Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology

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Company Title Company Description City
Algaen Corp.

Algaen uses microalgae to develop, produce and market products and technologies for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and bio-energy industries.

BioGreen Synergy Inc.

BioGreen Synergy manufactures, grows and provides algae-based products for use in alternative renewable energies, USDA, non-USDA and chemical markets.

Demeter Biosciences LLC

Demeter Biosciences is creating sustainable animal feeds and macronutrients for applications in fish farming and animal husbandry.

Karamedica Inc.

Karamedica has developed a plasma treatment system to decontaminate chitosan, a biopolymer found in the shells of shrimps and crabs. Karamedica is currently developing a nanoparticle therapy for cerebral amyloid angiopathy.

Kepley Biosystems Inc.

Kepley Biosystems employs nanotechnology to develop applications that have commercial potential in the life science sector. They are currently developing a synthetic crustacean bait.

MARBIONC Development Group LLC

MARBIONC Development Group is a nonprofit organization that develops and markets new products and technologies derived from marine and aquatic organisms.

SeaTox Research Inc.

SeaTox Research develops bioassays for the detection of marine toxins and conducts pharmaceutical development through bioprospecting.

SePRO Research & Technology Campus

SePRO acquires, develops, manufactures and markets products for aquatics and horticulture. SePRO's research and technology campus in Whitakers is the primary research and development site for the company.