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3i Nano develops point-of-care devices for disease diagnostics and protein detection.

AccuGenomics Inc.

AccuGenomics manufactures custom gene expression tests to diagnose and monitor cancer treatment. Its technologies include Standard Nucleic Acid Quantification for RNA and DNA Sequencing for any NGS platform analysis.

Advanced Animal Diagnostics Inc.

Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD) develops and commercializes diagnostics to detect and manage disease states, reproductive, nutritional and overall health status of production animals.

Aestas Pharma Inc.

Asetas Pharma develops novel diagnostic imaging and disease-modifying therapeutic agents to enable the early treatment and reversal of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease when clinical signs are not yet pronounced.

Affinergy LLC

Affinergy develops peptide-based technologies, including diagnostic products, research tools and therapeutic drug monitoring products for use by clinicians and researchers.

Alderon BioSciences Inc.

Alderon Biosciences develops point-of-care diagnostics.

Almac Diagnostics LLC

Almac offers services for biomarker discovery, assay development/validation/testing and companion diagnostic co-development. Testing platforms include NGS, Microarray, qPCR and IHC. Regulatory and bioinformatics services are also available.

Antech Diagnostics Inc.

Antech Diagnostics provides clinical and veterinary hematology analysis, clinical chemistry, urinalysis and coagulation testing.

Appealing Products Inc.

Appealing Products develops products for forensics and personal protection from toxic materials such as inorganics, gases and poisons in foods, animal feeds and liquids.

Atom Bioworks Inc.

Atom Bioworks has developed a Pattern-recognition Enabled Sensing and Therapeutics (PEST) platform to identify viruses and possible treatments.

Avioq Inc.

Avioq is an in vitro diagnostic medical device manufacturer, contract development and contract manufacturing organization operating an FDA licensed manufacturing facility and research and development laboratories.

Research Triangle Park
Baebies Inc.

Baebies develops and commercializes products and services based on digital microfluidics and other technology that ensure early disease detection and comprehensive diagnosis for children.

BD Diagnostics (Durham)

BD Diagnostics develops and commercializes molecular diagnostic products for various cancers, including cervical, breast, ovarian and prostate.

BD Diagnostics (Mebane)

BD Diagnostics develops and commercializes molecular diagnostic products for women's health and various cancers.

BD Technologies and Innovation

BD Technologies and Innovation develops technologies for parenteral drug delivery, advanced diagnostics, smart medical devices and genomic research and supports external innovation. The RTP site is BD's corporate technology R&D and innovation center.

Research Triangle Park
Biofluidica Inc.

Biofluidica is developing novel instrumentation for the isolation and analysis of circulating biomarkers, including circulating tumor cells, in cancer patients.

Research Triangle Park
BioMedomics Inc.

BioMedomics develops point-of-care (POC) diagnostics in hematology oncology, virology, women’s health and dermatology.

bioMérieux Inc.

bioMérieux develops in vitro products to diagnose infectious diseases, cancer and cardiovascular disease and to detect microorganisms in agri-foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

BioZyme Inc.

BioZyme develops and sells substrates for metalloproteinases (MMPs and ADAMs) which can be used in enzyme assays and other diagnostic tests.

Cancer Genetics Inc.

Cancer Genetics offers diagnostic products and services that enable precision medicine in the field of oncology. This site performs clinical pharmacogenomic testing and provides biorepository services under federally-designated clinical lab standards.

Cellex Inc.

Cellex develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic tests suitable for point-of-care use. These tests use a platform technology called Homogeneous Biochemiluminescence Assay (HBA), which enables assays that are highly sensitive and easy-to-use.

Research Triangle Park
CellSolutions LLC

CellSolutions develops liquid-based preparation and evaluation systems for cytology applications. The company's primary area of focus is women's health, including cervical cancer screening, precancer detection and evaluation of infectious disease.


