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Company Title Company Description City
Bartlett-Williams Scientific Resources

Bartlett-Williams sells materials and equipment for scientific research, such as laboratory products for cell and molecular biology, digital imaging equipment and microplate readers.

Chapel Hill
Blue Ox Medical Technologies LLC

Blue Ox Medical Technologies sells medical equipment to the private practice and hospital markets. Blue Ox specializes in diagnostic imaging devices, software, and technical consumable products.

Collier's Medical

Collier's Medical sells and services medical equipment such as sterilizers, washers, surgical tables, surgical lights, exam lights, and other equipment used in hospitals and laboratories.

Custom Equipment Solutions Co.

Custom Equipment Solutions provides equipment, skids and systems, modular plants, spare parts, factory service and on-site service to the life science and other industries.

Engineering World Health

Engineering World Health works with biomedical engineering students, healthcare professionals and patients to improve healthcare delivery in low-income countries. EWH supports student outreach, technician training, medical equipment donations and repair.

Chapel Hill
Eye Care Alliance LLC

Eye Care Alliance provides refurbished preowned ophthalmic equipment.

Fritz Equipment Service Inc.

Fritz Equipment Service sells new and used textile, environmental and general laboratory equipment.

groninger USA LLC

groninger manufactures high-precision aseptic and non-aseptic liquid fill/finish machines for the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and cosmetic industries.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp. supplies process mixing and milling equipment to a wide range of manufacturing industries, including pharmaceutical and agricultural companies.

Elizabeth City
International Inventory Management

International Inventory Management manufactures encapsulation machinery. It also manufactures and supplies replacement components and assemblies for repairing and refurbishing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical machinery.

Laserlenz Inc.

Laserlenz provides air and water particle counter calibration services, repair services and equipment.

Leigh Laboratories

Leigh Laboratories sells laboratory supplies and equipment from third party suppliers, with a focus on biomedical research.

McKinley Scientific LLC

McKinley Scientific buys, sells, trades and leases new and pre-owned refurbished analytical and clinical laboratory instruments.

Medical Laboratory Solutions Inc.

MLS sells laboratory reagents, consumable supplies, instrument replacement parts, and new and re-certified clinical laboratory equipment. The company also provides preventative maintenance and service for laboratory analyzers.

Network Imaging Systems Inc.

Network Imaging Systems is an independent sales and service company specializing in CT and MRI systems.

Northfield Repair LLC

Northfield Repair reprocesses and repairs medical equipment, devices and surgical instruments. They also sell pre-owned equipment.

Sakura Finetek USA Inc.

Sakura Finetek USA manufactures, sells and provides support for histology and pathology laboratory equipment.

Southern Scientific Instruments Inc.

Southern Scientific Instruments supplies used and new analytical instruments and laboratory equipment.

Granite Quarry
Sunbelt Packaging LLC

Sunbelt Packaging provides specialty packaging materials, including vacuum pouches and cleanroom bags, as well as packaging equipment, including medically validatable sealers and baggers.

Trescal Inc.

Tresca's Charlotte calibration lab provides instrument calibration and repair service.

Triangle Analytical Inc.

Triangle Analytical provides maintenance and repair services and accessories for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers and magnets.

Yeti Scientific LLC

Yeti Scientific sells new and previously-owned scientific supplies and equipment.

Research Triangle Park