manufacturing for both clinical and commercial markets.

Amyris Inc.

Amyris converts plant sugars into hydrocarbon molecules and produces specialty ingredients and consumer products. This site uses renewable biofarnesene to manufacture products such as biofuels, lubricants, cosmetics and other specialty chemicals.

Arbiom Inc.

Arbiom develops technologies that convert residues from agriculture and forestry into a high-protein ingredient for aquaculture and animal feed. The Raleigh office is Arbiom's application center.

Archer Daniels Midland Co.

Archer Daniels Midland's manufacturing plant in Southport makes citric acid and salts of citric acid used in soft drinks, food products and detergents. They also make yeast mannan as an animal feed ingredient.

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies Inc.

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies develops cell and particle separation research tools and medical devices.

Research Triangle Park
Atrium Health Division of Therapeutic Research and Development

The Division of Therapeutic Research and Development at Atrium Health conducts clinical studies, patient-focused translational research and outcomes research.

Avazyme Inc.

Avazyme provides field and GLP laboratory testing for sectors including agchem, agbiotech, food and beverage producers and retailers, and brewers. Capabilities include mass spectrometry, immunochemistry, microbiology and molecular biology.

Avioq Inc.

Avioq is an in vitro diagnostic medical device manufacturer, contract development and contract manufacturing organization operating an FDA licensed manufacturing facility and research and development laboratories.

Research Triangle Park
Avoca LLC

Avoca develops and manufactures botanical extraction products, provides extraction services and contracts with farmers to grow clary sage.

Merry Hill
Bent Creek Institute Inc.

Bent Creek Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit botanical research and economic development organization serving primarily North Carolina-based natural products companies seeking to innovate botanical wellness solutions.


Biogen discovers, develops and manufactures therapies for serious neurological diseases. Its Drug Substance Campus in RTP is home to biologics production and a patient services contact center.

Research Triangle Park
bioMASON Inc.

bioMASON develops cement by using microorganisms fed an aqueous solution, which harden to ASTM specification in ambient temperatures.

Research Triangle Park
BioResource International Inc.

BioResource International (BRI) designs, develops and manufactures unique enzymes that help poultry and swine producers optimize animal nutrition and gut health.

BioRxn LLC

BioRxn develops NMR-based metabolomic technology, including bioreactor and artificial liver systems, for non-invasive monitoring of metabolic biomarkers. BioRxn also provides conventional metabolomic services.

Chapel Hill
Carolina Biodiesel LLC

Carolina Biodiesel makes and distributes biodiesel made from waste and recycled vegetable oil. The company also offers sustainable energy consulting.

Carolina Yeast and Analytics LLC

Carolina Yeast and Analytics isolates, propagates and sells yeast for brewing, and provides yeast banking and analytical testing services, including yeast viability, contamination testing, identification, IBUs, water testing and alcohol content.

Cellex Inc.

Cellex develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic tests suitable for point-of-care use. These tests use a platform technology called Homogeneous Biochemiluminescence Assay (HBA), which enables assays that are highly sensitive and easy-to-use.

Research Triangle Park
Centre Ingredient Technology Inc.

Centre Ingredient Technology develops natural flavors and fragrance ingredients for the food, beverage and cosmetics industry using fermentation. CIT also provides contract development, toll manufacturing and biotransformation services.


Chirazyme produces enzymes for stereospecific epoxidation intermediates in pharmaceutical synthesis.

CoImmune Inc.

CoImmune develops and manufactures cell-based therapeutics to treat unmet medical needs including cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. CoImmune also provides cGMP consulting and manufacturing of third-party clinical stage cell-based products.

Cygnus Technologies LLC

Cygnus Technologies develops products and services for the biopharma industry, including host cell protein ELISA kits, immunoassay reagents and custom development of antibodies and assays.

Demeter Biosciences LLC

Demeter Biosciences is creating sustainable animal feeds and macronutrients for applications in fish farming and animal husbandry.

DMC Biotechnologies Inc.

DMC Limited is developing synthetic metabolic valve technology for rapid engineering of microbial hosts for the production of specialty chemicals, flavors, fragrances, nutraceuticals, natural products, pharmaceuticals and APIs.

Elo Life Systems Inc.

Elo Life Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Precision Biosciences Inc., uses a platform of precision breeding technologies to produce crops with novel traits.

Eurofins Craft Technologies Inc.

Eurofins Craft Technologies provides analytical and method development services to measure nutritional components in blood, tissues, dietary supplements, food and animal feed.

