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Company Title Company Description City
Mispro Biotech Services Corp.

Mispro Biotech Services offers biopharmaceutical and life sciences companies access to a vivarium research facility that includes comprehensive laboratory animal sciences services supporting early-stage drug development.

Research Triangle Park
908 Devices Inc.

908 Devices develops and makes chemical analysis products such as handheld chemical detection tools, compact analyzers and separation devices.

Adámas Nanotechnologies Inc.

Adámas Nanotechnologies develops and produces fluorescent nanodiamond particles for life science, medical and industrial applications, including life science research, drug delivery, bioimaging, anti-counterfeiting, oil additives and cosmetics.

Affinergy LLC

Affinergy develops peptide-based technologies, including diagnostic products, research tools and therapeutic drug monitoring products for use by clinicians and researchers.

AI Tracking Solutions LLC

AI Tracking Solutions develops a single-particle tracking software that tracks entities including nanoparticles, viruses, bacteria and cells within fluids and biological samples and generates individual traces and statistical analysis of the traces.

Altis BioSystems Inc.

Altis Biosystems has developed a stem cell technology that recreates the human intestinal epithelium in a 2D or 3D layer of intestinal stem and differentiated cells, which can be used for compound screening, microbiome research and disease modeling.

Chapel Hill
Andersen Scientific Inc.

Andersen Scientific provides contract ethylene oxide sterilization and validation services for packaging and devices. Andersen's sterilization cycles include microbiological and other testing.

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies Inc.

Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies develops cell and particle separation research tools and medical devices.

Research Triangle Park
Astell Inc.

Astell manufactures and distributes steam sterilizers, autoclaves, steam generators, biological indicators and EDS Systems for a variety of laboratory environments, including custom configurations.

Avioq Inc.

Avioq is an in vitro diagnostic medical device manufacturer, contract development and contract manufacturing organization operating an FDA licensed manufacturing facility and research and development laboratories.

Research Triangle Park
BIoCI Systems Inc.

BIoCI Systems provides sterilization validation services, stability and shelf life tests and other contract laboratory testing services. BIoCI also has manufacturing capacity for custom biological indicators for sterilization efficacy monitoring.

Biographics Inc.

Biographics develops, manufactures and markets microwire recording arrays for use in neurophysiology testing.


BioIVT provides biological specimens, specializing in control and disease state human and animal tissues. This site develops and commercializes cell-based drug toxicity-testing products for pharmaceutical development, based on hepatocyte technologies.

Biorg Inc.

Biorg is developing and commercializing organoid technology for use in life science applications such as diagnostics, drug screenings and toxicology.

BioSkryb Corp.

BioSkryb's SkrybAmp technology is a new DNA amplification technology powered by Primary Template Directed Amplification (PTA).

BTI Targetry LLC

BTI Targetry develops and produces cyclotron targets that make radioisotopes used for diagnosis and therapy in nuclear medicine.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries, an ISO-certified and FDA-registered medical device company, specializes in clinical chemistry analyzers and reagents for clinical and reference labs. CLC also offers instrument training, repair, QA and technical support.

Carolina Research Glass Inc.

Carolina Research Glass makes and repairs scientific glassware.

Cell Microsystems Inc.

Cell Microsystems develops, manufactures and commercializes products and tools for the isolation, recovery and analysis of single cells.

Celldom Inc.

Celldom is developing next generation, high throughput single cell analysis technology with applications in research, drug discovery and drug development. Its technology enables the investigation of diversity in large cell populations.

CEM Corp.

CEM designs and develops microwave and non-microwave laboratory instrumentation and scientific methods for life sciences, analytical laboratories and processing plants.

Charter Medical Ltd.

Charter Medical designs and supplies single-use solutions for cell growth, frozen storage and biological fluid handling for the bioprocessing, cell therapy and medical device industries. CML is FDA-registered and ISO 13485-certified.

ChemQ Bioscience LLC

ChemQ Bioscience develops and markets novel liquid products, such as bio-preservation media, tissue perfusion solutions and liquid-based cytology processing kits.

