Nutritional or Natural Products

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Company Title Company Description City
Nitta Gelatin NA Inc.

Nitta Gelatin manufactures food, pharmaceutical and technical gelatin and is the maker of beMatrix Low Endotoxin Gelatin. beMatrix is used in the fields of regenerative medicine, medical devices and scientific research.

Active Concepts LLC

Active Concepts produces extracts and specialty raw ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industries.

Ajinomoto North America

Ajinomoto North America manufactures pharmaceutical-grade amino acids and custom-blended amino acid mixtures.

Algaen Corp.

Algaen uses microalgae to develop, produce and market products and technologies for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and bio-energy industries.

Allergy Partners Extract Laboratory

Allergy Partners' Extract Laboratory produces extracts that are used to treat allergic disease, asthma and immunology.

Allergy Partners P.A.

Allergy Partners is a single-specialty practice specializing in the treatment of allergic disease, asthma, and immunology. The company operates an Extract Lab in Asheville, NC.

ALP Life Sciences Inc.

ALP Life Sciences has formulated and markets a High-3 fish oil supplement to increase omega-3 absorption and bioavailability for the treatment of fatty liver disease and inflammatory diseases.

Black Mountain
Ardeal Research Institute

Ardeal Research Institute is a non-profit organization that develops drug discovery capabilities of the natural resources in Western North Carolina. The Institute has collaboration agreements in place with Brevard College and the N.C. Arboretum.

Asterra Labs LLC

Asterra Labs develops and manufactures pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids.

Atlantic Medical Inc.

Atlantic Medical develops nutraceutical products and devices to address ocular diseases.

Wrightsville Beach
Avient Biosciences LLC

Avient Biosciences produces cannabinoid-derived products, CBD oil, CBD isolate, water soluble CBD, and other isolated cannabinoid compounds. Avient is in process to be a cGMP compliant extraction facility.

Avoca LLC

Avoca develops and manufactures botanical extraction products, provides extraction services and contracts with farmers to grow clary sage.

Merry Hill
Banner Life Sciences LLC

Banner Life Sciences develops formulation technologies (gelcaps, tablets and sterile injectables) and licenses and markets prescription, over-the-counter and nutritional products.

High Point
Bent Creek Institute Inc.

Bent Creek Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit botanical research and economic development organization serving primarily North Carolina-based natural products companies seeking to innovate botanical wellness solutions.

BestCo Inc.

BestCo manufactures over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements and offers contract product manufacturing and packaging.

Bien-Etre Labs LLC

Bien-Etre Labs is developing a platform technology for the production of bioactive agents. The company will produce probiotic supplements.

High Point
BioGreen Synergy Inc.

BioGreen Synergy manufactures, grows and provides algae-based products for use in alternative renewable energies, USDA, non-USDA and chemical markets.

BioLink Life Sciences Inc.

BioLink provides contract product development support through custom synthesis and testing for the pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, animal health and chemical industries.


BIOMILQ is an infant nutrition company developing cultured breastmilk that offers supplemental nutrition to mother’s milk with the practicality of formula.

Colony Gums

Colony Gums makes products from naturally-sourced hydrocolloid gums and stabilizers for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Daily Manufacturing Inc.

Daily Manufacturing manufactures vitamins, minerals and herbals. The company also manufactures products for other supplement companies with their own brand names.

Gaia Herbs Inc.

Gaia Herbs grows and produces certified organic herbal products, including liquid extracts, functional powders and herbal teas. All growing, manufacturing, processing, researching, packaging and distribution takes place in its North Carolina facilities.


HOMS develops, manufactures and markets natural products for pest management.

Ideal Health Biotechnology LLC

Ideal Health Biotechnology researches and develops dietary supplements made from plant-based compounds, including products derived from grape seed extract and algae for digestion, eye disease and diabetes.

Liberty Bion Inc.

Liberty Bion sells probiotic products and natural supplements that support digestive health.

Muscadine Naturals

Muscadine Naturals produces dietary supplements from muscadine grapes. The company wholesales finished products to the food industry and bulk powders to other manufacturers.


Muscadinex produces nutritional supplements from the seeds and skins of muscadines. The company also provides copywriting and Amazon store management consulting.

Mycosynthetix Inc.

Mycosynthetix manages a large collection of fungal isolates and discovers novel fungal metabolites for human and animal health and compounds for agricultural applications.

Natural Discoveries Inc.

Natural Discoveries (NDI) identifies novel compounds and medicinal plants from remote areas. NDI's library of natural products is researched for potential development and marketing in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and natural products industries.

Nitta Gelatin NA Inc. (Fayetteville)

Nitta Gelatin's Fayetteville plant produces 3,000 tons of pharmaceutical and food-grade gelatins per year. Nitta Gelatin provides many different grades of gelatin for a variety of uses in the pharmaceutical industry.

Nutra-Pharma Manufacturing Corp. of N.C.

Nutra-Pharma manufactures vitamins, supplements and other wellness products.

Panaceutics Inc.

Panaceutics creates and sells customized nutritional supplement formulas in personalized pouches.

Research Triangle Park
Postbiotics Inc.

Postbiotics is commercializing a probiotic strain (Lactobacillus paracasei) as a possible prevention against diseases caused by aging-related inflammation.

Sentiens LLC

Sentiens develops nutraceutical products targeting addictive behavior.

SNP Therapeutics LLC

SNP Therapeutics develops genetic tests to identify genetic variants that contribute to disease. SNP also designs medical nutrition to treat metabolic disorders.

Solutex NA LLC

Solutex makes highly-refined omega-3 APIs for the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets. The Winston-Salem location is a sales and development office for the company.

Standard Process Inc.

Standard Process develops supplements for veterinary and human use. The Standard Process Center of Excellence focuses on innovation in nutritional therapy.

US Botanical Safety Laboratory

The US Botanical Safety Laboratory provides natural products formulation and botanical ingredient analytical testing. USBSL is an FDA-registered laboratory operated by Bent Creek Institute and affiliated with the NC Arboretum Germplasm Repository.

Vital Plan Inc.

Vital Plan formulates and produces therapeutically-dosed natural supplements and herbal therapies for managing fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue and pain and hormonal imbalances.