Animal Health and Nutrition

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Company Title Company Description City
Advanced Animal Diagnostics Inc.

Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD) develops and commercializes diagnostics to detect and manage disease states, reproductive, nutritional and overall health status of production animals.

AgBiome Inc.

AgBiome uses its proprietary Genesis platform to collect, isolate and analyze microbes for use in the discovery and development of biologicals and traits for protecting crops and is researching probiotic products to address swine gut health challenges.

Research Triangle Park
Aniluxx Biotechnology Inc.

Aniluxx Biotechnology translates human therapies to dogs, cats and horses to treat itching and pain.

Applied LifeSciences & Systems Poultry Inc.

Applied LifeSciences & Systems Poultry develops automated bio-system solutions for detecting, targeting and delivering vaccines to poultry. ALS-S technology aims to reduce the need for antibiotics by improving vaccination delivery.

Arbiom Inc.

Arbiom develops technologies that convert residues from agriculture and forestry into a high-protein ingredient for aquaculture and animal feed. The Raleigh office is Arbiom's application center.

BioResource International Inc.

BioResource International (BRI) designs, develops and manufactures unique enzymes that help poultry and swine producers optimize animal nutrition and gut health.

Biovet S.A.

Biovet develops nutritional supplements, enzymes, pronutrients, digestives, antioxidants, preservatives, mycotoxin binders and flavoring for feed for poultry, ruminants, swine and aquaculture.

Boragen Inc.

Boragen is developing a synthetic chemistry platform that leverages the unique characteristics of boron to address life science needs in crop protection and animal health.

Research Triangle Park
Demeter Biosciences LLC

Demeter Biosciences is creating sustainable animal feeds and macronutrients for applications in fish farming and animal husbandry.

Eurofins Craft Technologies Inc.

Eurofins Craft Technologies provides analytical and method development services to measure nutritional components in blood, tissues, dietary supplements, food and animal feed.

Fleming Laboratories Inc.

Fleming Laboratories manufactures animal pharmaceuticals.

Galaxy Diagnostics Inc.

Galaxy Diagnostics offers molecular and serology testing for flea- and tick-borne infections to physicians, veterinarians and clinical researchers, using novel and conventional technologies developed in-house or in-licensed.

Goldsboro Laboratories LLC

Goldsboro Laboratories develops and manufactures vaccines for the swine, poultry and cattle divisions of Goldsboro Milling Company.

Happy Jack Inc.

Happy Jack manufactures insecticides and pharmaceutical preparations to treat dogs.

Snow Hill
HIPRA Scientific USA LLC

Hipra researches and develops vaccines, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals for animal health.

Huvepharma Inc.

Huvepharma manufactures Coccidiosis vaccines for in ovo and post-hatch vaccination of poultry.

IDEXX Reference Laboratories Inc.

IDEXX Laboratories provides animal health diagnostic products and services for use in small animals, equine, poultry and dairy livestock. It also provides microbiology-based water testing products.

Iluma Alliance

Iluma Alliance develops, manufactures and markets nutritional ingredients for animals. This location conducts research on feed additives for animal nutrition.

Noah's Inc.

Noah’s Inc. develops algal growth systems and cultivates algal biomass for the manufacture of protein, astaxanthin and other derivatives for use as nutraceutical ingredients in food and beverage industries, and for commercial fish/animal feed industries.

Pharmgate Animal Health LLC

Pharmgate Animal Health develops and markets medicines and vaccines for the control of disease in livestock and poultry in North America.

Phytobiotics North America LLC

Phytobiotics produces and distributes botanical and phytogenic supplements and flavors for plant and animal nutrition. Additionally, Phytobiotics provides consultative services focused on intestinal health and increased nutrient bioavailability.

Piedmont Animal Health Inc.

Piedmont Animal Health develops, licenses and markets animal health therapeutics with a focus on major companion animal categories.

Resilient Biotics Inc.

Reslient Biotics is developing microbiome-based live biotherapeutics to decrease or replace antibiotics in the animal health industry. Resilient has also developed a bioinformatics software platform for microbiome therapeutic discovery.

Sentinel Biomedical Inc.

Sentinel Biomedical develops and offers molecular diagnostics for the detection and monitoring of canine cancers. Sentinel also offers CRO services in the areas of molecular biology and genomics.

Stallergenes Greer

Stallergenes Greer develops and distributes animal and human allergy immunotherapy products and services.

Trana Discovery Inc.

Trana Discovery provides an anti-infective discovery platform that enables its partners to identify novel treatments that possess pathogen-focused spectrums of activity for bacterial, viral and fungal infectious diseases in crops, animals and humans.

TyraTech Inc.

TyraTech develops and commercializes insect and parasite protection products for animal markets without the use of synthetic pesticides.

Zoetis Inc.

Zoetis develops and manufactures vaccines and medications for animal health. The Durham, NC site develops and manufactures high-throughput automation biodevices for the poultry industry, including in ovo vaccination technology.

Zoion Pharma Inc.

Zoion Pharma develops drugs for veterinary disorders. Zoion's lead product is an epithelial sodium channel blocker compound to treat canine keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) or dry eye.