Infectious Diseases - Bacterial

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Company Title Company Description City
410 Medical Inc.

410 Medical is developing technology for rapid infusion of fluids and blood products for hospital, transport and military healthcare providers, enabling clinicians to quickly and effectively resuscitate critically ill patients.

Advanced Animal Diagnostics Inc.

Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD) develops and commercializes diagnostics to detect and manage disease states, reproductive, nutritional and overall health status of production animals.

Agile Sciences Inc.

Agile Sciences is developing small molecules that inhibit bacterial resistance through a novel mode of action that enhances antibiotic activity.

AimMax Therapeutics Inc.

AimMax Therapeutics researches and develops biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of infection, inflammation and pain through in-licensing or co-development with strategic partners.

AlphaVax Inc.

AlphaVax develops vaccine technology with applications in infectious disease, cancer and biodefense threats.

Research Triangle Park
Arrevus Inc.

Arrevus is developing novel therapeutics for unmet medical needs in areas with high treatment failure rates, including infectious disease, brain cancer and breast cancer.

Research Triangle Park
Atox Bio Inc.

Atox Bio develops novel immunomodulators to treat critically ill patients. Therapeutic indications include necrotizing soft tissue infection and sepsis-associated acute kidney injury.

Chapel Hill
Bio Products Laboratory USA Inc.

Bio Products Laboratory (BPL) manufactures and distributes plasma-derived products, including intravenous immunoglobulin preparations, coagulation factors and albumin solution. U.S. Commercial Operations for BPL are based in Durham.

bioMérieux Inc.

bioMérieux develops in vitro products to diagnose infectious diseases, cancer and cardiovascular disease and to detect microorganisms in agri-foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Clinipace provides full global CRO service to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, working across all major therapeutic areas including oncology, gastroenterology and women's health and rare disease.

CMP Pharma Inc.

CMP develops, manufactures and commercializes niche oral liquid medications that address the needs of patients with difficulty swallowing solid dosage forms.

Collaborations Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Collaborations Pharmaceuticals develops drugs for rare and neglected diseases using machine learning software, providing preclinical and clinical expertise to rare disease foundations, academic scientists and companies developing clinical candidates.

Endacea Diagnostics Inc.

Endacea Diagnostics is developing EndaTox IVD, an in vitro sepsis diagnostic, and EndaTox Test, an assay to measure LPS endotoxin in biological and non-biological samples.

Research Triangle Park
Endacea Inc.

Endacea develops A1 adenosine receptor antagonists as drug candidates for renal impairment and inflammation, including sepsis and asthma.

Research Triangle Park
Exodos Life Science Partners

Exodos Life Sciences advances product concepts through the 505(b)(2) process to early clinical proof-of-principle and sale. Exodus specializes in topical formulations for the treatment of Raynaud's Syndrome, cold sores and nail fungus.

Chapel Hill
Foenestra Corp.

Foenestra is developing a diagnostic device based on proprietary solid-state nanopore technology that enables point-of-care detection of pathogens.

Galaxy Diagnostics Inc.

Galaxy Diagnostics offers molecular and serology testing for flea- and tick-borne infections to physicians, veterinarians and clinical researchers, using novel and conventional technologies developed in-house or in-licensed.

Global Lyme Diagnostics LLC

Global Lyme Diagnostics develops and provides diagnostic solutions specific to Lyme Disease, with the goal of decreasing the number of patients being mis- or undiagnosed.

Research Triangle Park
Gusto Global LLC

Gusto Global integrates advanced computational and lab-based discovery tools to develop next-generation microbiome-based therapeutics & diagnostics.

Research Triangle Park
Hammock Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Hammock Pharmaceuticals licenses and develops women's health and urology products. It is developing a metronidazole and clindamycin vaginal gel for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, and a urology product for the treatment of radiation cystitis.

Immune Diagnostics Inc.

Immune Diagnostics provides advanced testing services to developers of immuno-therapeutics and vaccines using its proprietary technologies. The company's pipeline includes related clinical diagnostics, point-of-care and companion assays and systems.

Locus Biosciences Inc.

Locus Biosciences is developing CRISPR-engineered bacteriophage (“crPhage”) products that kill target bacteria by irreversibly destroying their DNA while leaving the many species of beneficial bacteria in the body unharmed.

Mlinzi Biomedical

Mlinzi is developing and commercializing customizable, portable, 3D architected structures for rapid regeneration of affected tissue.

Mycosynthetix Inc.

Mycosynthetix manages a large collection of fungal isolates and discovers novel fungal metabolites for human and animal health and compounds for agricultural applications.

PhotoCide Protection Inc.

PhotoCide Protection develops self-disinfecting materials based on technology combining engineered cellulose with photosensitizers which emit singlet oxygen, an environmentally-friendly biocidal agent which destroys pathogens on surfaces.

Precision BioSciences Inc.

Precision BioSciences utilizes a proprietary genome editing method called ARCUS to treat cancers and genetic diseases, and enable the development of safer, more productive food sources.

RAIN Scientific Inc.

Rain Scientific is developing technologies to combat pathogens such as COVID-19 and drug resistant bacteria.

Resilient Biotics Inc.

Reslient Biotics is developing microbiome-based live biotherapeutics to decrease or replace antibiotics in the animal health industry. Resilient has also developed a bioinformatics software platform for microbiome therapeutic discovery.

Synoxa Sciences Inc.

Synoxa Sciences develops small molecule therapeutics to treat multii-drug resistant (MDR) bacterial pathogens, including those in the biofilm state.

Ten63 Therapeutics Inc.

Ten63 Therapeutics uses computational chemistry and AI to screen trillions of molecules to discover new therapeutics.

Chapel Hill
Trana Discovery Inc.

Trana Discovery provides an anti-infective discovery platform that enables its partners to identify novel treatments that possess pathogen-focused spectrums of activity for bacterial, viral and fungal infectious diseases in crops, animals and humans.

ValanBio Therapeutics Inc.

Valanbio Therapeutics is an early-stage anti-infectives company. Valanbio is developing novel antibiotics for Gram-negative organisms.

Vero Diagnostics LLC

Vero Diagnostics offers tick-borne infectious disease testing, including its proprietary lab developed test.

Research Triangle Park
Vital Plan Inc.

Vital Plan formulates and produces therapeutically-dosed natural supplements and herbal therapies for managing fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue and pain and hormonal imbalances.