Circassia develops and markets products to aid in the diagnosis and control of asthma, COPD and allergy.

Cohesion Phenomics LLC

Cohesion Phenomics is a CLIA-certified molecular diagnostic laboratory. Cohesion Phenomics also develops DNA sequencing tests for complex and single gene disorders within specific clinical areas such as cardiovascular disease.

Countervail Corp.

Countervail develops and commercializes products to diagnose, protect against and treat exposure to chemical weapons and pesticide poisoning.

Covance Inc. (Morrisville)

Covance, LabCorp's contract drug development arm, develops companion diagnostics at this lab.

Diabetic Health Inc.

Diabetic Health develops coatings to improve the longevity and performance of continuous glucose monitoring sensors (CGM) and insulin infusion sets used in diabetes management.

Research Triangle Park
Element Genomics Inc.

Element Genomics is developing a high-throughput platform for understanding gene regulatory elements in order to identify new drug targets for common diseases.

Endacea Diagnostics Inc.

Endacea Diagnostics is developing EndaTox IVD, an in vitro sepsis diagnostic, and EndaTox Test, an assay to measure LPS endotoxin in biological and non-biological samples.

Research Triangle Park
Endacea Inc.

Endacea develops A1 adenosine receptor antagonists as drug candidates for renal impairment and inflammation, including sepsis and asthma.

Research Triangle Park
Eydis Bio Inc.

Eydis Bio is developing a platform of tethered molecules that enable detection and ablation of malignant tumors.

Research Triangle Park
Foenestra Corp.

Foenestra is developing a diagnostic device based on proprietary solid-state nanopore technology that enables point-of-care detection of pathogens.

Foundation Medicine Inc.

Foundation Medicine develops and provides clinical assays that provide a comprehensive genomic profile to identify molecular alterations in a patient's cancer and match them with targeted therapies and clinical trials.

Galaxy Diagnostics Inc.

Galaxy Diagnostics offers molecular and serology testing for flea- and tick-borne infections to physicians, veterinarians and clinical researchers, using novel and conventional technologies developed in-house or in-licensed.

GeneCentric Therapeutics Inc.

GeneCentric Therapeutics develops molecular diagnostic assays to enable oncologists and their patients to make informed, individualized treatment decisions.

Research Triangle Park
Genetron Health Technologies Inc.

Genetron Health Technologies provides mutation detection assays using its liquid biopsy platform, as well as various genetic assays to support both clinical and basic research. Genetron also offers custom assay development.

Research Triangle Park
Genova Diagnostics Inc.

Genova Diagnostics performs diagnostics and molecular genetics testing under federally-designated clinical lab standards to support physicians in personalized chronic disease treatment and prevention.

Global Lyme Diagnostics LLC

Global Lyme Diagnostics develops and provides diagnostic solutions specific to Lyme Disease, with the goal of decreasing the number of patients being mis- or undiagnosed.

Research Triangle Park
Guerbet LLC

Guerbet manufactures contrast media used in diagnostic imaging tests.

Hemo Bioscience Inc.

Hemo Bioscience is an FDA-registered, ISO 13485-accredited manufacturer of blood-typing reagents and diagnostics for the blood-banking industry.

HemoSonics LLC

HemoSonics is developing an in vitro diagnostic platform that measures the evolving stiffness of forming blood clots within a consumable test cartridge. Its technology assists with the management of coagulation dysfunctions at the point of care.

HIPRA Scientific USA LLC

Hipra researches and develops vaccines, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals for animal health.

IDEXX Reference Laboratories Inc.

IDEXX Laboratories provides animal health diagnostic products and services for use in small animals, equine, poultry and dairy livestock. It also provides microbiology-based water testing products.

Immune Diagnostics Inc.

Immune Diagnostics provides advanced testing services to developers of immuno-therapeutics and vaccines using its proprietary technologies. The company's pipeline includes related clinical diagnostics, point-of-care and companion assays and systems.