Research Triangle Park
Corning Life Sciences

Corning Life Sciences manufactures pipettes, conical and round-bottomed tubes, cell inserts, tissue-culture plates and ADME/Toxicology products.

Creative Scientist Inc.

Creative Scientist offers rapid in vitro ADME-TOX testing including 96-well permeability assays using MDCK cells. Creative Scientist also provides novel functional assays for cytotoxic T-cells.

Research Triangle Park
Cygnus Technologies LLC

Cygnus Technologies develops products and services for the biopharma industry, including host cell protein ELISA kits, immunoassay reagents and custom development of antibodies and assays.

DaVINCI Biomedical Research Products Inc.

DaVINCI Biomedical Research is an AAALAC-accredited contract lab that performs GLP and non-GLP preclinical animal studies. DaVINCI specializes in regenerative medicine, cardiovascular, orthopedic and medical device applications.

DMC Biotechnologies Inc.

DMC Limited is developing synthetic metabolic valve technology for rapid engineering of microbial hosts for the production of specialty chemicals, flavors, fragrances, nutraceuticals, natural products, pharmaceuticals and APIs.

First Flight Biosciences Inc.

First Flight Biosciences provides contract drug discovery research services, including lead optimization in preclinical drug discovery, assay development, compound profiling, high-throughput screening, in vivo pharmacology, DMPK and bioanalytics.

Flexcell International Corp.

Flexcell International designs and manufactures products for cytomechanics research, studying cellular responses to mechanical forces such as tension or compression.

Flow Sciences Inc.

Flow Sciences designs and manufactures safety containment solutions for research and development laboratories, pilot facilities, automation equipment and robotics, manufacturing and production plants.

Fuji Silysia Chemical USA Ltd.

Fuji Silysia Chemical USA makes synthetic silica products, including items that are used in the production of pharmaceuticals, laboratory research and other facets of the industry. The Greenville facility produces micronized silica gel.

GBF Medical Group

GBF Medical Group manufactures medical packaging and kits for clinical trials, toxicology, and diagnostics. Packaging materials are customized to client needs, and address common issues related sample leakage, tampering, and distribution.

High Point
Gene Master LLC

Gene Master provides contract biomedical research services such as genotyping and vector construction. Gene Master helps design and perform biological experiments.

Greiner Bio-One North America Inc.

Greiner Bio-One manufactures and sells plastic products used in blood collection, urine collection and specimen collection. Greiner Bio-One also offers design, prototyping and manufacturing of custom plastic products.

Hatteras Instruments

Hatteras Instruments designs, develops and manufactures physiological research instruments, including metabolic animal cages, chiller systems and blood pressure analysis equipment.

HTX Technologies LLC

HTX Technologies develops tissue imaging and molecular imaging technologies, with a primary focus on sample preparation and mass spectrometry imaging.

Chapel Hill
Inanovate Inc.

Inanovate has developed a patented blood analysis system (the Bio-ID) for diagnostic tests. The first application of the Bio-ID is a new blood test to detect breast cancer recurrence at a stage when it may still be cured.

Innatrix Inc.

Innatrix is developing technology for the production of high-affinity, high specificity protein ligands to protein targets of interest. The company's applied focus is the agricultural sector.

Research Triangle Park
Innovative Neurophysiology Inc.

Innovative Neurophysiology designs and develops advanced tools, equipment and methodology for neuroscience research.

Isolere Bio Inc.

Isolere Bio is developing novel, non-chromatographic technologies for the purification of biologics such as antibodies, gene delivery vectors and personalized cell therapies.

KindHeart Inc.

KindHeart develops and provides tissue-based surgical simulators for demonstration and training of surgical devices and techniques.

Chapel Hill
Kitty Hawk Biosciences Inc.

Kitty Hawk Biosciences is developing enabling technologies for difficult-to-transfect cells to reduce the cost and complexity of ex-vivo cell manipulations for applications in research and clinical settings.

