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CATLab - Accredited Calibration Laboratories logo Control Automation Technologies Corp.

CATLab offers sales, repair and calibration of precision test equipment used by process control professionals in the life science, manufacturing, defense and service industries.

Amerlab Scientific LLC

Amerlab manufactures and sells automated acid cleaning and acid purification lab instruments and products used in trace metal analysis testing.

Bartlett-Williams Scientific Resources

Bartlett-Williams sells materials and equipment for scientific research, such as laboratory products for cell and molecular biology, digital imaging equipment and microplate readers.

Chapel Hill
Biomedical Partnership Center at NC State University

The Biomedical Partnership Center at NC State offers customized lab and office space for lease to biomedical companies. Tenant benefits include affiliate privileges from NCSU and collaborative research opportunities with the university's colleges.

Sequence Inc.

Sequence Inc. provides engineering, commissioning, validation, regulatory compliance, logistics and facility monitoring, laboratory compliance and data analytics services for clients in the life sciences industry.

A&M Scientific Supply LLC

A&M Scientific Supply is a distributor of medical equipment, laboratory equipment, safety equipment and consumables.

A2A Integrated Logistics Inc.

A2A Integrated Logistics provides logistics and procurement support in pharmaceutical, medical-surgical, industrial, textile and technology supply.

AAF Flanders

Flanders designs, manufacturers and markets air filters and filtration systems for cleanrooms and manaufacturers.

Air Control Inc.

Air Control manufactures polypropylene casework and equipment for laboratories. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of custom process stations for the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

Airclean Systems Inc.

AirClean Systems manufactures ductless fume hoods and laminar flow hoods designed to protect the operator, the process, or both from toxic vapors, fumes, gases, and particles.

Airgas National Welders

Airgas National Welders manufactures and distributes cryogenic, industrial, medical, specialty and refrigerant gases and supplies cryogenic equipment, gas handling apparatuses and safety supplies.

Alexandria Center for AgTech - Research Triangle Park

The Alexandria Center for AgTech is a multi-tenant campus that serves the regional AgTech ecosystem.

Alexandria Innovation Center

The Alexandria Innovation Center offers wet lab and incubator research space for life science companies.

Research Triangle Park
American CleanStat, a Thomas Scientific company

American CleanStat manufactures and distributes cleanroom consumables, safety equipment, medical and surgical supplies, and laboratory supplies.

Andwin Scientific

Andwin Scientific distributes laboratory supplies and equipment to direct end using companies, and acts as a vendor to national and international supply houses.

Applied Calibration Services

Applied Calibration Services provides on-site facility, process and analytical calibrations, as well as training and staff augmentation.

Aquagenx LLC

Aquagenx develops portable water quality test kits designed for field level testing in low resource areas. These tests detect potential health risks to help eliminate waterborne diseases due to contaminated water.

Chapel Hill
Aqueous Systems Inc.

Aqueous Systems is a service-oriented design-build firm that provides engineered system solutions to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, personal care, and other FDA-regulated industries.

Archon Scientific Inc.

Archon Scientific sells pre-dispensed and ready-to-use fly food for use in drosophila research laboratories.

Aseptic Technologies

Aseptic Technologies manufactures filling equipment and works to improve filling technology by developing Crystal Closed Vial technology.

Astell Inc.

Astell manufactures and distributes steam sterilizers, autoclaves, steam generators, biological indicators and EDS Systems for a variety of laboratory environments, including custom configurations.

Atmospheric Plasma Solutions Inc.

Atmospheric Plasma Solutions develops and manufactures devices which manipulate plasma for industrial and research applications.

Automation Federation

The Automation Federation and founding sponsor ISA provide services for automation professionals. The organization develops standards, provides certification, education and training, and coordinates the advancement of automation technologies.

Research Triangle Park
Automation Techniques Inc.

Automation Techniques designs, engineers and validates laboratory and small scale production products and processes.

Avid Solutions Inc.

Avid Solutions provides industrial process controls, instrumentation and validation services.