Inanovate Inc.

Inanovate has developed a patented blood analysis system (the Bio-ID) for diagnostic tests. The first application of the Bio-ID is a new blood test to detect breast cancer recurrence at a stage when it may still be cured.

Indexus Biomedical LLC

Indexus Biomedical designs, develops and manufactures instrument systems, reagents and assays for in vitro diagnostics, initially focusing on the hematology and immunology markets.

Inivata Inc.

Inivata develops a noninvasive liquid biopsy diagnostic using the precision of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis for improving cancer detection and assessing individual response to treatment.

Research Triangle Park
Integrated DNA Technologies Inc.

Integrated DNA Technologies develops and manufactures nucleic acid products for the life sciences industry. IDT manufactures products used in diagnostic tests for many forms of cancer and most inherited and infectious diseases.

Jericho Sciences LLC

Jericho Sciences is developing antiviral therapeutics and corresponding personalized diagnostics for the clinical management of HIV-1 infection.

Research Triangle Park
Juno Metabolomics LLC

Juno Metabolomics is developing next-generation metabolomics for precision medicine.

Chapel Hill
LabCorp - Occupational Testing Services

LabCorp's Center for Occupational Testing provides urine, hair, oral fluid and point-of-collection drugs-of-abuse testing services. In addition, LabCorp has dozens of specimen collection facilities across the state.

Laboratory Corporation of America

LabCorp provides clinical and anatomical laboratory services, including clinical trials testing services, and offers a broad range of genomic and esoteric tests. The Burlington location is LabCorp's global headquarters and Center for Esoteric Testing.

Lucerno Dynamics LLC

Lucerno Dynamics is commercializing a noninvasive device for quality assurance and control in nuclear medicine imaging. Future applications of the technology include rheumatoid arthritis, immunotherapy, nuclear medicine and chemotherapy assessment.

MDxHealth Inc.

MDxHealth develops epigenetic technologies to personalize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

MEDTOX Diagnostics Inc.

MEDTOX Diagnostics manufactures and distributes instant drugs of abuse testing devices for use by the government, hospital and medical centers and workplace markets.

Metabolon Inc.

Metabolon is advancing the science of metabolomics for the clinic and life sciences research. Its technology and data are used for biomarker discovery, diagnostic test development, and genomics and population health initiatives.

MoyoMedical Technologies Inc.

MoyoMedical develops home-based early detection tests for pregnancy complications like preeclampsia and eclampsia for use in low-resource settings.

Chapel Hill
NanoDiagnostic Technology LLC

Nanodiagnostic Technology develops nanotechnology-based portable analytical devices for onsite rapid and sensitive detection of toxic chemical exposure and diseases at the point of care.

NIRvana Sciences Inc.

NIRvana Sciences is commercializing red and near-infrared fluorescent dyes for use in diagnostics and imaging applications.

Research Triangle Park
OncoTAb Inc.

OncoTAb develops and commercializes diagnostic blood tests designed to detect breast cancer and develops an immunotherapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Path BioAnalytics Inc.

Path BioAnalytics (PBA) is a precision medicine company dedicated to the advancement of next-generation of treatments for individuals living with respiratory disease.

Phenogen Sciences Inc.

Phenogen Sciences provides predictive testing and risk assessment tools that help physicians proactively manage patient health.

Polarean Inc.

Polarean designs and manufactures equipment for production of hyperpolarized xenon or helium gas for use in MRI. Investigational uses include identifying early diagnoses of respiratory diseases as well as monitoring progression and therapeutic response.

Quanticision Diagnostics Inc.

Quanticision Diagnostics measures tissues biomarkers for solid tumor diagnosis and supplies multi-unit plates for high throughput immunoblot analysis.

Research Triangle Park
QuarTek Corp.

QuarTek develops nanotechnology processes with applications in antimicrobials, advanced textiles, nanosensors, diagnostics and biofuels. The company also provides accelerator services for startup nanotechnology companies.