LEAP Technologies

LEAP Technologies offers automation applications for handling and preparing samples, using the CTC Analytics’ PAL Autosampler Platform. LEAP serves analytical laboratories in pharmaceutical, agricultural, food processing and forensics.

Leica Microsystems Inc.

Leica Microsystems manufactures microscopes and scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures. Its Morrisville site develops optical coherence tomography imaging systems for ophthalmology preclinical research and surgery.

LemnaTec Corp.

LemnaTec offers phenotyping solutions for quantitative root, shoot, seed and pest evaluation in plant biology research and agricultural product development.

Research Triangle Park

Lociomics develops systems to spatially relate the genomic and proteomic basis of a cell with its morphological state, with applications in clinical research workflows for cancer studies, providing single cell resolution for routine samples.

MedTec Inc.

MedTec designs, engineers and manufactures laboratory and validation equipment for the biomedical field.


MOLTOX manufactures products used in mutagenicity testing and human risk assessment, as well as prepared bacteriological media including nutrient, selective and enrichment media used in industrial, environmental and molecular microbiology.

Phitonex Inc.

Phitonex has developed a platform which deterministically engineers optical properties to provide high resolution analysis of single cells by flow cytometry and other potential future applications.

Polarean Inc.

Polarean designs and manufactures equipment for production of hyperpolarized xenon or helium gas for use in MRI. Investigational uses include identifying early diagnoses of respiratory diseases as well as monitoring progression and therapeutic response.

Protochips Inc.

Protochips develops, manufactures and sells films and other accessories used in electron microscopy.

Qatch Technologies LLC

Qatch Technologies develops microfluidic instrumentation that prescreens injectability and manufacturability of biopharmaceutical drug to de-risk the preclinical phase in the drug development process.

Quanticision Diagnostics Inc.

Quanticision Diagnostics measures tissues biomarkers for solid tumor diagnosis and supplies multi-unit plates for high throughput immunoblot analysis.

Research Triangle Park
Redbud Labs

Redbud Labs manufactures microfluidic components for the life science industry. Redbud's products improve the performance of microfluidic consumables in research, drug discovery and diagnostics.

Research Triangle Park
Ribometrix Inc.

Ribometrix is a platform therapeutics company discovering small-molecule drugs that target functional RNA structures to create new avenues to treat human disease.

Serum Source International Inc.

Serum Source International supplies animal serum for life science cell culture research, contract research laboratory use, bioprocessing and product development.

Spin-Darc LLC

Spin-Darc is developing a rapid digital microbiology testing device usable at point-of-care or in low-resource settings. Applications include infectious disease diagnostics, food testing and water testing.

Sterigenics (EO)

Sterigenics' EO facility provides ethylene oxide sterilization for medical and pharmaceutical products.

Sterigenics (Gamma)

Sterigenics' Gamma facility provides gamma radiation sterilization for medical and pharmaceutical products.

Sterigenics (Haw River)

Sterigenics provides gamma radiation sterilization for medical and pharmaceutical products.

Haw River
Synthonix Inc.

Synthonix designs, manufactures and markets molecules to aid in drug discovery.

Wake Forest
TEO Systems Inc.

TEO Systems develops and sells optical and electronic devices and systems, including a label-free flow cytometer instrument for rapid analysis of biological cells and small particles.

Tergus Pharma LLC

Tergus Pharma provides topical and semi-solid development, formulation, analysis and testing services, with expertise in IVRT method development. The company has cGMP manufacturing, phase one through four clinical supplies and logistics capabilities.


TIRF Labs develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of products based on total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF), including add-on TIRF accessories for microscopy and spectroscopy, TIRF biosensors and fluorescence illuminators.

ViraSource LLC

ViraSource propagates and purifies BSL-1, BSL-2 viruses and bacteriophages. ViraSource also provides virus modifications and animal models of viral infections and antiviral immune responses.

Xona Microfluidics Inc.

Xona Microfluidics develops and manufactures microfluidic platforms for neuroscience research.

Research Triangle Park