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Sequence Inc.

Sequence Inc. provides engineering, commissioning, validation, regulatory compliance, logistics and facility monitoring, laboratory compliance and data analytics services for clients in the life sciences industry.

ABCO Automation Inc.

ABCO Automation provides industrial automation solutions for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, medical device, plastics, food and beverage and other industries.

Brown Summit
Accu-Tool LLC

Accu-Tool is a precision machining company that specializes in prototypes and low-mid volume production for equipment manufacturers in several industries, including medical, pharmaceutical and research and development.

Advanced Machining LLC

Advanced Machining provides CNC precision machining and tool making services for equipment manufacturers in several industries, including medical and defense.

Allied Automation Inc.

Allied Automation designs and produces custom automation solutions for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Allied Automation can provide custom machinery for prototype, small batch, full batch and commercialization stages.

AMTAI Medical Equipment Inc.

AMTAI Medical Equipment designs and sells operating room tables and lights.

Applied Calibration Services

Applied Calibration Services provides on-site facility, process and analytical calibrations, as well as training and staff augmentation.

Applied Technologies Inc.

Applied Technologies provides medical device design, development and manufacturing support, design and fabrication of automated assembly, test, and measurement equipment.

Aquagenx LLC

Aquagenx provides microbiological water quality testing products that detect potential health risks. The Compartment Bag Test (CBT) is a simple, portable test for E. coli that is ideal for on-site testing in low resource and disaster/emergency areas.

Chapel Hill
Aseptic Technologies

Aseptic Technologies manufactures filling equipment and works to improve filling technology by developing Crystal Closed Vial technology.

Automation Techniques Inc.

Automation Techniques designs, engineers and validates laboratory and small scale production products and processes.

Axccellus LLC

Axccellus provides machine and motion control services to a variety of manufacturing industries, including pharmaceutical packaging.

Aylward Enterprises LLC

Aylward Enterprises is a specialized manufacturer of packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry.

New Bern
Bendel Tank and Heat Exchanger Corp.

Bendel fabricates and sells tanks, vessels, reactors, blenders and heat exchangers manufactured per ASME, API, UL or NFPA in carbon steel, stainless steel and other nickel alloys.

BioPharma Systems LLC

BioPharma Systems sells equipment designed for the manufacture of pharmaceutical liquid and oral solid dosage forms including containment isolators, downflow booths, sterilization systems and vial, syringe and IV bag filling solutions.

Biothermal LLC

Biothermal provides commissioning and qualification services in the pharma/biotech industry and manufactures defect kits for the qualification of automated and manual inspection of parenteral products. Biothermal can fill non-sterile product in vials.

Rocky Mount
Brenntag MidSouth

Brenntag Mid South distributes specialty and commodity chemicals.

Bright Plastics Inc.

Bright Plastics makes plastic injection molded parts and products for medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Carolina Mechanical Services Inc.

Carolina Mechanical Services provides design, sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, high purity fabrication, and cleanroom and process equipment products to the pharmaceutical, medical, research, cosmetics and food/dairy industries.

Carolina Resource Corp.

Carolina Resource Corp. offers CNC milling and turning of precision parts for the medical, recreation, aerospace, automotive and food service industries, and design and build services for tooling, fixtures, steel, stainless steel and aluminum weldments.

Castle Hill Technologies Inc.

Castle Hill Technologies is a process engineering firm serving manufacturing and development operations in areas including biopharma, fermentation and sterilization.

Celeros Separations LLC

Celeros Separations designs, manufactures and delivers solid-liquid separation products based on automatic piston discharge centrifugation technology for laboratory and production scale operations with biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Core Technology Molding Corp.

Core Technology Molding provides plastic injection molding, engineering, decoration, and assembly for the biological, pharmaceutical and medical device markets. Core Technology has a certified Class 10,000 (ISO 7) and Class 1,000 (ISO 6) Clean Room.

Covarx Corp.

Corvax designs and manufactures custom transducers, with a recent focus on breast imaging transducers.

Cross Company

Cross Company develops technologies to improve machine and manufacturing process performance. Cross Company develops applications for process control and instrumentation, automation, hydraulic and electronic control systems and fluid conveyance systems.

Custom Equipment Solutions Co.

Custom Equipment Solutions provides equipment, skids and systems, modular plants, spare parts, factory service and on-site service to the life science and other industries.