Q² Solutions

Q² Solutions is a global clinical trial laboratory services leader that provides secure, enterprise-wide biospecimen and consent management solutions.

Sanesco International Inc.

Sanesco develops clinical tools for healthcare providers, such as neuroendocrine analytical testing, nutritional support formulas and patient-centered clinical review. The NeuroLab division conducts research and development of in vitro diagnostic tools.

Sapere Bio Inc.

Sapere Bio develops biomarkers of aging for clinical use to help physicians predict risk of chemotherapy-induced toxicities and surgery-associated adverse events in various patient groups.

Research Triangle Park
Sciteck Inc.

Sciteck provides forensic drug testing services and diagnostic products. Sciteck develops, manufactures and sells products for biotechnology, urinalysis, clinical chemistry, toxicology, pharmaceuticals, treatment and safety applications.

Select MultiGen Diagnostics LLC

Select MultiGen Diagnostics out-licenses molecular diagnostics platform technologies for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

SenGenix Inc.

SenGenix develops point-of-care blood diagnostic tests using bioengineered fluorescently-responsive sensors. Testing is done with a finger stick and results are available immediately.

Sentinel Biomedical Inc.

Sentinel Biomedical develops and offers molecular diagnostics for the detection and monitoring of canine cancers. Sentinel also offers CRO services in the areas of molecular biology and genomics.

SonoVol Inc.

SonoVol is developing preclinical imaging technology that can be applied to the animal models that researchers use to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of new drugs before they enter clinical trials.

Southcot Inc.

Southcot prepares biological agents for the detection of tissue hypoxia at the cell level in normal and malignant tissues.

Research Triangle Park
SoyMeds Inc.

SoyMeds uses soybeans as a host to develop protein-based targets that can be used to diagnose and treat disease. SoyMeds' lead candidates include thyroglobulin and autoimmune (MS and MG) antigens.

Spin-Darc LLC

Spin-Darc is developing a rapid digital microbiology testing device usable at point-of-care or in low-resource settings. Applications include infectious disease diagnostics, food testing and water testing.

Stallergenes Greer

Stallergenes Greer develops and distributes animal and human allergy immunotherapy products and services.

Synapse Biosciences LLC

Synapse Biosciences develops biomarker preparations and customized assays for the diagnostic determination of medication compliance. Synapse also provides diagnostic testing services and reporting for medication compliance in clinical trials.


TheraDiag develops and manufactures diagnostics that measure the efficiency of biotherapies in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Research Triangle Park

TIRF Labs develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of products based on total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF), including add-on TIRF accessories for microscopy and spectroscopy, TIRF biosensors and fluorescence illuminators.

Trana Discovery Inc.

Trana Discovery provides an anti-infective discovery platform that enables its partners to identify novel treatments that possess pathogen-focused spectrums of activity for bacterial, viral and fungal infectious diseases in crops, animals and humans.

Vascular BioSciences Inc.

Vascular BioSciences is a biopharmaceutical company developing solutions for difficult-to-treat cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.

Vero Diagnostics LLC

Vero Diagnostics offers tick-borne infectious disease testing, including its proprietary lab developed test.

Research Triangle Park
Xenobiotic Detection Systems International Inc.

Xenobiotic Detection Systems offers patented bioassays to facilitate assessment of environmental and human health risks.

Xilis Inc.

Xilis is developing microfluidic droplet-based patient-derived organoid (MDPDO) technology for precision cancer diagnostics and drug development.

Chapel Hill
Zenalux Biomedical Inc.

Zenalux Biomedical uses biophotonics to develop diagnostic tools, including an optical system for the clinical detection of cancer.

Zymeron Corporation

Zymeron develops bioinspired polymer biomaterials and material systems, including drug delivery technologies and rapid therapeutic drug monitoring tests.

Research Triangle Park