Therapeutics - Large Molecule (biologics)

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Company Title Company Description City
Invitrox Inc.

Invitrox provides GLP-compliant bioanalytical services for nonclinical and clinical drug development studies, with expertise in method development and validation, small and large molecules, sample analysis, metabolites, biomarkers and drug monitoring.

Research Triangle Park
9 Meters Biopharma

9 Meters Biopharma in-licenses, develops and commercializes therapeutics for rare and orphan gatrointestinal diseases.

Accord Healthcare Inc.

Accord Healthcare is the marketing subsidiary of Intas Pharmaceuticals, an India-based company that focuses on manufacturing generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars for the global market.

Aerami Therapeutics

Aerami Therapeutics develops soft mist inhaled formulations of biologics and inhalation devices to treat severe and chronic diseases. Its first product is for the treatment of diabetes.

Aestas Pharma Inc.

Asetas Pharma develops novel diagnostic imaging and disease-modifying therapeutic agents to enable the early treatment and reversal of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease when clinical signs are not yet pronounced.

Alcami Corporation

Alcami provides contract drug and biologics development and manufacturing services, including formulation development, analytical chemistry, API, solid dose and parenteral drug manufacturing for both clinical and commercial markets.

Alcami Corporation (Durham)

Alcami provides contract drug and biologics development and manufacturing services, including formulation development, analytical chemistry, API, solid dose and parenteral drug manufacturing for clinical and commercial markets. Alcami's HQ is in Durham.

Arrevus Inc.

Arrevus is developing novel therapeutics for unmet medical needs in areas with high treatment failure rates, including infectious disease, brain cancer and breast cancer.

Research Triangle Park
Arrivo BioVentures LLC

Arrivo BioVentures accelerates biologics and small molecules from IND/phase one through proof-of-concept, with biologics in development for dermatologic conditions and hearing loss.

Aruna Bio

Aruna Bio develops neural exosomes for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. The company is utilizing its proprietary neural exosome platform and manufacturing capability to develop a pipeline of therapeutics.


Asklepios BioPharmaceutical (AskBio) uses adeno-associated virus (AAV) technology to develop and manufacture gene therapies for rare diseases and other genetic disorders.

Research Triangle Park
Basking Biosciences Inc.

Basking Biosciences is developing a reversible anti-thrombotic therapeutic to treat ischemic stroke.

Research Triangle Park
Bavarian Nordic Inc.

Bavarian Nordic develops, manufactures and commercializes cancer immunotherapies and vaccines for infectious diseases.

BioAgilytix Labs Inc.

BioAgilytix is a bioanalytical lab specializing in large-molecule bioanalysis, offering PK, immunogenicity, biomarkers and cell-based assays in support of the development and release testing of biologics and small-molecule therapeutics.

BioCytics Inc.

BioCytics researches and develops personalized cellular immunotherapy cancer therapies with the latest technology and equipment. BioCytics also offers contract R&D and is incubated within the Carolina BioOncology Institute.


Biogen discovers, develops and manufactures therapies for serious neurological diseases. Its Drug Substance Campus in RTP is home to biologics production and a patient services contact center.

Research Triangle Park
bluebird bio Inc.

bluebird bio develops gene therapies and cancer immunotherapies for the treatment of genetic diseases and cancer. At its Durham site, bluebird produces lentiviral vectors for the company's gene and cell therapies.

CardioEphEx LLC

CardioEphEx develops therapeutics for cardiovascular disease and heart failure. The company's research focuses on cardioprotection by targeting the Ephrin/Eph receptor signaling pathway in the heart.

Catalent Pharma Solutions LLC

Catalent provides drug development and manufacturing services for the pharma, biotech and consumer sectors. Core offerings include biologics, parenterals, oral solids, softgel, inhalation, clinical supply services and analytical services.


Cellectis develops blood and bone marrow cancer cell therapies. The Raleigh location is its North American manufacturing plant.

Cellective BioTherapy Inc.

Cellective BioTherapy is developing cellular and monoclonal antibody-based platforms for treating cancers, autoimmunity and immunodeficiency.

Research Triangle Park
Claradele Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Claradele Pharmaceuticals is developing an immunotherapy product to treat melanoma.

DotBio LLC

DotBio develops immuno-oncology therapies.

Drive Therapeutics LLC

Drive Therapeutics is developing ocular therapeutics.

Chapel Hill
Dualogics LLC

Dualogics researches and develops bispecific antibody products based on their proprietary OrthoMab platform.