Avid Solutions Inc. (Morrisville)

Avid Solutions provides industrial process controls, instrumentation and validation services.

Aylward Enterprises LLC

Aylward Enterprises is a specialized manufacturer of packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry.

New Bern
Bahnson Environmental Specialties LLC

BES designs, manufactures and installs controlled environmental chambers, such as reach-in chambers, walk-in stability chambers, HEPA filtered cold and warm rooms, ultralow storage and biorepository chambers.

Bendel Tank and Heat Exchanger Corp.

Bendel fabricates and sells tanks, vessels, reactors, blenders and heat exchangers manufactured per ASME, API, UL or NFPA in carbon steel, stainless steel and other nickel alloys.

Berkshire Corp.

Berkshire Corporation develops contamination control products and cleanroom supplies for critical and controlled environments. The Whitsett site is a manufacturing and R&D facility.

BHS-Filtration Inc.

BHS Filtration's Charlotte facility combines sales, marketing, process engineering, project handling, customer service, spare parts, test-rental systems and laboratory services for the North American, Mexico and specific worldwide marketplaces.

Bio Matrix Inc.

Bio Matrix provides calibrating and validating services for pipettes and balances.

BioLabs North Carolina

BioLabs North Carolina operates a shared lab and incubator space for life science companies.

BioNetwork Asheville

BioNetwork Asheville provides economic and workforce development for the life science industries across NC through education, training and laboratory resources. This location supports entrepreneurs in the food, beverage and natural products industries.

BioNetwork Natural Products Laboratory and Test Kitchen

The BioNetwork Natural Products Lab, part of the NC Community College system, offers QA testing services for herbal material, supplements, craft beverages and biodiesel, as well as lab equipment rental for life science businesses and researchers.

BioPharma Systems LLC

BioPharma Systems sells equipment designed for the manufacture of pharmaceutical liquid and oral solid dosage forms including containment isolators, downflow booths, sterilization systems and vial, syringe and IV bag filling solutions.

Bioplastics / Cyclertest Inc.

BPCTi is the US sales representative for molecular biology related products manufactured by BPCTi's sister companies, Cyclertest, Geno-tronics and BIOplastics. BPCTi's main focus is PCR and qPCR.

Biopoint Innovation Labs

BioPoint Innovation Labs offers lab and office space for biotech and research companies.

Research Triangle Park
Biotage LLC

Biotage makes instruments and other laboratory materials for use in pharmaceutical, medical, academic and consumer-product research.

Biothermal LLC

Biothermal provides commissioning and qualification services in the pharma/biotech industry and manufactures defect kits for the qualification of automated and manual inspection of parenteral products. Biothermal can fill non-sterile product in vials.

Black Dog Technical Services Inc.

Black Dog sells and services refurbished FLIPR® fluorescence imaging plate readers and FLIPR TETRA® cellular screening systems. The company also provides lab consumables for fluorescence readers and high throughput screening systems.

Jackson Springs
BMG Labtech Inc.

BMG Labtech develops and manufactures microplate readers that are used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for basic research analysis and High Throughput Screening.


BRAAS is a distributor specializing in industrial automation and control products. BRAAS also provides technical solutions, training and support for manufacturing and automation. Markets served include med device, pharma and process industries.


BRAAS is a distributor specializing in industrial automation and control products. BRAAS also provides technical solutions, training and support for manufacturing and automation. Markets served include med device, pharma and process industries.

Research Triangle Park
Cancer Diagnostics Inc.

Cancer Diagnostics develops, manufactures and sells anatomical pathology consumables, such as tissue marking dyes, parrafin, stains, microscope slides and surgical blades.

Capital Air Filters Inc.

Capital Air Filters distributes air filtration products for clean room, HVAC and industrial process applications.

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Carolina Biological Supply sells science teaching materials and equipment.

Carolina Mechanical Services Inc.

Carolina Mechanical Services provides design, sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, high purity fabrication, and cleanroom and process equipment products to the pharmaceutical, medical, research, cosmetics and food/dairy industries.