Foothills Bio-Energies

North American Bio-Energies (NABE), doing business as Foothills Bio-Energies LLC, produces biodiesel from virgin agri-based feedstock.

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies USA Inc.

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies provides biologics contract development and manufacturing. Services include cell line development, process and analytical development, clinical and commercial manufacturing and bioprocess research and development.

GreenLight Biosciences Inc.

Greenlight Biosciences has developed a cell-free bioprocessing method for the low-cost production of RNA for use in research in vaccine development, vector control, pandemic preparation, crop management and crop pesticides.

Research Triangle Park
Grifols (Clayton)

Grifols' manufacturing campus in Clayton produces plasma-derived medicines for the treatment of a number of rare, genetic, chronic and potentially life-threatening conditions.

Hemo Bioscience Inc.

Hemo Bioscience is an FDA-registered, ISO 13485-accredited manufacturer of blood-typing reagents and diagnostics for the blood-banking industry.

Humacyte Inc.

Humacyte develops a technology platform that isolates and grows stable investigational human tissue replacements with potential regenerative medicine, vascular and nonvascular surgery applications.

Huvepharma Inc.

Huvepharma manufactures Coccidiosis vaccines for in ovo and post-hatch vaccination of poultry.

Immune Diagnostics Inc.

Immune Diagnostics provides advanced testing services to developers of immuno-therapeutics and vaccines using its proprietary technologies. The company's pipeline includes related clinical diagnostics, point-of-care and companion assays and systems.

ImmunoReagents Inc.

ImmunoReagents manufactures primary and secondary polyclonal antibodies used in research and in vitro diagnostics for the pharmaceutical and veterinary markets.

IndiOmics LLC

Indiomics uses machine learning and protein biomarker expression levels to identify connections between human cells and common chemical exposures.

Ingredion Inc.

Ingredion manufactures ingredients for foods, beverages and drugs from corn, tapioca, wheat and potatoes.

Isolere Bio Inc.

Isolere Bio is developing novel, non-chromatographic technologies for the purification of biologics such as antibodies, gene delivery vectors and personalized cell therapies.

Ivory Tower Science

Ivory Tower Science conducts research and educates students in fermentation sciences at its fermentation pilot plant.

JABB of the Carolinas Inc.

JABB develops and manufactures fungal soil additives and biopesticide products. Jabb also offers contract manufacturing for specific fungal products.

Pine Level
KBI Biopharma Inc.

KBI Biopharma offers contract development and biopharmaceutical manufacturing services such as formulation, analytical method development, stability services, process development and recombinant protein API manufacturing. This site is KBI's headquarters.

KBI Biopharma Inc. (Process Development Facility)

KBI Biopharma offers contract development and biopharmaceutical manufacturing services. This site is KBI's process development facility.

LigaTrap Technologies

LigaTrap Technologies provides proprietary affinity chromatography resins and supporting products. LigaTrap also provides custom services for process development, small batch cell culture, scale up purification and assays.

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Mallinckrodt manufactures acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, at its pharmaceutical facility in Raleigh.

Maverick Synfuels

Maverick Synfuels converts biomass, municipal waste and natural gas into petroleum-free fuels and chemicals.

Research Triangle Park
Medicago USA Inc.

Medicago develops vaccines based on proprietary manufacturing technologies and virus-like particles. The vaccines are manufactured using a transient protein expression system in Nicotiana benthamiana, a close relative of tobacco.

Merck & Co. Inc.

Merck manufactures vaccine products at its Durham facility.

Natures Crops International

Natures Crops is a vertically integrated natural products ingredients business supplying plant-derived ingredients from biodiverse and specialty crops to the dietary supplement, personal care and specialty nutrition industries.

Noah's Inc.

Noah’s Inc. develops algal growth systems and cultivates algal biomass for the manufacture of protein, astaxanthin and other derivatives for use as nutraceutical ingredients in food and beverage industries, and for commercial fish/animal feed industries.

Novex Innovations LLC

Novex Innovations is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) supporting small and startup life science companies in the development of their products, from concept through manufacturing and commercialization.

Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Industries LP

Novo Nordisk's Clayton facility manufactures insulin, GLP-1 products and prefilled delivery devices for the treatment of diabetes. An API facility is presently under construction in Clayton adjacent to the existing manufacturing site.

Novozymes BioAg

Novozymes BioAg develops microbial-based biofertility, biocontrol and bioyield enhancer products for agriculture. The Morrisville site focuses on fermentation and production technology.

Novozymes North America Inc.