Chapel Hill
Eisai Inc.

Eisai discovers, develops and markets pharmaceuticals in neurology and oncology-critical care. This site supports global partnerships, quality assurance and supply chain for the company.

Eldec Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Eldec Pharmaceuticals is developing anti-inflammatory peptides for the treatment of chronic lung disease.

Chapel Hill
Entegrion Inc.

Entegrion develops biologic and medical device technologies to enhance the safety and availability of the human blood supply. The company also provides blood supply-related contract R&D services to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Enzyvant Inc.

Enzyvant develops therapeutics for treatment of rare diseases. Their focuses are RVT-802, an investigational tissue-based therapy for immune deficiency resulting from DiGeorge Anomaly, and RVT-801, an enzyme replacement therapy to treat Farber disease.

Fortovia Therapeutics Inc.

Fortovia Therapeutics develops and commercializes oncology treatments and products for treating chemotherapy or radiotherapy side effects.

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies USA Inc.

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies provides biologics contract development and manufacturing. Services include cell line development, process and analytical development, clinical and commercial manufacturing and bioprocess research and development.

Gateway Bio Inc.

Gateway Bio is developing a rapid onset anticoagulant.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals discovers small-molecule drugs and biologics in the areas of oncology, respiratory disease and dermatology, and manufactures and distributes APIs and generics. The Monroe site manufactures oral solids, injectables and topicals.

Grid Therapeutics LLC

Grid Therapeutics is developing cancer therapeutics that utilize a unique platform that develops human-derived antibodies for the treatment of multiple cancer types.


Grifols manufactures and markets plasma-derived medicines to treat chronic and acute conditions in the therapeutic areas of immunology, pulmonology, hematology, thrombolytics and neurology.

Research Triangle Park
Grifols (Clayton)

Grifols' manufacturing campus in Clayton produces plasma-derived medicines for the treatment of a number of rare, genetic, chronic and potentially life-threatening conditions.

Gyrus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Gyrus Pharmaceuticals is developing treatments for serious diseases of the central nervous system using proprietary therapeutic agents and nanoparticles for noninvasive delivery to the CNS.

Chapel Hill
Heat Biologics Inc.

Heat Biologics develops immunotherapies to activate a patient's immune system against cancer. The company’s drugs are designed to take advantage of a natural biological process to robustly activate and stimulate T-cells.

Immunovant Inc.

Immunovant is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing treatments for autoimmune diseases.

IMMvention Therapeutix Inc.

IMMvention develops novel therapies to fulfill unmet needs of patients with rare and common inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Inhalon Biopharma Inc.

Inhalon Biopharma is developing monoclonal antibodies (mAb) using technology that enables trapping of pathogens in mucus secretions for treating diseases of the respiratory tract.

Initos Pharmaceuticals LLC

Initos Pharmaceuticals is developing a platform delivery technology for nucleic acid therapeutics to develop agents to enhance intracellular delivery of oligonucleotides, peptides and proteins.

Chapel Hill
Intarcia Therapeutics Inc.

Intarcia Therapeutics is developing a continuous subcutaneous delivery system for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. The RTP location discovers and develops peptide therapeutic drugs to augment Intarcia's drug delivery platform.

Research Triangle Park
ISTARI Oncology Inc.

ISTARI Oncology is developing immunotherapies for cancer treatment.

Jericho Sciences LLC

Jericho Sciences is developing antiviral therapeutics and corresponding personalized diagnostics for the clinical management of HIV-1 infection.

Research Triangle Park
Kaio Therapy LLC

KAIO Therapy develops an immunotherapy technology to treat solid tumors.

KBI Biopharma Inc.

KBI Biopharma offers contract development and biopharmaceutical manufacturing services such as formulation, analytical method development, stability services, process development and recombinant protein API manufacturing. This site is KBI's headquarters.

KBI Biopharma Inc. (Process Development Facility)

KBI Biopharma offers contract development and biopharmaceutical manufacturing services. This site is KBI's process development facility.

Lindy Biosciences Inc.

Lindy Biosciences develops protein therapeutic formulations for non-standard formulations such as suspension formulations (for high-concentration delivery of antibodies), encapsulation (for sustained/controlled release) or dry powder pulmonary delivery.

Research Triangle Park
Liquidia Technologies Inc.

Liquidia Technologies develops and commercializes human therapeutics for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension and post-operative pain using its proprietary particle engineering technology.