Carolina Research Glass Inc.

Carolina Research Glass makes and repairs scientific glassware.

Celeros Separations LLC

Celeros Separations designs, manufactures and delivers solid-liquid separation products based on automatic piston discharge centrifugation technology for laboratory and production scale operations with biotech and pharmaceutical companies.


CERTEK designs and manufactures custom modular and mobile containment laboratories.

Chemphtec Corp.

Chemphtec sells fine and active chemical ingredients and R&D chemicals. The products are supported by global manufacturing outsourcing, process technology, product development and consulting services.

CLC Calibration LLC

CLC Calibration provides calibration services for precision liquid-handling devices and other laboratory instruments.

Cleansol LLC

Cleansol offers passivation and cleanroom insulation for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and semiconductor industries.

Collier's Medical

Collier's Medical sells and services medical equipment such as sterilizers, washers, surgical tables, surgical lights, exam lights, and other equipment used in hospitals and laboratories.

Comi Condor Separation Technologies Inc.

Comi Condor is a provider of industrial centrifuges that are used in a number of different industries. The Charlotte site sells centrifuges that are manufactured in Italy.


Conviron supplies, installs, certifies, and repairs plant growth chambers and rooms, incubators, germinators and special application rooms.

Cornerstone Scientific

Cornerstone Scientific distributes laboratory supplies, specializing in the separation and life science industries.

Cortech Solutions Inc.

Cortech Solutions sells laboratory equipment used in advanced brain, muscle and heart research.

Crane Resistoflex

Crane Resistoflex manufactures corrosion-resistant plastic lined pipe, fittings, and TEFLON chemical hoses for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Custom Nano Inc.

Custom Nano manufactures gold nano-rods (GNRs), which can be used in targeted therapies, biosensors, biomedical stents, catalysis and security materials.

Dove Medical Supply LLC

Dove Medical Supply distributes medical, surgical, clinical laboratory and research laboratory products. These products include disposables, diagnostic testing products, equipment and automated analyzers.

DraChrom Inc.

DraChrom provides high resolution chromatographic products and services. DraChrom sells separation science accessories from other vendors.

Dracor Inc.

Dracor provides turn-key high purity water systems, components, supplies and service to laboratories and research industries.

Ecodyst Inc.

Ecodyst develops and markets a rotary evaporator accessory that cools samples or processes without the use of traditional coolants.

ECSI Fibrotools Inc.

ECSI Fibrotools is a manufacturer of disruptive electroplating technologies, specializing in benchtop electroplating machines for micro and nano structures for MEMS applications, as well as flexible electronics.

Enplas Life Tech

Enplas Life Tech offers precision plastics products and services, including design, clean room injection molding and rapid prototyping for the life sciences. Enplas also produces precision products, including microfluidic chips and microscope slides.

Eye Care Alliance LLC

Eye Care Alliance provides refurbished preowned ophthalmic equipment.

FLIR Optical Components Group

FLIR Optical Components Group develops and manufactures compact infrared lenses and filters used in thermal camera and thermal imaging systems.

Flow Sciences Inc.

Flow Sciences designs and manufactures safety containment solutions for research and development laboratories, pilot facilities, automation equipment and robotics, manufacturing and production plants.

Fluid Flow Products Inc.

Fluid Flow Products is a manufacturer's representative and distributor of level and flow instrumentation, measurement and control instrumentation, filtration and valve products.

Frigi-Temp Frigeration Inc.

Frigi-Temp provides commercial HVAC, refrigeration and cooking equipment, specializing in critical temperature equipment and environments.

Fritz Equipment Service Inc.

Fritz Equipment Service sells new and used textile, environmental and general laboratory equipment.

G-CON Manufacturing Inc.

G-CON Manufacturing designs, builds and installs prefabricated cleanroom PODs.

Gateway Research Park - South Campus

Gateway Research Park is a joint venture created by NC A&T State University and the University of North Carolina Greensboro to catalyze university research, innovation and economic development.