Dracor Inc.

Dracor provides turn-key high purity water systems, components, supplies and service to laboratories and research industries.

ECSI Fibrotools Inc.

ECSI Fibrotools Inc. designs and produces precision bench-top wet processing equipment for electroplating, electroforming, electrocleaning and etching of metal microelectromichanical systems (MEMS) and high density interconnects (HDI).

Elite Innovations LLC

Elite Innovations provides product development and manufacturing services for medical products, plastics, textiles and Internet of Things products.

Elmarco Inc.

Elmarco makes industrial scale nanofiber production equipment.

Engineered Process Equipment LLC

Engineered Process Equipment represents process engineering equipment manufacturers to pharmaceutical, food and chemical companies.

Enplas Life Tech

Enplas Life Tech offers precision plastics products and services, including design, clean room injection molding and rapid prototyping for the life sciences. Enplas also produces precision products, including microfluidic chips and microscope slides.

FLIR Optical Components Group

FLIR Optical Components Group develops and manufactures compact infrared lenses and filters used in thermal camera and thermal imaging systems.

Flow Sciences Inc.

Flow Sciences designs and manufactures safety containment solutions for research and development laboratories, pilot facilities, automation equipment and robotics, manufacturing and production plants.

Fluid Flow Products Inc.

Fluid Flow sells measurement, control and filtration products, and provides instrument calibration, qualification, and filter integrity testing services.

GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corp.

GE Healthcare offers a wide range of instrumentation and reagents to the biotechnology industry, including Biacore instruments for measuring molecular interactions in real time.

Global Process Automation LLC

Global Process Automation provides automation solutions, process optimization, operational IT and control platforms for the life science, specialty chemical, food and beverage, and pulp and paper industries.

Greenfield Global

Greenfield Global produces and manufactures pharmaceutical and analytical grade ethanol.

Haywood Vocational Opportunities Inc.

Haywood Vocational Opportunities manufactures disposable medical products such as surgical drapes, fluid pouches and instrument covers. HVO provides vocational training and employment to adults with disadvantages and disabilities.

HexaTech Inc.

HexaTech develops and produces single crystalline aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates for high performance electronic and optoelectronic devices, including Ultra-Violet Light Emitting Diodes used in sterilization and analytical systems.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp. supplies process mixing and milling equipment to a wide range of manufacturing industries, including pharmaceutical and agricultural companies.

Elizabeth City
Hummingbird 3D

Hummingbird 3D designs, prototypes and produces 3D-printed industrial replacement parts for medical, pharmaceutical, electrical and industrial applications.

Industrial Microwave Systems LLC

Industrial Microwave Systems provides planar and cylindrical heating systems that can be used in various industries, including chemicals, food and biomass processing, industrial products and textiles.

Integro Technologies Corp.

Integro Technologies is a full service machine vision & ID integrator providing turnkey solutions, consulting, and support services for a wide range of industries, including medical and pharmaceutical.

International Inventory Management

International Inventory Management manufactures encapsulation machinery. It also manufactures and supplies replacement components and assemblies for repairing and refurbishing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical machinery.

KSE Scientific

KSE Scientific sells scientific, safety and production supplies to the pharmaceutical, biotech and environmental research and production markets.

Lambda Technologies

Lambda Technologies is an equipment and applications development company applying proprietary microwave technologies for advanced materials processing in a variety of industries, including: semiconductor, energy storage, life sciences and composites.

LCI Corp.

LCI specializes in providing a wide variety of wet extrusion and spheronization technologies for manufacturing processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Liquid Handling Equipment

Liquid Handling Equipment is a wholesaler of tanks, mixers, pumps, filtration and metering/level equipment used to process chemicals for pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and general chemical companies.


Microdyn Technologies is a supplier of micro, ultra and nano filtration products for various industries including biotechnology, chemistry and textiles.

MicroFiltration Technologies LLC

MicroFiltration Technologies provides filters and associated equipment to a variety of industries, including companies involved in healthcare and therapeutics development and production.

MicroThermics Inc.

MicroThermics designs and builds small-scale continuous flow thermal sterilizers and pasteurizers for high value/low volume products.


NEATCap is developing a passive noise protection system for premature infants in NICU, which is used to improve infants' sleeping behaviors and neurological development.

Kure Beach
Optimum Filtration Co.