Merck & Co. Inc. (Wilson)

Merck's Wilson facility produces patented prescription products and performs granulation and tableting operations.

Mucommune LLC

Mucommune researches improved protection against infectious diseases transmitted at mucosal surfaces. Mucommune's current focus is a method to prevent sexually transmitted infections using monoclonal antibodies encapsulated in a polymeric capsule.

Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Industries LP

Novo Nordisk's Clayton facility manufactures insulin, GLP-1 products and prefilled delivery devices for the treatment of diabetes. An API facility is presently under construction in Clayton adjacent to the existing manufacturing site.

OncoTAb Inc.

OncoTAb develops and commercializes diagnostic blood tests designed to detect breast cancer and develops an immunotherapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Panacise Bio Inc.

Panacise Bio researches cell signaling pathways and develops CAR-T applications using molecular evolution techniques associated with targeting ligands and mRNA display technology.

Chapel Hill
PhosphoGam Inc.

PhosphoGam is developing allogeneic cell immunotherapies using gamma/delta T-cells to treat a variety of cancers.

Pinnacle Hill LLC

Pinnacle Hill, a joint venture of UNC-Chapel Hill and Deerfield Management, aims to discover and develop new drugs and therapies for unmet needs.

Chapel Hill
Pique Therapeutics Inc.

Pique Therapeutics develops therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of cancer.

QOL Medical LLC

QOL Medical commercializes existing and complementary new orphan products for metabolic disease and pediatric gastroenterology.

Rescindo Therapeutics Inc.

Rescindo Therapeutics discovers novel therapeutic targets and drugs for human genetic disorders based on humanized zebrafish in vivo modeling.

Roivant Sciences Inc.

Roivant Sciences acquires drug candidates or partners with the biopharma industry to complete the clinical development of shelved product candidates. Therapeutic areas include neurology, dermatology, hepatology, oncology, endocrinology and rare disease.

Sagent Pharmaceuticals

Sagent Pharmaceuticals develops, manufactures, packages and markets pharmaceutical products with an emphasis on injectables. Its Raleigh site produces sterile injectables and lyophilized formulations of biosimilars.

Shattuck Labs Inc.

Shattuck Labs is a preclinical-stage immunotherapy company focused on utilizing its proprietary ARC (Agonist Redirected Checkpoint) technology to develop novel treatments for use in cancer, inflammation and orphan disease.

SoyMeds Inc.

SoyMeds uses soybeans as a host to develop protein-based targets that can be used to diagnose and treat disease. SoyMeds' lead candidates include thyroglobulin and autoimmune (MS and MG) antigens.

Sunday Therapeutics Inc.

Sunday Therapeutics is developing a humanized monoclonal antibody to prevent chronic lung disease.

Symberix Inc.

Symberix is developing microbiome-targeted, small-molecule drugs to treat serious lower gastrointestinal (GI) diseases as well as mitigate the lower GI side effects associated with various cancer, pain and immunosuppressive therapies.

TCRCure Biopharma Corp.

TCRCure Biopharma discovers and develops novel therapeutic targets in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

Ten63 Therapeutics Inc.

Ten63 Therapeutics uses computational chemistry and AI to screen trillions of molecules to discover new therapeutics.

Chapel Hill
Thermo Fisher Scientific (Durham)

Thermo Fisher’s Pharma Services Division offers drug development and manufacturing. The Durham site provides contract development and manufacturing services for solid and sterile dosage forms, including small-molecule API and biologic drug substances.

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Greenville)

Thermo Fisher’s Pharma Services Division offers drug development and manufacturing. Its Greenville site manufactures sterile injectables, tablets and capsules. It also offers stability storage and testing, and API and large-molecule development.

United Therapeutics Corp.

United Therapeutics develops and commercializes products to treat cardiopulmonary diseases, infectious diseases and cancer.

Research Triangle Park
Villaris Therapeutics Inc.

Villaris Therapeutics develops a medicine for the treatment of vitiligo.

VivImmune LLC

VivImmune is developing a chitosan-based delivery system for the local, sustained delivery of recombinant cytokines therapeutics to treat cancers.

Vizigen Therapeutics Inc.

Vizigen is developing therapeutics to treat metabolic and ocular disorders.

Research Triangle Park
Xollent Biotech Inc.

Xollent Biotech is developing a therapeutic to treat cardiovascular disease based on exosome-secreting cells.