Novozymes researches, develops and manufactures enzymes, microorganisms and biopharmaceutical ingredients used in industries including agriculture, baking, biofuels, brewing, detergents, food, feed and textiles. The Franklinton site manufactures enzymes.

NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center (NERC) for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies

ASSIST develops nano-enabled wearable sensor platforms. ASSIST’s platforms are creating innovative, battery-free, body-powered, wearable health monitoring systems for correlation of health and environment.

Oxford Tobacco Research Station

The Oxford Tobacco Research Station conducts research on tobacco quality and crop production efficiency and identifies crop management systems that conserve and protect water.

Panaceutics Inc.

Panaceutics creates and sells customized nutritional supplement formulas in personalized pouches.

Research Triangle Park
Pfizer Inc. (Sanford)

Pfizer's Sanford facility manufactures clinical trial and commercial materials for conjugate vaccines and gene therapies.

PhytoPharmacon Inc.

PhytoPharmacon offers high-throughput screening, lab and pilot scale extract processing, downstream lead processing and purification and full-scale supply of natural products for the food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharma research and industries.

Plakous Therapeutics LLC

Plakous Therapeutics is developing biotherapeutics from post-delivery placenta to promote regenerative healing for diseases including osteoarthritis, necrotizing enterocolitis, wound healing and tissue engraftment.

Redbud Labs

Redbud Labs manufactures microfluidic components for the life science industry. Redbud's products improve the performance of microfluidic consumables in research, drug discovery and diagnostics.

Research Triangle Park
Sciteck Inc.

Sciteck provides forensic drug testing services and diagnostic products. Sciteck develops, manufactures and sells products for biotechnology, urinalysis, clinical chemistry, toxicology, pharmaceuticals, treatment and safety applications.

Seqirus, a CSL Company

Seqirus manufactures influenza vaccines using both egg-based and cell-based technologies.

Holly Springs
Shoaf Scientific Consultants Inc.

Shoaf Scientific Consultants provides research and development services in plant redox bioenergetics, antimicrobial surface technologies and molecular photochemical studies in singlet oxygen and superoxide-free radical anion as applied to aging.

SmartFlow Technologies Inc.

SmartFlow Technologies provides TFF filtration, separation and purification for the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical processing, biofuels, animal healthcare, dairy processing, enzyme manufacturing, food processing and wastewater industries.

Social & Scientific Systems Inc.

Social & Scientific Systems provides technical biomedical research and IT support, project and program management services in the areas of clinical, epidemiologic, and public health studies, health data management, program evaluation and policy analysis.

Solutex NA LLC

Solutex makes highly-refined omega-3 APIs for the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets. The Winston-Salem location is a sales and development office for the company.

Spirovation Inc.

Spirovation is a specialty CRO with a focus on the development of breakthrough drugs in respiratory medicine. Spirovation is non-profit, UNC-affiliated entity.

Chapel Hill
Stallergenes Greer

Stallergenes Greer develops and distributes animal and human allergy immunotherapy products and services.

Techverse Inc.

Techverse provides contract chemistry and engineering R&D services for advanced energy technologies. Expertise includes membrane technologies for biotechnology applications; algae separation; and hydrogen generation, separation, storage and fuel cells.

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Durham)

Thermo Fisher’s Pharma Services Division offers drug development and manufacturing. The Durham site provides contract development and manufacturing services for solid and sterile dosage forms, including small-molecule API and biologic drug substances.

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Greenville)

Thermo Fisher’s Pharma Services Division offers drug development and manufacturing. Its Greenville site manufactures sterile injectables, tablets and capsules. It also offers stability storage and testing, and API and large-molecule development.

Twin City Bio LLC

Twin City Bio manufactures cell therapy products that use a patient's own cells to restore damaged kidney tissues by engrafting into, repairing or replacing damaged tissues or organs.

Tyton NC Biofuels LLC

Tyton NC Biofuels is a biorefinery that uses corn and energy tobacco as feedstock for ethanol production.

ViraTree LLC

ViraTree acquires, authenticates, preserves, develops and distributes virological materials, information and technology for the advancement of virus research.

Research Triangle Park
White Labs Inc.

White Labs provides yeast supplies, lab services and consulting to breweries, wineries and distilleries.

Xenobiotic Detection Systems International Inc.

Xenobiotic Detection Systems offers patented bioassays to facilitate assessment of environmental and human health risks.

ZenBio Inc.

ZenBio provides contract research services and human tissues and cells for drug discovery, especially in the area of human metabolic disease and dermatology.

Research Triangle Park