Optimum Filtration Co. sells filtration products for the biotech, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Products include pleated membrane cartridges, lenticular cartridges and filter sheets and cloths and housings.

Optoniks Corp.

Optoniks develops optical engineering and precision metrology products with applications in the fields of imaging, optical metrology, security and health care industries.

Indian Trail
PALPharma Handling Solutions

PALPharma manufactures cGMP handling solutions for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, healthcare and biotech industries.

Pharmaceutical Products Inc.

PPI provides toll processing for intermediates under GMP or Food Grade conditions. Equipment includes a 2000 gallon SS and a 2000 gallon glass-lined reactor, filter press, drying oven, and granulation room.

Pharmovate - Triangle Process Equipment

Pharmovate - Triangle Process Equipment sells sanitary processing equipment to the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and cosmetics markets.

Phononic Inc.

Phononic manufacturers and applies solid-state devices to innovate new solutions for heating and cooling systems. Phononic’s Evolve cooling system meets the stringent requirements of scientific and healthcare cold storage needs.

Port City Diagnostics Inc.

Port City Diagnostics supplies laboratory products, dental products, and medical products to clinical, research and industrial facilities.

R.L. Kunz (Charlotte)

R.L. Kunz is a manufacturers' representative for the distribution of air handling, dust collection, explosion protection and industrial ventilation products.

R.L. Kunz (Greensboro)

R.L. Kunz is a manufacturers' representative for the distribution of air handling, dust collection, explosion protection and industrial ventilation products.

R.L. Kunz Inc.

R.L. Kunz is a manufacturers' representative for the distribution of air handling, dust collection, explosion protection and industrial ventilation products.

Robling Medical Inc.

Robling Medical is a contract manufacturer of disposable and electromechanical medical devices. The company also provides warehouse storage and distribution.

Rockwell Automation Life Sciences

Rockwell Automation provides automation control, process optimization and execution systems for manufacturers. Rockwell's Cary location is the headquarters for the Americas' life sciences division.

RoviSys Corp.

RoviSys provides process automation and validation solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Holly Springs
Salare Inc.

Salare manufactures fume hoods and a variety of polypropylene laboratory equipment as well as custom products for other industries.

Sanitary Process Components Inc.

Sanitary Process Components supplies sanitary components for hygienic processes in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and dairy industries. Products include replacement diaphragms for weir-style diaphragm valves and tri clamp gaskets.

SinnovaTek Inc.

SinnovaTek develops and provides food processing systems to manufacturers.

Spiroflow Systems Inc.

Spiroflow Systems designs and manufactures powder-handling and robotic systems for production companies. Customers include manufacturers in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, beverage and recycling.

SPX Corporation

SPX Corporation provides process equipment for the food and beverage, energy and other industrial industries.

Stock America Inc.

Stock America manufactures sterilization and pasteurization equipment for research and development and manufacturing for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Sunbelt Packaging LLC

Sunbelt Packaging provides specialty packaging materials, including vacuum pouches and cleanroom bags, as well as packaging equipment, including medically validatable sealers and baggers.

SunTech Medical Inc.

SunTech Medical manufactures non-invasive blood pressure monitoring products and technology.

TactileMED Inc.

TactileMED offers consulting services for 3D printing / additive manufacturing in healthcare.

The Hardware Store by Bi-Link

The Hardware Store is a technology-driven collaborative workspace for design engineers in the medical, automotive, wireless and consumer industries. Capabilities include rapid prototyping, injection molding, metal stamping and assembly services.

Triad Scientific LLC

Triad Scientific is a distributor of scientific supplies.

Triangle Angel Partners LLC

Triangle Angel Partners invests in early life cycle companies in the high tech and life sciences industries.

Chapel Hill
UltraPure Systems

UltraPure Systems is a mechanical contractor and fabricator specializing in pharmaceutical and biotechnology process and utility piping, skidded process and utility systems.


WACCO provides manufacturing parts and equipment, including sanitary valves and flow control products. Industries served include pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical and more.

Wasatch Photonics Systems Division Inc.

Wasatch Photonics produces volume phase holographic gratings and spectroscopic instruments for Optical Coherence Tomography, Hyperspectral Imaging and Raman spectroscopy.

Weststar Precision Inc.

Weststar is a contract manufacturer specializing in rapid development and precision machining services for aerospace, medical biotech and emerging energy clients. Weststar has 3D printing capability to make plastic parts..