General Data Healthcare

General Data Healthcare offers a comprehensive line of histology products including laboratory instruments, barcode specimen identification and tracking products, reagents, supplies and consumables.

Genesee Scientific Corp.

Genesee Scientific sells laboratories supplies such as reagents, pipets, gloves and other tools for biological research from third party suppliers.

Gill's Process Control Inc.

Gill's Process Control provides validation documents, project management and consulting services to the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Services include system and equipment validation and information system compliance.

Rocky Mount
Greenfield Global

Greenfield Global produces and manufactures pharmaceutical and analytical grade ethanol.

Greiner Bio-One North America Inc.

Greiner Bio-One manufactures and sells plastic products used in blood collection, urine collection and specimen collection. Greiner Bio-One also offers design, prototyping and manufacturing of custom plastic products.

groninger USA LLC

groninger manufactures high-precision aseptic and non-aseptic liquid fill/finish machines for the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and cosmetic industries.

H&A Scientific Inc.

H&A Scientific develops scientific data acquisition, processing and management software for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

H. C. Warner Inc.

H.C. Warner is an industrial filtration supply company with a distribution warehouse and sales office in Charlotte.

Hargraves Technology Corp.

Hargraves designs and manufactures advanced miniature fluidic delivery and control solutions. The company's diaphragm pumps and solenoid valves are used in medical, analytical instrumentation, fuel cell, and digital printing systems.

Hatteras Instruments

Hatteras Instruments designs, develops and manufactures physiological research instruments, including metabolic animal cages, chiller systems and blood pressure analysis equipment.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp. supplies process mixing and milling equipment to a wide range of manufacturing industries, including pharmaceutical and agricultural companies.

Elizabeth City
Huber USA Inc.

Huber USA develops, constructs and provides precision thermoregulation solutions control systems for research and industry.

Huber USA Inc.

Huber USA develops, constructs and provides precision thermoregulation solutions control systems for research and industry.

Hydro Service and Supplies Inc.

Hydro Service and Supplies provides design, manufacturing and installation of high-purity water systems for manufacturing processes and laboratory use.

IKA Works Inc.

IKA is a manufacturer of laboratory and process equipment, such as magnetic stirrers, shakers, calorimeters, and software for laboratory and analysis applications.

Imperial Brown Inc.

Imperial Brown manufactures cold storage products for biotechnology, medical, food service and building construction industries. The Salisbury site is Imperial Brown's East Coast factory.

Innovasyn LLC

InnovaSyn sells the SynthArray-6 and SynthArray-24 parallel synthesis reactors. They also offer technical consulting services on organic and medicinal chemistry.

Chapel Hill
International Inventory Management

International Inventory Management manufactures encapsulation machinery. It also manufactures and supplies replacement components and assemblies for repairing and refurbishing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical machinery.

J.A. King

J.A. King provides precision measurement products, technical support, validation, calibration and custom instrument engineering services for the life science, chemical, energy, food and beverage, consumer product and aerospace industries.

K2 Scientific LLC

K2 Scientific manufactures and distributes refrigeration and freezer units in the life sciences fields. Units are designed specifically for hospitals, laboratories, research centers, physician offices and medical clinics.

Kewaunee Scientific Corp.

Kewaunee Scientific Corp. designs, manufactures, and installs laboratory and technical furniture products.

KRÜSS Scientific Instruments Inc.

KRÜSS develops measuring instruments in the field of surface and interfacial chemistry. They provide tensiometers, instruments for contact angle measurement and foam analysis instruments to R&D laboratories and quality control centers.

Kryosphere Inc.

Kryosphere is a GLP/GMP independent biorepository that provides biostorage and cold-chain logistics, as well as clinical sample management solutions.

KSE Scientific

KSE Scientific sells scientific, safety and production supplies to the pharmaceutical, biotech and environmental research and production markets.

kt.c lab consulting LLC

kt.c lab consulting provides laboratory automation consulting services.