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3i Nano develops point-of-care devices for disease diagnostics and protein detection.

Adámas Nanotechnologies Inc.

Adámas Nanotechnologies develops and produces fluorescent nanodiamond particles for life science, medical and industrial applications, including life science research, drug delivery, bioimaging, anti-counterfeiting, oil additives and cosmetics.

AI Tracking Solutions LLC

AI Tracking Solutions develops a single-particle tracking software that tracks entities including nanoparticles, viruses, bacteria and cells within fluids and biological samples and generates individual traces and statistical analysis of the traces.

ALP Life Sciences Inc.

ALP Life Sciences has formulated and markets a High-3 fish oil supplement to increase omega-3 absorption and bioavailability for the treatment of fatty liver disease and inflammatory diseases.

Black Mountain
Alpha Nano Tech LLC

Alpha Nano Tech provides nanoparticle and exosome characterization services.

Research Triangle Park
Appealing Products Inc.

Appealing Products develops products for forensics and personal protection from toxic materials such as inorganics, gases and poisons in foods, animal feeds and liquids.

Aruna Bio

Aruna Bio develops neural exosomes for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies Inc.

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies develops cell and particle separation research tools and medical devices.

Research Triangle Park

Asklepios BioPharmaceutical (AskBio) uses adeno-associated virus (AAV) technology to develop and manufacture gene therapies for rare diseases and other genetic disorders.

Research Triangle Park
Avior Inc.

Avior is developing a nanoparticle-based drug delivery technology to deliver lipophilic drugs with high bioavailability. It is testing its technology using a molecule for the treatment of pruritus in chronic kidney disease.

Aweve LLC

Aweve designs and manufactures cosmeceuticals that utilize nanoparticles for the delivery of retinol, ascorbic acid and kojic acid to address wrinkles, lines, age spots and elasticity in skin.

Baebies Inc.

Baebies develops and commercializes products and services based on digital microfluidics and other technology that ensure early disease detection and comprehensive diagnosis for children.

BD Technologies and Innovation

BD Technologies and Innovation develops technologies for parenteral drug delivery, advanced diagnostics, smart medical devices and genomic research and supports external innovation. The RTP site is BD's corporate technology R&D and innovation center.

Research Triangle Park

BENANOVA develops antimicrobial nanotechnology products for the disinfectant, cosmetic and agricultural industries.

Cell Microsystems Inc.

Cell Microsystems develops, manufactures and commercializes products and tools for the isolation, recovery and analysis of single cells.

Charles River Laboratories (Morrisville)

Charles River Laboratories' Oncology Center of Excellence provides in vivo and in vitro oncology and immuno-oncology research services.

Creative Scientist Inc.

Creative Scientist offers rapid in vitro ADME-TOX testing including 96-well permeability assays using MDCK cells. Creative Scientist also provides novel functional assays for cytotoxic T-cells.

Research Triangle Park
Dharma Laboratories LLC

Dharma Laboratories offers scientific, regulatory and formulation development expertise to develop specialty and generic pharmaceutical products. The company develops novel dosage forms and proof-of-concept formulations for early clinical studies.

Diabetic Health Inc.

Diabetic Health develops coatings to improve the longevity and performance of continuous glucose monitoring sensors (CGM) and insulin infusion sets used in diabetes management.

Research Triangle Park
Foenestra Corp.

Foenestra is developing a diagnostic device based on proprietary solid-state nanopore technology that enables point-of-care detection of pathogens.

Galaxy Diagnostics Inc.

Galaxy Diagnostics offers molecular and serology testing for flea- and tick-borne infections to physicians, veterinarians and clinical researchers, using novel and conventional technologies developed in-house or in-licensed.

Genencine Therapeutics LLC

Genencine Therapeutics develops mRNA vaccines for the prevention and treatment of cancer, viral diseases and autoimmune diseases, as well as mRNA therapeutic drugs for genetic diseases.

Gyrus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Gyrus Pharmaceuticals is developing treatments for serious diseases of the central nervous system using proprietary therapeutic agents and nanoparticles for noninvasive delivery to the CNS.

Chapel Hill
Immunolight LLC

Immunolight develops energy modulating technology to activate immunotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer.

Oak Island
IMMvention Therapeutix Inc.

IMMvention develops novel therapies to fulfill unmet needs of patients with rare and common inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Kaio Therapy LLC

KAIO Therapy develops an immunotherapy technology to treat solid tumors.

Karamedica Inc.

