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NCBiotech Company Directory Sponsorship FAQs

Thank you for considering sponsoring the NCBiotech Company Directory. All proceeds of directory sponsorships directly support NCBiotech programs. If your question is not answered below, please contact Life Science Intelligence at 919-549-8880 or

General Information

I already have a listing in the NCBiotech Company Directory. Why do I want an enhanced listing?
While all North Carolina life science companies, and the companies that support or are closely related to the life science industry, are eligible for a free basic listing in the NCBiotech Company Directory, an enhanced listing allows you to tell your company's story in your own words.

With an enhanced listing, you can brand your listing with the addition of your logo, market your services, products and people with your own language, and connect with viewers by adding your social media links. Your listing and logo also rise to the top of search results, bringing your listing more visitors and ensuring that you stand out from among the 3,000+ companies listed in the directory.

You can read more about the benefits of enhancing your company's listing here.

What is the logo showcase?
The logo showcase is another way to feature your company to the directory's 18,000 monthly viewers. Your logo will be displayed prominently on the NCBiotech Company Directory homepage and on the thousands of listings within the directory, excluding enhanced listings. At any time there will be no more than ten companies' logos in rotation, ensuring your logo sees valuable screen time.

You can read more about the logo showcase here.

My company does not have a location in North Carolina, but we'd like to reach the directory's audience. Are these options available to me?
While only companies in North Carolina can have a listing, any company is able to sponsor the directory through the logo showcase.

Purchasing an Enhanced Listing or Rotating Logo

How much does an enhanced listing cost?
An enhanced listing is purchased as an annual subscription for a cost of $500 per year. A start-up discount is available to emerging life science companies - contact us about eligibility.

What if my company has multiple locations and therefore multiple listings? Do I have to pay for each listing?
If your company has multiple locations, you only have to purchase one enhanced listing. You can then choose to create different content for each location's listing, or just use the same content for all of them.

How much is a logo showcase? How do I purchase one?
The logo showcase is available to both in-state and out-of-state companies. The logo showcase is available at $100/month for North Carolina companies, and $150/month for out-of-state companies. Contact us at to get started.

Can I get a refund once I've bought a subscription?
No, NCBiotech will not provide refunds once a subscription is purchased.

Adding and Editing Enhanced Listing Content

How do I create an enhanced listing for my company?
To create an enhanced listing, purchase the subscription from the Enhanced Listing page. You will be prompted to create an account, and you can then begin adding your personalized content for your listing.

What information appears on an enhanced listing?

Sample Enhanced Listing

Enhanced listings have the following addition fields: a 350 character custom text field, company logo, and links to company social media sites.

What kind of content can I include?
This is up to you! You can tailor your message to potential customers, clients or partners. Market your services or products, highlight a company success, or include additional contact information. Political statements or other inappropriate content will be removed. Since NCBiotech already provides a company description, try not to duplicate the information that is already there.

I've added my content and logo to my listing. How long will it take for my enhanced listing to be published?
Please allow 2 business days for NCBiotech to review the content and edit for typographical errors, or offensive or political statements.

Can I change my company's content after I've submitted it?
Yes, you can log in at any time throughout the year and change your content.

I just bought an enhanced listing, but my company isn't showing up in the search results like it should. Why not?
It takes a little while before your company will begin to show up at the top of the search results with your logo next to it. Just check back in a few hours.

My Account

What do I do if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, click on the "Request new password" tab when logging in to your account and a new password will be generated and sent to you.

How do I renew my subscription?
NCBiotech will contact you before your subscription ends about renewing for the upcoming year, and should you choose to renew, will invoice you 30 days before your listing or logo expires. Please pay the invoice promptly to ensure that your enhanced listing or logo showcase is not interrupted.


Please view our Terms and Conditions document for more information.