Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

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Company Title Company Description City
A&D Environmental Services (Burlington)

A&D Environmental provides secure management of hazardous, industrial and non-hazardous waste, including lab decontamination.

A&D Environmental Services (High Point)

A&D Environmental provides secure management of hazardous, industrial and non-hazardous waste, including lab decontamination.

High Point
Assured Waste Solutions LLC

Assured Waste Solutions provides regulated medical waste and controlled and non-controlled pharmaceutical destruction services. AWS is a registrant of the DEA for Schedules I-V, RX, and OTC pharmaceuticals.

Avanti Medical Technologies LLC

Avanti Medical Technologies sells innovative medical products such as medical waste management systems and medical imaging systems.

Biotech Restorations LLC

Biotech Restorations formulates bioremediation products for the cleanup of petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbons including gasoline and diesel, organochloride pesticides, PCBs and volatile organic chemicals in soil, sediment and groundwater.

Brenntag MidSouth

Brenntag Mid South distributes specialty and commodity chemicals.

Butler Farms LLC

Butler Farms tests swine waste and swine waste sludge in an effort to develop viable methods of processing manure solids and lagoon sludge.

Chase Environmental Inc.

Chase Environmental provides consulting and disposal services for hazardous materials, including lab packs, disaster services, and environmental remediation.

Clean Harbors Environmental Services Inc.

Clean Harbors Reidsville provides hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal and lab pack services along with treatment, storage and disposal facilities.

Consultech Environmental LLC

Consultech Environmental provides waste management and related consulting services, including lab packs and other hazardous waste disposal.

Covanta Environmental Solutions

Covanta Environmental Solutions provides comprehensive industrial material management services and consultative expertise.

Eastern Environmental Management LLC

Eastern Environmental Management provides remedial and industrial waste management services including hazardous/non-hazardous disposal and lab packs.

Rocky Mount

ECOFLO offers waste disposal services and training for industrial and household hazardous waste, including lab packing.

Environmental Products & Services of Vermont Inc.

Environmental Products & Services of Vermont provides environmental remediation services, including hazardous chemical lab packs.

Environmental Products & Services of Vermont Inc. (Charlotte)

Environmental Products & Services of Vermont provides environmental remediation services, including hazardous chemical lab packs.

EOS Remediation LLC

EOS Remediation provides in-situ bioremediation products for the treatment of contaminated soils and groundwater.

Research Triangle Park
EvoAktiv Corp.

EvoAktiv sells products that promote aerobic bacteria for agricultural and industrial activities.

Newton Grove
Haz-Mat Environmental Services

Haz-Mat Environmental Services provides reclamation, recycling and waste management services, including lab-packs, along with transportation, emergency response and remediation services.


Hepaco provides 24-hour emergency response services, industrial services including lab-packs and waste disposal, and environmental remediation services.

Heritage Environmental Services LLC

Heritage Environmental Services provides management and disposal of industrial, laboratory, healthcare, and household hazardous waste.

Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) - NCSU

Industry Expansion Solutions is the engineering-based, client-focused extension unit of NC State’s College of Engineering. IEX assists organizations with LEAN, Six Sigma, continuous improvement, ISO preparation and safety and environmental services.

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Waste Management Division

The North Carolina Division of Waste Management regulates solid waste disposal, hazardous waste management, underground storage tanks and Superfund cleanups. They provide assistance to businesses, industries, local governments.

O'Brien and Gere

OBG is an engineering services company specializing in advanced manufacturing, energy, environment, and water. OBG creates comprehensive and integrated solutions for clients.

OnSite Remediation LLC

OnSite Remediation develops and uses naturally-occurring microbes, mechanical separators, coalescing units and filtration systems for the removal of contaminants from water and soil.

Progress Environmental Inc.

Progress Environmental offers environmental and ecological services, including hazardous waste cleanup, waste management consulting, site assessment, dual phase extraction remediation, demolition and indoor air quality assessment.

Shield Engineering

Shield Engineering provides environmental, forensic and geotechnical engineering; engineering design, and emergency spill management services.

Solutions-IES Inc.

Solutions-IES provides environmental consulting services to reduce or eliminate environmental risk and liability, prepares environmental permits/ audits, and remediates contaminants.

Southern Logistics and Environmental LLC

Southern Logistics and Environmental provides waste management services to laboratories and assesses the waste practices of an organization.

SR&R Environmental Inc.

SR&R Environmental provides industrial cleaning, spill response, remediation and hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services across the Southeast. Services include lab packs and facility decontamination.

Sterile Lab Services LLC

Sterile Lab Services provides decontamination and cleaning in pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical dispensing, life science and biotechnology lab facilities.

Veolia Environmental Services

Veolia North America's Creedmoor site is a Part B hazardous waste storage and transfer facility, permitted to store all non-hazardous and RCRA wastes excluding medical and radioactive wastes.

Zebra Environmental & Industrial Services Inc.

Zebra Environmental & Industrial Services provides remediation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, solids and sludge.

High Point