Karamedica has developed a plasma treatment system to decontaminate chitosan, a biopolymer found in the shells of shrimps and crabs. Karamedica is currently developing a nanoparticle therapy for cerebral amyloid angiopathy.

Kepley Biosystems Inc.

Kepley Biosystems employs nanotechnology to develop applications that have commercial potential in the life science sector. They are currently developing a synthetic crustacean bait.

Kitty Hawk Biosciences Inc.

Kitty Hawk Biosciences is developing enabling technologies for difficult-to-transfect cells to reduce the cost and complexity of ex-vivo cell manipulations for applications in research and clinical settings.

Liquidia Technologies Inc.

Liquidia Technologies develops and commercializes human therapeutics for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension and post-operative pain using its proprietary particle engineering technology.

MAA Laboratories Inc.

MAA Laboratories develops new drug products by nanoformulating currently marketed drugs with meaningful clinical benefits. The company’s NanoCont technology requires small clinical trials for the new product regulatory approval through 505(b)(2) pathway.

MEDTOX Diagnostics Inc.

MEDTOX Diagnostics manufactures and distributes instant drugs of abuse testing devices for use by the government, hospital and medical centers and workplace markets.

Mlinzi Biomedical

Mlinzi is developing and commercializing customizable, portable, 3D architected structures for rapid regeneration of affected tissue.

NanoCor Therapeutics Inc.

NanoCor Therapeutics develops an intracellular genetic protein therapy for the treatment of chronic heart failure.

Research Triangle Park
NanoDiagnostic Technology LLC

Nanodiagnostic Technology develops nanotechnology-based portable analytical devices for onsite rapid and sensitive detection of toxic chemical exposure and diseases at the point of care.

NanoMedica LLC

NanoMedica provides ultrasensitive detection reagents and nanotechnology-based drug discovery services and tools to biopharmaceutical companies as well as DNA and RNA sequencing services.

Nu Chemie LLC

NuChemie is developing and commercializing nanomaterials for drug delivery and water soluble and traceable bioconjugation reagents. NuChemie also provides custom synthesis services.


Textile-Based Delivery develops and manufactures fabrics that integrate controlled release matrices, offering topical and transdermal dosing of active ingredients.

PharmAgra Labs Inc.

PharmAgra Labs conducts contract research and development in organic chemistry for industries including pharma/biotech and electronics. PharmAgra also offers cGMP services including clinical trial materials supply and low-volume API manufacturing.

QuarTek Corp.

QuarTek develops nanotechnology processes with applications in antimicrobials, advanced textiles, nanosensors, diagnostics and biofuels. The company also provides accelerator services for startup nanotechnology companies.

Redbud Labs

Redbud Labs manufactures microfluidic components for the life science industry. Redbud's products improve the performance of microfluidic consumables in research, drug discovery and diagnostics.

Research Triangle Park
RTI International

RTI, an independent, nonprofit institute, offers scientific and technical expertise in social and laboratory sciences, engineering and international development to government and commercial clients worldwide.

Research Triangle Park
Shoaf Scientific Consultants Inc.

Shoaf Scientific Consultants provides research and development services in plant redox bioenergetics, antimicrobial surface technologies and molecular photochemical studies in singlet oxygen and superoxide-free radical anion as applied to aging.

SiNON Therapeutics

SiNON is developing technology to treat neurological diseases by increasing the ability of drugs to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB).

Statera Environmental Inc.

Statera develops innovative environmental monitoring products and provides environmental technology consulting services.

Surround Medical Systems Inc.

Surround Medical Systems is a medical device company that develops a X-ray imaging systems. Surround Medical Systems uses nanotechnology to create 3D imaging systems with no motion and lower radiation dose.

Trana Discovery Inc.

Trana Discovery provides an anti-infective discovery platform that enables its partners to identify novel treatments that possess pathogen-focused spectrums of activity for bacterial, viral and fungal infectious diseases in crops, animals and humans.

ZenBio Inc.

ZenBio provides contract research services and human tissues and cells for drug discovery, especially in the area of human metabolic disease and dermatology.

Research Triangle Park
Zorbius Biopharma Inc.

Zorbius Biopharma provides analytical, formulation and nanotechnology-related services to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

ZY Therapeutics Inc.

ZY Therapeutics is developing a drug delivery platform for cancer therapeutics using nanotechnology.

Zymeron Corporation

Zymeron develops bioinspired polymer biomaterials and material systems, including drug delivery technologies and rapid therapeutic drug monitoring tests.

Research Triangle Park